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Essays by James May

Dealing and Road Trips: South America, 1984-85

More adventures in my stupid life

Graduation and Travel: Minneapolis to South America - 1980-83

A true story of my stupid life

Getting High and Other Eruptions: Minneapolis to New York, 1986-87

A personal memoir about drugs and volcanos - A film treatment soon to be a screenplay

The Best Movies You Never Saw

Little known Hollywood gems

The Death of Science Fiction Literature

How Political Correctness and Mainstream Conformity Have Wrecked A Genre of Eccentric Literary Fine Art - Oct. 28, 2013


Bettie Page Re-Imagined On Vintage Noir Paperback Covers

Mostly newly created retro cover designs and Bettie Page illustrations by James May

The Best of the Sleaze

Magazine and Paperback Illustrations from the '30s to the '60s featuring Samson Pollen, Norm Saunders, Charles Copeland, Harry Barton, John Diullo, Ed Emshwiller and others

The Best of the Sleaze - Part 2

Magazine and Paperback Illustrations from the '30s to the '60s featuring Rudy Nappi, Earle K. Bergey, Hugh J. Ward, Rafael De Soto, Harry W. McCauley, Sam Cherry, Raymond Pease, Frank Frazetta and others

Even More Best of the Sleaze - Part 3

Magazine and Paperback Illustrations from the '30s to the '60s featuring George Gross, Paul Rader, Robert McGinnis, Mort Kuntsler, Robert Maguire and others

Even More Best of the Sleaze - Part 4

Magazine and Paperback Illustrations from the '30s to the '60s

The Best American Illustrators

Magazine Illustrations of Women from the '40s to the '60s featuring Arthur Sarnoff, Al Buell, Coby Whitmore, Walter Baumhofer, Ernest Chiriaka, Bill Medcalf, Pete Hawley, Jim Schaeffing and others

The Best American Illustrators - Part 2

Magazine Illustrations of Women from the '40s to the '60s featuring Enoch Bolles, Edwin Georgi, Gil Elvgren, Joseph Bowler, Robert G. Harris, Tom Lovell and others

Check Out James May's New Science Fiction Novel: Britetown Races: The Moon Affair - Featuring Lots of Concept Art

Far In the Future Spies Race to Hide and Uncover A Secret With A City-Bordello As the Battleground - Spring-Summer, 2012

Check Out The Sequel: Britetown Races: The Trojan Trojan by James May

First Draft - Spring-Summer, 2012

Check Out The 3rd Sequel: Britetown Races: The Corniche Promenade by James May

First Draft - Spring-Summer, 2012

Check Out The Fourth and Final Novel: Britetown Races: The Arrival

Unfinished First Draft - Spring-Summer, 2012

Tales From the Rub: Part 1 - Friction In Transar

A Short Tale of Moronic Fantasy by James May - Written on Feb.26-28, 2013 - 8,400 Words - Dedicated to Jack Vance 1916-2013

Tales From the Rub: Part 2 - Maiden Minus Wizard by James May

Love, Counterpoint and Mischief - Written on March 7-9, 2013 - 9,000 Words

Tales From the Rub: Part 3 - Seduction In Flattery by James May

A Mysterious Wizard Assaults A Town - Written on Feb.14-15, 2013 - 9,600 Words

Pines In the Dusk by James May

A short story of weird horror fiction set at the time of the Spanish conquest of Mexico in the tradition of Robert E. Howard

The Story Behind the Photos: The 2011 Uprising In Cairo, Egypt by James May - Jan.28-Feb.13

Click Here for my documentary photos of the event

Bettie Page Pin Up Drawings and Illustrations by James May

My Pencil Drawings Manipulated In Photoshop


A photo essay with no text by James May

Outside the States - The Best Music You've Never Heard

Beautiful and Stirring In Any Language - What Other Folks Are Enjoying - April 18, 2013

Neo-Nazis and the KKK: Clever Arguments By Not So Clever People

Why Principle Trumps Identity and the Danger of Mainstreaming Racial Bigotry Into the Public Arena

John Scalzi: The Lowest Principle There is - Part 1 of 5 - by James May

White privilege, identity, and how anti-racist liberal progressives in the science fiction community promote and mainstream racial and gender bigotry - A never-ending saga of complaint, blame and self-pity - Spring-Summer, 2013

Alex Dally MacFarlane and Post-Binary Gender in SF at

The Real Reason People Were Pissed Off - And Have A Right To Be

Racist Quotes from Authors Within the Science Fiction and Fantasy Community

How Hate Speech Is Infiltrating the Science Fiction and Fantasy Community

The Racial Bigotry Hiding in Plain Sight in the Science Fiction and Fantasy Community

A New SFF Anthology Is Titled "We See A Different Frontier" - They Sure As Fuck Do - The Story of the Community That Could Produce Such A Thing

Egypt After the 2011 Revolution: The Muslim Brotherhood by James May • UPDATE: Summer 2013

Why they cannot succeed except through politics - Feb.16, 2011

"Fuck You Too" - or, A Visit to the Minneapolis YWCA's Website

The perceptual trap of just hate speech and the bigotry of the oppressed - July 12, 2011

Huffington Post Poll Reveals 26% of Americans Are Morons With 20% Undecided

Dove beauty products hates black people - May 24, 2011

The Egyptian Uprising of 2011 and False Narratives

Why facts mean so little • April 9, 2011 - Updated May 23, 2011

Sayd Qutb: Islam Seen In Silhouette Against the West

Why the wishful thinking called religion is best kept at home - Some thoughts about Sayd Qutb and Islam - April 26, 2011

President Obama's Debt Speech, George Washington University - April 13, 2011

The Straw Man argued, "If I only had a brain."

Robert FrankRobert Frank's "The American's," by James May

A Dawning of Self Loathing and Political Correctness - Dec., 2010

The 2011 Uprising In Egypt

Thoughts Of Cause and Effect - Feb.13, 2011

Science Fiction Literature and Fine Art Photography: A Study In Contrasts

How Two Genres With Similar Beginnings Have Come To Decidedly Different Places

Fine Art Photography: Subversion and Circumvention by James May

The Hijacking and Subsequent Nadir of Fine Art Photography

The Morality of War, Conquest and Slavery

Is success itself simply immoral?

The Huffington Post and "White America's Shame"

How all white Americans can be either racist or to blame for it - April 29, 2011

Science Fiction & Fantasy: Film and Literature

An informal comparison of their history and development

thumbnail of Delonas NY Post cartoonNew York Post "Chimpanzee" Uproar

How hyprocrisy and intelligence go hand in hand

The 12th Annual White Privilege Conference

Beware of Nazis in pig-tails allergic to scented products bearing flowers and wheel chair access - May 7, 2011

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