Portrait of Silvana Da Costa

Far In Earth's Future Spies Race to Hide and Uncover A Secret With A Depraved City Bordello As the Battleground

Unfinished second draft of the complete novel (Same for the 2nd and 3rd novels. The fourth and final novel is a half written first draft)

The images and the text of the unpublished novels is Copyright 2014 © James May •

CONCEPT ART (most of this artwork does not bear a relation to the unfinished novels in terms of the planetary bodies depicted. I was letting my imagination run free. Actual art for the novels would have to be mostly restricted to moon and Earth landscapes) Think of this artwork as sketches, or thinking out loud.

Blue planet and spaceship

Asteroids and spaceship

Asteroids and planet Asteroids and gas giant planet

Supernova Spaceship and Gas Giant Planet

Ringed planet

Planet and Moons Planet moons and spaceship

Asteroids moon planet and spaceship Ringed planet and moons


Alien Spaceship and planets

Asteroid base and spaceship



Supernova, Gas Giant and Spaceship                

Alien ship and planet Alien Spaceship Asteroid Strike

Blue ringed planet and supernova space art



Planet and spaceship

Planet rings and spaceships space art Asteroid Strike


ringed planet and super nova

Planet Rings Supernova Asteroids

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