An Anatomy of Hate • Hate Speech in the Mainstream • Part 2 • Dr. Boyce Watkins • Syracuse University

by James May • July 7, 2011

How America's Black Elite Are Institutionalizing Their Own Brand of Racism

Dr. Boyce Watkins is a black scholar and writer who makes regular appearances on main stream new shows and the Huffington Post. Despite great success in his professional life, he goes to great lengths to show his disdain for white people and has made an almost obsessive career out of it.

On Dr. Boyce Watkins's Wikipedia page it is said he "referred to Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity as 'UnAmerican borderline Klansmen who graduated from the Rush Limbaugh School of Arrogant Self-righteousness'" As it happens, one could easily surmise that description to be a perfect fit for Dr. Boyce Watkins himself.

That Wikipedia page is a compendium of facts that speaks to Dr. Watkins's obsession with race and one might say a near if not outright hatred for white people. If a man like Dr. Watkins routinely wrote such things as he does about Jews he would be hounded out of academia. With the present aura of political correctness within the United States, it seems virtually impossible to perceive hate speech as being directed towards white people. Hate crimes are almost the exclusive province of gays and people of color in America. 

Part of the reason for this is that, generally speaking, white Americans don't see themselves as comprising any kind of skin based culture. If they do, there is certainly a dearth of such evidence by way of essays, college courses, literature, art, studies or websites devoted to such issues. In addition to political correctness that lines up people by race all in a nice row and dispenses morality and innocence accordingly, there is also the issue of the history of people of color in America. 

With slavery and Jim Crow as a legacy of American history, even almost half a century after the civil rights movement there is still a perception among many in America that the fight for equality is yet to be won and this is true among many white Americans and almost monumentally true among black Americans and Dr. Watkins is a perfect example of this. White supremacy is still seen as an over arching problem and even menace by many black Americans and America's black intelligentsia are in almost perfect agreement in this regard.

Dr. Watkins is only one voice among many that includes James Cone, Tavis Smiley, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Roland Martin, Alice Walker, Nikki Giovanni, Michael Eric Dyson, Jeremiah Wright, Melissa Harris-Perry and many others within the American black community of writers, activists, teachers and lecturers.

The problem is that the civil rights movement is almost a half century in the past but you wouldn't know it by the tenor of the constant stream of hate speech that emanates from this community of black elites who seem to be incapable of writing about anything but what one sees through a racial lens and that lens is virtually always heavily weighted in favor of the innate morality of black society and the equally innate immorality of white society; the most inane theories and traits are slapped onto white skin pell mell and without regard to even a nod to any kind of truth or common sense - we are talking about a group of black writers who are conspicuously perceptually adrift.


Every one of them makes a career out of race issues while there is not a single white American working in the mainstream who does the same and this is telling in regard to America's own perceptions about guilt and innocence by race and why white Americans are such undefended targets of hate speech against them. This is so true that for people of color to routinely make blanket accusations against white Americans is not in any way even construed as a form of hate speech though it most certainly is racism; the lame defense is usually, "Well, you can't be a racist unless you are in power.


The despicable Mary Frances Berry, who was amazingly a former chairwomen on the U.S. Commission for Civil Rights once said: "Civil rights laws were not passed to protect the rights of white men and do not apply to them", is as brazen as her apparent belief in having that special shield which means no matter what she says, it's not racist, even when it is. Ms. Berry also wrote in July of 2010: “Tainting the tea party movement with the charge of racism is proving to be an effective strategy for Democrats. There is no evidence that tea party adherents are any more racist than other Republicans, and indeed many other Americans." Publically admitting that one is a liar and a race pimp in only 2 sentences is rare and why I used the word despicable.


In terms of power, speaking from the pulpits of PBS, CNN, CBS, MSNBC as well as Princeton, Syracuse, Tulane and Temple Universities is not a place most white people have access to; the black elite live in the 21st century but their imperatives are firmly rooted in eras full of Jim Crow, slavery and lynchings. Were the types of commentary that commonly issue from people of color against white Americans turned around and directed against people of color by whites, it would be and is considered flat out racism.

There is a double standard in play but one wonders how long the honeymoon that started during the civil rights era will last and how long a sheen of politically correct protection will continue to dilute such willful examples of racial hate and disdain to fly unfettered from prominent voices in the black community. Certainly any white person who so constantly and prominently advocated by race would be hounded out of any public forum. The fact that white Americans in the mainstream don't do such things in the first place is not because they are not allowed to so much as they seem to have no interest in racial advocacy and those few marginalized white folks who do are given short shrift in America and rightly so, by other white folks.

Websites like Stormfront and David Duke are entirely marginalized within America and few people have any interest in associating with them, not because of guilt by association, but because of their value system, because they know the difference between right and wrong; I don't need a nut like Al Sharpton or Boyce Watkins from which to derive my moral imperatives. Within the black community this lack of racial advocacy on the part of white Americans is usually portrayed as some kind of conspiracy forced underground so that racist whites are forced to express their disdain for minorities in code. Or, lack of interest in race might be portrayed as "cowardice" as the noble Eric Holder did.

The true fact of the matter is that the torch that represents the greater good is held aloft by principles and institutions created by people who happened to be white and this same interest in a greater good devoid of considerations of racial advocacy is no where to be found among the black intelligentsia or black institutions which invariably huddle around skin and Dr. Watkins is a prominent vision of this. There is no white equivalent of the Congressional Black Caucus of National Council or La Raza nor are there white analogues of the Association of Black Journalists or black mayors. Dr. Watkins is a pitch perfect recipient for the rhetorical question: do black Americans ever think of anything but black Americans?

The telling fact about the addiction to racial self absorption by the black elite in America they are so quick to accuse others of, is the fact that without the subject of race, these people would have little to say or do and most would have no careers whatsoever. Within the black community "fighting" racism can be big business by way of book deals and high paying tenured positions within America's colleges. In my opinion, the only reason the black elite have not gone the way of the fired Ward Churchill is that their incredible racism has simply not been revealed, put together and made an issue of in the mainstream media; frankly, black activists use the word "justice" and then go on a racial tirade and no one notices the hate because of the constant invocation of past injustices as if they just happened and the twisting of statistics and portrayal of a black failure by way of crime and education to make sure the racism of white people is portrayed as the cause of black problems and not their own penchant for huddling around race.

To no one's surprise, Dr. Watkins' blog is called Your Black World and one can only wonder what Dr. Watkins and his clan of race baiters would do if a white person had a blog with such a title; in point of fact, that is what he already believes and acts on but also that white folks only express such things in "code". In the eyes of people like Dr. Watkins, black Americans are never at fault but are instead the victims of what white people have done and continue to do to them.

Even in the case of a rap artist like L'il Wayne, whose lyrics are a reflection of the utter debauchery of the penis clutching hip hop community, Dr. Watkins, in objecting to a specific set of lyrics, still found room in his heart to call out "corporate America" and says those "mostly white-owned corporations control the music that our kids hear every day, they effectively have the power to shift the direction of African American culture at the next shareholder’s meeting."

These are the lyrics white America has forced L'il Wayne and hundreds of other rap artists to indulge in:

I swear you can’t fuck with me

But I can fuck your girl and make her nut for me

Then slut for me, then kill for me, then steal for me

And of course it’ll be your cash

And I’ll murder that bitch and send her body back to your ass 

Charming. It doesn't quite rise to the level of "Ozymandias" but does remind me of something better off buried because it stinks. I'd want to slough off such garbage onto another race myself if, like Dr. Watkins, I was so heavily invested in the essential innocence and suppressed genius of the black race.

To somehow blame white Americans for filth which is a creation of and emanates almost exclusively from black American culture is bad enough but to suggest that white folks somehow control this filth and can turn it on, direct it and turn it off any time they wish rises to the level of racist and paranoid delusion not to mention hate; it reminds one of Nazi discourse of Jewish conspiracies that polluted the "pure" German culture; when you're discussing rap culture, you're talking about a culture that is impervious to any question of being polluted.

Dr. Watkins has it right when he writes that rap "music has such a dramatic impact on the definition of an entire community’s culture: it dictates how our kids dress, how they speak, the tattoos they wear, what they do on the weekends, how they respond to aggression and how they conduct their sex lives." Where he obviously pulls up short is in where the blame lies while at the same time not only showing where the blame in fact does lies but the very nature of the depraved value system which enables failure within his beloved race. Dr. Boyce Watkins is not very good at promoting black culture. Some black Americans are probably saying they wish he'd knock it off cuz the way he defends black culture is kinda like David Duke does. Any way it saves me the time and Boyce Watkins does a pretty good job of depicting the lack of values among hip hop culture.


Another article by Watkins about L'il Wayne and the effects of hate speech is enlightening in so far as his burying the lead so to speak while, in the end, once again blaming white people, in this case, again, white shareholders, this time at Viacom, for murder and mayhem in the black community via L'il Wayne and the no longer black-owned Black Entertainment Television. The reason it is enlightening as far as Watkins' own hate speech goes to why he thinks his cheap psychology works on zombies when white folks do it but not when he himself indulges in it. Watkins' writes:


Lil Wayne-like artists and the corporate armies producing this weaponized genocide have killed more black people than the KKK ever could.


So, according to Watkins, "corporate armies", read, "white people" who, remember, "control the music," have taken up the gauntlet of the KKK to continue a murder spree against black Americans by way of colateral damage in order to make profits. Watkins writes about how a young black boy who listens to L'il Wayne "shoots another black man in the face, infects one of his many 'hoes' with HIV, ends up in a prison cell, dies from a drug overdose or beats his girlfriend to death, we will be able to link his behavior directly to his formative years, when we cashed in this child’s future for higher shareholder returns at Viacom."


Watkins writes about a day coming when black Americans will "seek accountability" for the destruction of the black community via depraved rap lyrics but apparently sees no need to himself deliver accountablity for his own hateful diatribes that stir up hatred against white people within the black community that is his audience. Watkins psuedo-psychology only travels in one direction and that just happens to be wherever white people reside. Watkins extends his pseudo-science to apply it to Charlie Manson who murdered using others by "controlling their minds" and madly goes on to stipulate that:


If Manson had been given the platform supplied by BET and the rest of corporate America and a license to share his rhetoric without restraint, he could have caused the deaths of millions more.

Although Watkins restores some small measure of sanity at the end of this article, albeit by once again mentioning the Tea Party and Republicans in the context of "enemies", by telling black folks they need to look in the mirror when exalting rap lyrics, he is still blithely unconscious of the idea that young black people will copy his own anti-white sentiments as much as they will mimic L'il Wayne or copy Lebron James when he wears Nikes.


Although Dr. Watkins is in favor of gutting Mark Twain's The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn of its 219 uses of the world "nigger", he eulogizes the rapper Common who commonly uses the word and I'll take it on faith that he has no problem with stand up comic Katt Williams using the word 8 million times on his HBO comedy special. So Watkins' abstention from rap only goes so far as does his intolerance for censorship which, like his philosophy about pretty much everything, works pretty much like a shitty and rusty weather vane. Perhaps Watkins would like to weigh in on Joseph Conrad's The Nigger of the 'Narcissus' and suggest an alternate title - perhaps Ass the Size That I Dig of the 'Narcissus'. In regard to censorship, Watkins was angry about being denied tenure at Syracuse in what he saw as pressure from Bill O'Reilly to Watkins referring to Fox's Juan Williams as a "happy negro". It should be noted that Watkins characterized O'Reilly's show as being in a venue of "silly, racist television programs" while admitting in the same sentence he didn't watch the show. Whatever one thinks of "The O'Reilly Factor" it certainly isn't racist and if it was one would imagine one would have to actually watch the program to determine this. Hill's remark about "greatest minds" in regard to Watkins seems to actually bring us back to a rusty and shitty weather vane that blows wherever Watkins' racism wills it.


What is really disturbing, and that which goes to the heart of how the black intelligentsia are institutionalizing their racism with the blithe collusion of the politically correct mainstream media, is Dr. Watkins's Wikipedia page where it boasts that he "has made regular appearances in various national media outlets, including CNN, Good Morning America, MSNBC, Fox News, BET, NPR, Essence Magazine, USA Today, The Today Show, ESPN, The Tom Joyner Morning Show and CBS Sports." Having the equivalent of Joseph Goebbels on mainstream TV is hardly something America should feel proud of but rather ashamed of. That the United States has become so perceptually adrift to allow such hate speech in its popular culture not only goes to the heart of how America has come to believe in the moral bankruptcy of its own history, but is an example of what must have slowly happened in Germany in the 1930s when madness suddenly became a good idea. But madness is what will happen when a person thinks of anyone with dark skin, no matter how odious, as "my own brother." I'm white and so are neo-Nazis and the KKK but the idea that they are somehow my brothers is lunacy.

Yet this is exactly what Dr. Watkins does when he states he's "officially boycotting L'il Wayne. It breaks my heart to do this, because the last thing I’d ever want to do is make an enemy out of my own brother." The fact that Dr. Watkins talks on a YouTube video about a vicious racist like Jeremiah Wright as a man "who's telling the truth, who's very intelligent, very articulate, very capable" tells you all you need to know about Watkins; he might as well be extolling the virtues of Adolph Hitler.

On that same YouTube video, Watkins talks about his perception of how a World War II vet like Joe Louis the famous boxer was treated by white folks (what white folks he never says other than a general reference to the tax man),  in a manner where "they wanted to get the big nigger and bring him down, put their thumb and say 'we got you boy'." Watkins dates this to 1950 in his video and says "which was not that long ago."

That's 60 years ago and gives you an insight into how the black intelligentsia continually depict events far in the past as if they happened yesterday and have equal traction. Little things like the fact that there were no black faces on American television in the 1960s or that a black man is President of the United States are always explained away because one has to do that in order to account for the continued failures of the black American community at the end of this, the first decade of the 21st century. For a man so addicted to the idea of equality he is in no way enamoured of the idea that such equality should produce the goods. In that case, it seems that Dr. Boyce Watkins operates on faith and little else - failure to produce those goods is shunted off onto white people and that's the whole ball of wax for Dr. Watkins. Dr. Watkins and his odious little Nazi cadre of black elites are not fans of "Occam's Razor" - "pluralities ought not be posited without necessity." -- William of Ockham (1285-1349) Or, for Dr. Watkins benefit, "keep it simple stupid." What this elite cadre of ham fisted morons are fans of are Byzantine explanations for failure that point fingers in every direction but where there's fire.

Watkins teaches at Syracuse University and why they don't immediately fire him is a riddle for the ages but you would certainly have to have your head examined if you're thinking of sending your children to such a school. 

As I mentioned above, the thing about Dr. Watkins that is at once the most amusing and damning is that if you asked him to stop talking about race for a year, which is something the vast majority of those white racist Americans do effortlessly, he probably couldn't do it. What the hell would the guy do with himself? And keep in mind though people like Boyce Watkins is adroit at putting forward bizarre mechanisms where I am responsible for failures within the black community, from flash mobs who beat the shit out of white peope for no reason whatsoever to high school dropouts, but when it comes to the least success a black person achieves, it is portrayed as being in spite of my own racism.

Making something out of nothing is par for the course as one would expect from someone who talks about a period of 60 years, when America went from old West gangs in 1890 to splitting the atom in 1950 as of little temporal consequence in terms of enough scope for black advancement; the hangover from slavery and Jim Crow is generational in nature and probably won't wear off for several thousand years or until the sun goes out - such has been the damage to black egos that it is actually transferred from parents to children. No doubt one of the most prominent recipients of this "heritage" will be Boyce Watkins own children who are probably as full of idiotic urban myths about the nature of white people and reality as is the average mildly retarded klansman.


Watkins displays his wisdom admirably in an article at the Huffington Post from April 26, 2010 called "Immigration Fight Could Pit Blacks Against Brown." 

Dr. Watkins starts out the article by writing "sometimes you find the greatest wisdom from the most unlikely sources." In this case "wisdom" means once again blithely practicing racism by attributing things to faceless white folks that they in fact don't do. Not one to be perturbed by this since he is as unaware of its presence as is an elephant with a wood tick, our brave rhetorical adventurer flourishes that last "Beau Geste" and plunges ahead into this next episode of boring sameness and utter racial monotony and self-asorption.

Watkins writes about how his barber remarked one day that "many Americans, in jokes and emails, describe Hispanic immigrants as uncivilized, odd, and even less than human; The barber summed it up nicely when he said, 'They've become the new niggers of America.'" There is no word on how Boyce Watkins' barber has access to white racist emails about Latinos.

Watkins responds, "I agreed with his wisdom..." As in the case of the scene in The Princess Bride where the hero banters with a Sicilian, I don't think the word "wisdom" means what Watkins thinks it means. 

I've spent 2 years of my life in Latin America, speak Spanish and Portuguese and have never heard anyone talk like that about Latinos and I've been around white folks all my life. This is the wishful thinking of a racist who makes things up out of whole cloth and then projects them onto white folks as reality which then of course must be struggled against for the cause of justice. In an aside, since I have never heard such arcane terms for hispanics before, I can only come to the conclusion that Watkins's "barber" thinks Latinos are subhuman oddballs out of the Age of Copper.

Watkins, in the true thinking-outside-the-box fashion of a man born in a stereotype factory, goes on to write: 

By now making it legal to racially profile black and brown people, the state of Arizona has continued its quest to be officially known as the most racist state in America.

Of course our "brilliant" doctor doesn't explain then why there are 42 states with higher black to white prisoner ratios than Arizona, odd for a state that aspires to be the most racist. Considering Watkins apparent definition of racism, I'm taking it on faith that the entire state of Arizona is destined for heaven despite Dr. Watkins sad eyes that "Arizona State University insulted Barack Obama by failing to offer him an honorary degree when he became president of the United States." Arizona will have to be content with the fact that Dr. Watkins considers it only a "relatively racist state" at present, despite its aspirations and despite his own non-stereotypical admission that Arizona has the right to have a "fear of drug cartels" which is wise of him according to his own definition of the word "wise".


After all, Watkins is part of a culture where people proudly announce "I can tell you that I’ve never sold drugs or killed anyone" which apparently places them atop some kind of pecking order albeit bereft of the also much sought after street cred. I myself have never had occasion to list the occasions where I have not sold drugs or murdered someone or announce it publicly since among my crowd we find it much more convenient to pretend it's a non-issue and so my street cred never comes up - people simply assume I have it. It's almost as stark a choice as that of the quandary of a black intellectual faced with the proletarian Jheri-cred of Al Sharpton declaring “I was a college dropout with a James Brown hairdo." Dr. Watkins faces no such issues because he realizes Sharpton's value in a situation where "a black man in America must be both sharp and strong in order to survive" There are a lot of white racists you see and their reach is long, extending into the lives of every single black person in America, like Big Brother.


However none of these incredibly important topics should be considered as not being important since Watkins considers the idea that the "Arizona government is now going to require a presidential candidate to prove their citizenship before running for office" part of an example of "a state that has proven itself to be increasingly obtuse in its thinking" as are all situations where one is required to produce an ID. I believe Kafka went on some goofy rant about some such thing once.


People against the Arizona immigration law like to pretend that producing an ID has the same shame and effort as does a fraternity hazing, where in the end the police walk away while you stand, an American citizen as it turned out, but covered in shaving cream and with your hair cut into a mohawk and your car filled with fish and spray painted after you did 1,500 push ups while holding your ID between your knees. This is the danger of profiling and why so many people prefer to use ATMs rather than walk into a bank; one never knows what life changing event might occur after being profiled as someone who perhaps doesn't actually have an account until you humiliatingly have to prove you do with an ID rather than them just taking you at your word or by your appearence. Occupying the philosophical space of being a de facto liar until an ID is produced could produce post traumatic something or other.


I'm starting to get the feeling that Boyce Watkins has a lot of confusion in regards to words in general. He seems to think that to never stop thinking about race and advocating any possible subject under the sun based on who is black and who is white rather than the issues, which is what B.W. does, is not racist but not giving a shit about such things is racist, ergo white people are racist. In the confused and contradictory world of the black elite, I think it's a compliment but one can never be sure of anything when one is talking about "scholars" who are almost completely retarded. The amusing thing about Watkins and the black elite is that if white people acted in any way like America's black intelligentsia, they sure would be racist. I don't think our dear Boyce has a lot of jelly beans in the can if you know what I mean.


What is entirely lost on black intellectuals and people like Dr. Watkins is that when mainstream news sites like the Huffington Post pander to his nonsensical versions on reasoning where illegal aliens never do anything wrong and Dr. Watkins always just happens to be on the side of black folks, which is always the right side, there is not room for intellectual growth. Many of Dr. Watkins ideas and thoughts are frankly so childish that there is no question of debating him since facts and reality and proportion and fair play are almost completely irrelevant in his world. In reading Dr. Watkins it quickly becomes evident that he has not developed even the most basic skills or tools in logic to question or critique himself much less the world around him.


How could you ever even debate a man like Watkins who seems to have no understanding of the most basic precepts that produce simple common sense? How could you debate a man who actually believes that the justice system has more power over black folks than they do themselves and that the entire thing amounts to a white racist conspiracy while actual criminals are innocent? It's like explaining clouds to a child who believes in an upside-down, topsy-turvy, bizzarro world because Dr. Watkins lives in a realm where criminals are innocent and those that would control them are eternally characterized as "overzealous law enforcement."


Combine that with an utter disdain for white people and you have a man who comes off as having the educational level of a 9 year old as bigotry is not generally considered a tool that will open the doors of perception. Whenever people like Boyce Watkins enters the world of the main stream media, they are poster children for immature racial obsessions and affirmative action, tokens put there to bow to the pressures of political correctness and not put there for the quality of their thought since there is none - it is racial obsession layered onto smug moralizing layered onto a complete lack of critical thought. What can you say about a man who could write:


What is sadly true in America is that our nation's reaction to those who are different from our selves is one that is laced with fear, snobbery and malevolent intent.


Malevolent? Really? Yeah, Watkins's not a racist, he's just a guy who knows that people with white skin are themselves "malevolent" racists who fear people of color. This white fear of the other is common wishful thinking among black folks who for some reason like the idea that white people fear them. Why else would a popular rap group with the name "Public Enemy" make an album titled "Fear of A Black Planet" which in their case, could just as easily have been called "Jews Are Resonsible For Wickedness On The Planet" given the group's anti-Semitism.


I would call Watkins' quote an example of wishful thinking, which it is, but really it is an example of hateful thinking and also the smug satisfaction he apparently derives from such portrayals. The perceptual trap that people like Watkins places himself in is one where people who see him for the childish and nearly unreasoning racist that he is will simple ignore him, unwilling to try and argue such hate with a man clearly so far down a rabbit hole. In this sense Dr. Watkins experiences in this world will become a self-fulfilling prophecy as not everyone in America is a moronic politically correct robot. There are many people who will simply not want to have anything to do with such a vulgar racist at all and I am one of them. Why would anyone want to hang out with a black version of a klansman, especially the targets of his bile? Is there any doubt that someone who would talk about the malevolence of white people is operating from the exact same intellectual and philosophical space as a neo-Nazi or Klansman, especially in light of Dr. Watkins lack of discretion and mountains of other inadvisable comments?


Black intellectuals like Watkins are practically the definition of hypocrites as, for example, when it comes to the NBA, the huge majority of black players is no problem, it is a reflection of what they deserve in a clear example of a meritocracy and all the black elite's nonsense about the effects of white supremacy disappear. However, when there are situations where black folks are underrepresented, then suddenly the notion of a meritocracy is anathema to them. But when it comes to major league baseball suddenly there aren't enough black players and that same double standard allows even false charges of white on black crime to bring up the lynching tree but black flash mobs beating white people to a pulp is not a lynching but a sign of "stunning socioeconomic trauma being experienced by black Americans" because all white racism is the equivalent of the sirens the morlocks used to bring the eloi out of wherever eloi hang out.


If you needed anymore proof of where this "stunning" idiot of a racist is coming from it can be seen in his statement that "black people will never stop loving President Obama." Yes it's that special love by non-racists that's as deep as skin or a spoon, whichever you prefer. Watkins lives in a fantasy Tolkeinesque "middle-black-earth" where black people can experience a "wave of mass incarceration," caught up like sailors by white press gangs to make sure prison space is always at 110%. But this is a goofball who talks about when "we were still slaves" as if he ever had anything to do with it other than his own mental imprisonment by proxy. This "my people" nonsense floats off Watkins tongue as second nature but woe betide any white person who would ever do exactly what Watkins himself freely indulges in - I myself would reserve the phrase "my people" exclusively for talking to alien overlords who've invaded Earth.


Here is how that part of Watkin's mental case blather works, from his patriotic piece on the Fourth of July:


1) Large corporations like Viacom and Time Warner control major black media outlets like BET and Essence, giving them the right to shape our collective point of view. We depend on these companies to tell us what to think.


2) Most African Americans are controlled by corporate jobs that mute their ability to speak out or stand up on issues of social justice. We depend on companies owned by others in order to feed our children.


3) Black children’s minds are obliterated at an early age by media giants who mass market hip-hop music that sells black boys a recipe for self-destruction by the time they reach kindergarten. Capitalist and shareholder-created monstrosities like Lil Wayne teach them how to kill themselves and each other by the time they become teenagers.


4) Our children have their futures thrown into the trash by school systems that put even the most brilliant black boys in special education at a rate that is five times greater than white kids.


5) The NCAA still earns over a billion dollars per year on the backs of black families, leaving many single black mothers in poverty. In fact, athlete compensation has been criminalized, while mostly white coaches and administrators sign multi-million dollar contracts without playing in any of these sporting events.


6) Black unemployment is nearly double that of white Americans, with no politician in Washington expressing any interest in alleviating the suffering with targeted policy. We depend on politicians and a Democratic Party that fills our minds empty rhetoric, while not respecting us enough to deliver on campaign promises.


The most glaring sign of our lack of independence is the prison industrial complex, which has served to decimate the black family in America. Black men are disproportionately incarcerated and used as slave labor to make expensive corporate products. In fact, the 13th Amendment, which allegedly abolishes slavery, actually includes a clause stating that slavery is still legal if the government can label you as a felon.


So, part of my ambivalence toward the fourth of July doesn’t rest on hating others or carrying the crippling burden of acidic anger. It comes from the fact that I know that my people are at least 100 years away from gaining their independence. Consider me to be a pessimist, but when I look at the world around me, I see very little freedom for black people.


One would think Watkins and his "people" were living in Buchenwald considering this racist diatribe which makes me wonder even more strongly how in the world Syracuse University would continue to employ a man with a glaring propensity to indulge in such hate speech. Even when he directly answers accusations of hate speech he still doesn't get it. Watkins really is adrift at sea and really thinks he's just doing his "part toward the fair treatment of African Americans" without being the least aware that the problem is that his deck is always stacked in favor of black folks and always utterly disdainful of white Americans; that's what makes it hate speech. Watkins doesn't know "fair" even when he directly tries to address it and that is why I refer to people like him and so many others in the black community as being in a perceptual trap because that's exactly what it is although going back to "Occam's Razor" one might simply declare them idiots; there's a lot to be said for that.


Watkins bases his argument on things like slavery and Jim Crow and their continued effect while ignoring Jews who came out of Europe after 1,000 years of on again, off again pogroms and often second class status culimnating in the Holocaust and created Israel in only 3 years with the help of no one and in fact against considerable opposition. Where was this generational hangover then? "You can't hold a good man down" has absolutely no traction in Watkins' sorry and turgidly racist world but what does have traction is telling black Americans that they "had their history stolen during slavery." Watkins really does believe that the reason America has been so successful is that we built the country on the backs of black folks which is no surprise I guess if you think about the world through an Afrocentric lens which blows everything out of proportion and creates a world centered around what black people think and do, everything else being relegated to a side show status when in fact it is the main stage. How is any kind of clear thought to emerge from such a myopic viewpoint? This is the way Watkins views the world and an example of his clear thinking on the matter:


Engage in this mental exercise with me (close your eyes and really imagine this), picture having your siblings taken away forever at the age of 6, seeing your mother raped in front of you or watching your father beaten and eventually killed. That gives you a tiny glimpse into the lives of African Americans during slavery and Jim Crow.


Watkins leaves no doubt that he himself closes his eyes a lot. Watkins is incapable of realizing that the world changes and moves on and worst of all that the year is 2011. Watkins goes on to follow up his broken clock with the most egregious cheap psychology passed off as logic:


The secondary reality that comes from treating another group of people like this for 400 years (that's nearly half a millennium, a very long time to form cultural habits) is that the dominant group is going to gain a sense of comfort and habit in their perpetual attempts to oppress the minority group. The minority group is going to feel comfortable being oppressed and victimized. I refuse to be a victim, so I am fighting back. Fighting back and refusing to be victimized is what leads to rejection by the group that is comfortable oppressing minorities. It also leads to conflicts with other minorities who have grown comfortable remaining silent about the truth (i.e. the “Administrative Negro” – Modern day overseers).


Another reason it is irresponsible to use a term like "divisive hate speech" to describe any man or woman's desire to discuss the impact of slavery is that the truth MUST BE CONFRONTED IF YOU ARE TO MOVE FORWARD. A fat man who is challenged to exercise might want to say "Exercise is painful and unfair!" But he should understand that without exercise, he is going to remain fat. America is that fat man. Every time the term "divisive hate speech" is used as an attempt to silence those who speak out on race, Americans are behaving like the fat man who doesn't have the discipline to exercise. He should realize that confronting his weight problem is the only way he is going to get healthy. There is no way around it. For the overweight man in my example above to think that he can achieve the gain without enduring a period of discomfort and sacrifice would be both weak and irresponsible. That is what many Americans want. They want racial harmony without the responsibility of true reconciliation and accountability. That is something I refuse to accept. So, from this point on, the term "divisive hate speech" is officially deemed silly and counterproductive. If you want to criticize me, you have to come at me with something better than that. But then again, I don’t pay much attention to the haters.


And there you have it: the brilliant philosophy of Dr. Boyce Watkins; a truly pitiful attempt to get us white racists to admit our sins and abase ourselves in some official way that presents Watkins with closure for something that other people now dead did who happened to be white and therefore I am responsible for. In Watkins world, that's not racism or hate speech but applying that exact same attitute towards black folks is. This is the type of madness you will always get from Joseph Goebbels analogues which doesn't surprise me but it does surprise me that such blatant hate speech and racist attitudes yet allows Watkins to have a job at Syracuse University and write for the Huffington Post - it's really incredible what this guy gets away with. Using Watkins' own reasoning, the amount of harm his own hate speech is doing in America could be immense and yet I guarantee you that type of thing is a one way street as far as Watkins is concerned because in the end this isn't about statistics, or fairplay, or context or proportion; it's about anti-white hate.



Here's an example of Watkins' wishful thinking where the baleful shadow of whitey is always much closer than Watkins' "facts":


I thought about the young man who shot the three-year-old in the head. I thought about how he was probably never given a quality education, may not have had a father in the home and most likely didn't have a job. I don't profess to know much about the man who did the shooting, but I am certain that he himself didn't grow up in a life without pain.


I can get more common sense than that from the average child because gerrymandering reality to suit whatever subject is in front of you at the time climbs dangerously close to a form of insanity and what Watkins is "certain" of amounts to science fiction played out in his own stupid head with whitey the eternal villain in what Watkins calls "systematic American racism 101." This type of validation of victimhood is a form of insanty since it posits that failure really isn't, it's always someone else's fault and they in turn become the true failure, in this case, simply put, white people. Watkins is a man who says "I consider Malcolm X to be the most impactful and significant American to have ever lived." Hurray for bitter racists and moronic hyperbole I guess.


It seems that chickens are always coming home to roost for the blue-eyed devils in Watkins' head and if he and his don't like Elvis and John Wayne that's just fine with me cuz I'm not nuts about male prostitutes, anti-Semites or Watkins' view that Louis Farrakhan, a man I myself view as Hitler without an army, is "arguably the most persuasive speaker in the United States" In Watkins fantasy world, black folks have to work 10 times as hard as white folks to derive equal success and black folks are always given 10 times as much talent as they actually possess in a racist, intellectual point shaving scheme Watkins is blithely unaware of.


What I am concerned with is Watkins rehashing the same old racist conspiracy that the Iran-Contra Affair "created the crack-cocaine epidemic, urban decay, out-of-control violence and mass incarceration within black communities for the next 30 years." Once again imagined and invisible white racism trumps the reality of the racist rhetoric and actions that flows so conspicuously from his own community while I'm scratching my head at why white racists don't mind black folks becoming multi-millionaires in pro basketball or football which have mostly white crowds but hate blacks succeeding at other things.


Most often Watkins' strange rhetoric takes the form of re-defining failure, like the disinteration of families for example, as something like "non-traditional" which results in the rest of America being asked to measure down rather than those who fail asking themselves to measure up; the English dictionary is shrunk and reality re-defined in order to soothe egos and make people feel "normal" without acting normal but at what price to the perception of reality itself?


This is the slippery slope that can re-define a society but done from the bottom up rather than with any regard or respect for standards that make a society strong in the first place. Then, when society starts to come apart, we ask each other "what happened?" Renaming a thing and then saying, "See! It's just as good" doesn't work as an alternate is not always an equal just because we want it to be or happen to indulge in it and so want some kind of official stamp of approval.


Having your own group of non-traditional authors you love as opposed to classics of literature is one thing but, for example, to take the concept of father out of a home and say it's just as good, just as strong is madness to soothe low self esteem while wrecking the building blocks of the society that got us all to a good spot in the first place; we shouldn't then be surprised when that society starts to spiral down. Boyce Watkins simply says that whatever is is right if black people do it which sounds good, looks good, feels good but which is destructive and he needn't look to white racists for the answer but only hold up a mirror to his own culture; feeling good isn't all it's cracked up to be, especially when there's a price to pay down the road and all the redefinitions in the world won't change its real nature. Ann Coulter writes: "A 1990 study by the (liberal) Progressive Policy Institute showed that, after controlling for single motherhood, the difference in black and white crime rates disappeared."


The climate of political correctness and racial bullying in America puts black folks in positions they have no business being in because, like President Obama's Nobel Prize, they are awarded places at the table based on white racism and what they will do or should do or could do and not what they have done. Black Americans are treated like children by the liberal Left in America and take any criticism from the Right as racism while themselves indulging in racism wholesale and unchallenged because they are simply left alone to go their own way from within an entirely insulated culture. Watkins, if you take away the racial dimensions to his work, simply doesn't measure up in a larger world devoid of such issues.


On Watkins's website, you have absurd bluster like "Dr. Boyce Watkins is one of the top African-American leaders of our generation." "Jesus wept" would seem to be the appropriate riposte.

Another amusing ditty by Dr. Watkins at the Huffington Post is titled "Jesse Jackson, Black Leaders Are Right About Ending the War on Drugs." It starts out in fine fashion:

As the news was recently released that black leaders had convened to attack the 40-year old war on drugs, I could hear the collective "amen" coming from millions of black folks all across America.

By this I took him to mean a collective sigh of relief from black criminals across America but Watkins and I live in two different realities.  He continues:

I also heard my phone ring at 5:30 am, as a friend of mine in Kansas City told me about how her brother had been tackled by federal marshalls at a relative's funeral for failing a urine analysis that had been a condition of his probation.  The man had served several years in prison on a drug felony and was working hard to improve his life.  But by smoking the same stuff that many attorneys and judges enjoy on the weekends, he may find himself back in prison for another five years.

This is known as the two-wrongs-make-a-right rule of logic by which getting caught doing a crime is only wrong, well, cuz you got caught and someone else didn't. Like all black voices against the war on drugs, the idea of simple abstention is one that never occurs to them nor is the concept of right and wrong. Dr. Watkins continues:

I recall speaking to a police officer in one of the cities I was touring at the time. The officer candidly explained to me that nearly every official in the city was fully aware of where the drugs were coming from.  They knew which boat delivered the drugs and could easily go onto the boat and make arrests that would significantly reduce the flow of drugs into their communities. The problem was that the person who owned the boat was politically connected, implying that any officer who entered the boat to make an arrest would be fired from his job.  However, the officers were given full permission to make as many arrests as they wanted once the drugs had been delivered to various street corners on the urban side of town.

While these stories are anecdotal, they are also highly reflective of the racism and hypocrisy in our nation's war on drugs. The drug war has been, for the most part, a racially-tinged fabrication that gives easy excuses to those who once felt that black empowerment had become a threat to national security.  Not only has it been proven that the government consistently looked the other way as drugs flowed into black neighborhoods, but there was the double-whammy of giving black men long prison sentences as a result of possessing those very same drugs. 

"Anecdotal?" To say that this is some bullshit "fabrication" of a racist science fiction story would be too kind; Solyent Green seems like it could be a documentary in comparison. When Watkins speaks of "reflective" and "racism" in the same sentence, it appears that his own mirror is faulty in this regard and also makes me think that when he does it some kind of alarms or air raid sirens should go off; kinda like sad violin music that should play whenever he writes about white people and their boats full of drugs white police officers wink at. In fact, I'm surprised Dr. Watkins hasn't suggested sad violin music playing over loudspeakers in black neighborhoods 24/7 so that white Americans can understand the sad yet lyrical lives oppressed black people cursed with street cred live; maybe the soundtrack from The Piano would be good - one ghetto to another.


This would be appropriate because the American black intelligentsia and Watkins like to play that they're noble and wholly innocent rocket scientists locked up in a great open air concentration camp, eternally prevented from showing what they really can do by spiritually and morally bankrupt white supremacists. Watkins tries to pretend as much as he can that he lives in a world where there are no white people but with all the stuff white people invent. In his mind's eye, he probably sees black Americans, if unchained from the malevolence of white people, as having erudite and cultured conversations in air conditioned futuristic domes fulls of stacks of books while in the background black kids play, soaring over perfectly manicured lawns wearing jet packs in childish emulation of star ships that carry black passengers between the stars. A sudden flowering of all the pent up creativity and potential of black folks bears fruit and a golden age of black achievement follows, unprecedented in the history of the world. The End. Cue sound of screeching breaks and Watkins waking up to find he's still a hateful, bigoted and clueless moron who spends all his time rhetorically propping up a culture that desparately needs propping up.


The phrase "tomorrow's a brand new day" has no traction in Watkins' world; why bother with that when you can triumphantly trot out Emmett Till for the one millionth time and pretend and act as if it just happened yesterday? Just imagine if the rest of America lived in such a weird time continuum where we acted as if Pearl Harbor never ended and the Japanese and Germans never changed? Also moving through the muck of Watkins' world view, is the idea that white Americans somehow deserve to be denied places in society by affirmative action so they can see how it feels to understand the discrimination from years ago. And that's the problem and the simple thing the black elite can't chew on. They have no problem whatsoever in making a connection by white skin to people who are long dead but do the same thing to a black person in regards to contemporary crime and you get an earful. The black elite lives on double standards, inconsistency of thought and hypocrisy which is no surprise because that is all you will ever dredge up out of the deep sea of racism.


It never occurs to black Americans like Watkins to move to Africa where the true genius of black folks could exert itself wholly unfettered from the baleful influence of white men. In fact the reason this doesn't happen is because Watkins would get a rude awakening and it's really as simple as that; everything he posits around racial lines is pure bullshit and he knows it's pure bullshit. The idea that black Americans would ever even consider cutting themselves loose from the teat of the white civilization they profess to despise is laughable. It's one thing to say that white Americans are the greatest stumbling block to black progress and quite another to act on it and prove it. The idea that black Americans, suddenly moved to Africa, would behave in an entirely different and more cultured, intelligent and civilized way is a fantasy that will forever remain unacted on as is the idea that the value system of black American culture, without white folks around to put them in jail in huge numbers, would suddenly decriminalize itself and be prone to societal, artistic and technological innovations.


Marc Lamont Hill, another of black America's racist elite via Temple University said "Boyce Watkins is one of the greatest minds of our time" and an even worse race hustler, Michael Eric Dyson has called him "brilliant."

I'm assuming we're resorting to an Orwellian version of clownification when it comes to such definitions or perhaps some dog-years formula. It's hard to imagine a duller or more deludedly racist individual than Boyce Watkins but, sadly, among America's black elite, he is more or less in the middle of the pack when it comes to bigotry.


One can only wonder at the brilliance of a man like Watkins who waxes sentimental, but not in a good way, over a Vanity Fair cover showing 9 distressingly white women the magazine dubbed the female stars of the next decade. Watkins starts out "perhaps being incredibly thin and incredibly white is now all the rage." Have a lead like that in a mainstream site about "incredibly black" as if it's a complaint and see how far that gets you, especially with a man like Watkins. Watkins displays his nostalgia for racism of yesteryear by continuing "the image reminds you of a picture taken in the 1920s at some mediocre university in the south. Not a black woman in sight, and even the white women all look alike." I'm trying to imagine getting a high five from Watkins if I wrote about a "mediocre" black university where all the "women look alike" and somehow I can't see it. This comes from a man who has no trouble, nor do I, seeing sports magazine cover after magazine cover about future basketball stars that are virtually entirely black. Seeing how Watkins pillories white folks for racism who don't even do the things he does one can only wonder what would happen if a white writer wrote a piece about the distressing lack of white basketball players and how black the black ones are and how they all look alike. Watkins' hypocrisy in this matter verges on the pathological.


In that same article above about the war on drugs, Dr. Watkins refers to a study that "showed that over 75% of African Americans have a relative who has spent time in the penitentiary." The reason he so happily trots that out is that he is certain it is because of evil whitey. Watkins is his own worst enemy in this regard since most people don't live in a world where they believe magic wizards compel people to go out and commit crimes and so Watkins is really just making a case that black folks are indeed challenged when it comes to laying off crime so Watkins should probably voluntarily stop "promoting" black culture - David Duke could supply all the stats they need. If I myself said such a thing in the way of the slightest criticism of blacks I would be branded a racist so fast I'd think I was born with a tattoo that says so; in politically correct America in 2011, you just can't do it.

Watkins gives further meaning to the phrase "moronic dullard" when he writes: 

The guns and drugs that "just appear" in black communities do not fall out of the sky.  They are also not manufactured by African Americans.  Most of this devastation is prepared for us in advance, with a larger agenda by greedy politicians...

Let me guess... ummm, whitey? Oh, and by the way, that promotion thing - you probably want to ixnay on that not manufacturing stuff. I guess Dr. Watkins could make up for it by putting out one of those "things that black people have invented" lists like... like... Well, excuses and blame weren't invented by black Americans but Watkins makes a great case all on his own that credit should go, not to those who invent a thing, but those who most utilize it.

Watkins quotes Jesse Jackson as saying in regard to drugs that black folks being the "least users have paid the most price because of race." Hard to say anything but wow when you hear grown men, on the Huffington Post no less, letting full blown racism fly completely unfurled, especially by a guy who speaks with such great affection of "hymietown."

Watkins then goes even further in his campaign to be the least effective spokesman for black Americans by trotting out a string of statistics:

• African-Americans are 62 percent of drug offenders sent to state prisons, yet they represent only 12 percent of the U. S. population.

• Black men are sent to state prisons on drug charges at 13 times the rate of White men.

• Drug transactions among Blacks are easier for police to target because they more often happen in public than do drug transactions between Whites.

Dr. Watkins is really leaving a thinking human being with only two choices: either blame these facts on white people in general or come to grips with the fact that the stereotypes about black folks and crime are not stereotypes but hard reality unless you wish to think of black Americans who commit crimes as hapless, hypnotized dupes although that's not much improvement over itinerant criminals. One thing is for sure, Watkins wants to put a big, fat "innocent" stamp across the forehead of anyone with dark skin who has in anyway failed at anything in life and he wants white Americans to take the fall for it. Replace the word "white" with "Jew" and see how many happy Nazi memories that invokes.

And of course no black racist would have his delusional diatribes against white America complete without attacking Hallmark Cards. In the black American community it is well known that Hallmark hates black folks and plays their little racist jokes like the guy who makes a face behind a friend you're talking to and then stops when your friend turns around. 

In this case the brilliant Dr. Watkins compels us with a story as equally empty and stupid as the infamous "black hole" card that had the NAACP forensics division up in arms. Dr. Watkins objects to a Hallmark card that says, "Happy Father's Day, Mom" in a line of "Mahogany" cards that are marketed to black folks. Apparently Dr. Watkins, not to be confused with Dr. Watson of Sherlock Holmes fame, thinks Hallmark is out of line for a card that will "institutionalize and immortalize the crisis of the black family in America.", or, in English, single mothers. And heaven forbid that Dr. Watkins himself should institutionalize racism at the Huffington Post, Syracuse University or any other mainstream institution flailed about on his Wikipedia site.

Watkins writes: 

I'm not sure who runs the Racial Decision-Making Department at Hallmark, but this is certainly a decision that should be reconsidered. Black women are already painted by America to be aggressive, hyper-masculine creatures who are unable to create productive families. Black men are portrayed as shiftless, lazy buffoons who sprint in the other direction at any sign of accountability.

Other than feeling embarrassment for the portrayal of black culture apparently residing in his head, I have the answer for him: 

Hallmark is run by a bunch of high-school dorks who like to put "hidden" messages in cards to make fun of people of color. Or perhaps Hallmark was inherited by a 12 year old snotty kid like an evil Richie Rich who commands such racist pranks while sitting behind a giant desk and ordering adults about to do his every whim while he shoots them with a spit ball gun and has them empty chocolate sport shakes into a 55 gallon drum he sucks at with a giant straw. That's the "Racial Decision-Making Department at Hallmark." Sad, really.

Dr. Watkins is equally at home discussing, oh wait, race again, in this article at his politically correct home away from wherever home is, the Huffington Post. This time Dr. Watkins lends his Shakespearean gravitas to the subject of the "birther" controversy at the time Donald Trump made an issue of it during his 2 hour run for the Presidency in May of 2011.

The opening comments in this article from our humorless but devotedly racist blogger doesn't disappoint. His piece is artfully titled "Why This Black Scholar Feels Sorry for Donald Trump" - he may as well have titled it "Why I Like To Eat Ants". Boyce starts:

Like nearly every other black man in America, I've been taken aback by the manner through which Donald Trump has used racist code language to undermine the presidency of Barack Obama. After first wondering if he was born in the United States, Trump has made reference to Obama playing too much basketball to pay attention to the price of gas and even questioned whether or not he truly earned the grades necessary to get into the Harvard Law School.

Since President Obama had a basketball court rather than a hockey rink built in the White House within weeks of his inauguration one can say that the President invited his own stereotyping on this matter - that is if one buys into the stereotype that basketball is the new watermelon and the fact that black folks actually do like basketball must be turned into some kind of equal opportunity theme where we must pretend that they don't or we are all racists. Got that? Basketball is code for racism - it's "racist code language". Write it down. Dr. Watkins says so. Since black Americans do in fact get into colleges without earning the "necessary" grades by the use of affirmative action and have fought for this, it is hardly racist to act as if the concept is as fantastic as people from Jupiter washing your dishes or racist to refer in any way to affirmative action. Affirmative action was and still is controversial because some consider it, surprise, reverse racism, and being on the wrong side of that argument is not like burning a cross.

I'm trying to imagine a white person offended by a black person saying white people like hockey and I find the idea too fantastic even for a science fiction novel. White people are famous for having developed the singular skill by way of an ego defense mechanism of being invulnerable to racial insults. 100% of slurs that remind white people that they are white people triggers an automatic release of endorphins that give them that warm southern wind feeling and invokes the smell of freshly mown grass. Calling me a racist actually makes me laugh out loud, kinda like if Hitler did it or like when men like Watkins use the word "objectively" in a sentence - as when Watkins uses his "objectivism" to point out the "price that Oprah Winfrey paid for jumping out to support President Barack Obama". If you have any questions about the price the most popular woman in the U.S. bar none among white women paid you can visit her website: "". Watkins then goes on to amend his remark to say "Winfrey's price was minimal" which is his own code for "non-existent" which is similar in that respect to his "objectivity". I hope you're following all this because words are tricky, funny and evil too and if they're written by white people they are probably racist - racist code language to be precise.

The giveaway with Dr. Watkins and the point is his "like nearly every other black man in America..." comment. This casual view of whites as racists who try to hide their racism by using code talk involving things black Americans actually do enjoy as a culture is monumental within black American culture and spoken of like it is as irrefutable as "Planck's constant" - it's black math and black Americans the Van Helsings of racism - cryptanalysts and racist hunters determined and qualified to ferret out white semantics and pin the racist words down with a stake through their heart.

Like his mentor Holmes, Watkins can "from a drop of water... infer the possibility of an Atlantic or a Niagara without having seen or heard of one or the other" - and that goes double for white people. Watkins can infer the skin color of a person merely by scanning voting lists although at this stage it is imperfect and can only work with black voters but is reputed to be 95% accurate.

What is "elementary" to our dear Watkins' article and the heart of it which needs a stake driven in is his contention that he cannot understand why Donald Trump would indulge in such conspicuously racist behavior considering the harm it would do to his business interests. Here's the obvious answer: white racism is so natural to us that we don't even realize we're doing it. It's part of the scenery like our flat hind ends and lack of soul which The Root's fun feature "The Whitest Black Folks We Know", is post-racial enough to bring to our attention. Of course the other startling and revolutionary concept is that asking for I.D. from a black man is neither racist or that 2nd most horrible of all words in the english language to black America: "profiling". Watkins shows us his "Stuff White People Hate" list by placing black people at the top above even "spiders" and "running out of coffee".

Dr. Watkins finishes up his stage show in mind reading and magical illusion by writing "Whatever the reason for Donald Trump's most recent behavior, the price is going to be steep." I have little doubt of that since the mentally challenged cadre of racist hunters at the HuffPo are distributing garlic in the way of boycotts and hypnotic double standards that is the only defense against white America whose native racism cannot be cured but only fended off or destroyed by exposing white's code talk to the light of day and so destroying the curse they stoically but haplessly endure, guided by the moral hand of Jesse Jackson and Boyce Watkins and the pure essence of that most elusive yet at once real of skin induced traits - soul.

Since there are only so many pixels in the world and since Dr. Watkins could easily use them all up merely by displaying his unwitting affection for racist hate speech, I have no room for summing anything up. To continue would be mere repetition, like saying Hitler didn't like Jews and trying to feign surprise. Read it and weep is pretty much it. It should however be noted in passing that Dr. Watkins wastes a lot of pixels himself since every single thing he writes about race, and everything he writes is about race, could easily be distilled to its component parts on space that would fit a t-shirt: "white people bad, black people innocent and good."


Just imagine if the head of the KKK, David Duke or a neo-Nazi had a column and regular appearances on mainstream newshows and treated in such a sympathetic fashion as is Melissa Harris-Perry on MSNBC and Boyce Watkins, given a voice at the Huffington post. There are many more anti-white voices on websites and TV shows and they need to be put out into the margins of lunatic American life next to the depraved KKK and neo-Nazis.


The financial supports of such colleges, TV shows and websites need to be attacked. I'm talking about Syracuse, Temple, Tulane and Princeton Universities for starters in the educational arena. NBC/Universal and the Washington Post need to be taken out for anti-white black current events sites such as The Root and The Grio along with the Huffington Post. NBC also needs to be taken to task for MSNBC and CNN needs to be told about Michael Eric Dyson and Roland Martin. These entities need to have their advertising revenues threatened and if need be gutted because it is really all they understand.


They need to be made aware that they will no longer be safe harbor for unprincipled and delusional racist attacks on white society and this is in keeping with the larger idea that racial hate speech is simply not acceptable and that there should not be a double standard when it comes to this that protects women, gays and people of color but not white folks. The hateful ideology of political correctness is blindsiding us and teaching us to blithely accept compartmentalized and highly directional hate speech and it should be discouraged because the idea that whites are racists is being accepted as some kind of simple reality and therefore institutionalized in our media and educational systems and even reaching to law and the Supreme Court. PBS needs to divest itself of Tavis Smiley who for 10 years headed up the annual anti-white State of the Black Union conference and also Bill Moyers' Journal which has had incredibly friendly and welcoming interviews with vicious racists like James Cone and Jeremiah Wright.


Hate has no moral compass and once let loose in the precedent that is being set in American institutions today it can back fire on the very people who are so fluent in it, smug in the notion that they are operating from a defensive and therefore just position. But hate and racism are never just because two wrongs cannot make a right nor can they correct history that is dead and gone by postulating that the ancestors of white people are guilty of some kind of a crime any more than you can blame all blacks for gang violence.

This is racist code language signing off and remember, if a black person is having a bad day, there's probably a white person behind it. [Fade sad violin music, send in the clowns.]