The Lowest Principle There Is Part 5 • The New Racists: Mainstreaming Hatred by the Justice League of Race and Gender

How Hate Speech Is Infiltrating the Science Fiction and Fantasy Community

BY JAMES MAY • Spring-Summer, 2013

We have gone far past the time in this country where we need to agree on a definition of what comprises hate-speech that is free of caveats or mitigation. We need to agree on a principle and let that principle take us where it will, regardless of race, creed or gender. That is the only way to have a healthy society. If we can have anti-harassment policies, surely we can get blogs, conventions, and commercial sites to agree on what they will and will not tolerate that doesn't spare one identity or set of politics in favor of another. My prediction is that those who conspicuously rile against hate speech the most will have the least patience for such an idea, since it will leave them gutted and bereft.

And short a Science Fiction Writers of America president and three SFWA Nebula nominees in early 2013.


"We accord people dignity on account of the sorts of beings human individuals are, and we are gravely concerned when it is said publicly that some people, by virtue of their membership in a racial, ethnic, or religious group, are not really beings of that kind and so are not entitled to that dignity in one way or another. Such hateful claims are not just anthropological speculation: they intimate that people should expect to be treated in a degrading manner if the person making the hateful claim (and the fellow travelers that he is appealing to) have their way." - Jeremy Waldron - 2009 OLIVER WENDELL HOLMES LECTURES, DIGNITY AND DEFAMATION: THE VISIBILITY OF HATE


On our next stop on the street of "performance rage," last but not least on the list of unflinching stupidity that proves the SF&F community has been taken over by hysterical bigots is a blog called Requires Only That You Hate, (an appropriate name taken from a children's game), written by a person, or as I like to call them, "idiot," who uses the pseudonym of "acrackedmoon," but who I like to call "Ben." The blog mostly reviews SF&F literature from the most ultra-politicized possible slant of race, homosexuality and gender. It is what one would expect if a neo-Nazi site had a multicultural division for purposes of diversity plus a clown school. Supposedly the anonymous author of the blog is a female, gay, ethnic Chinese living in her native Thailand and also the Grand Dragon of the "Whites Aren't Us" KKK chapter there.

If you want to know how ROTYH at StormfrontAsia feels about white people, this ought to do the trick. On that page RH shows us a Tweet by person who writes "there's a lot more to racism than skincolour, silly." RH responds "a white person literally saying that to a POC. lol look at it." I'm not sure why RH would cluelessly argue she as a POC can't understand the simple basis for all law but she's not starting well.

There's lots of stuff like "IT IS TIME TO BEAT THE ROTTEN CARCASS OF A DEAD WHITE MAN" and "white man's tears" cuz RH is an "anti-racist." Since RH conspicuously links everything she does to all Asians as opposed to "white culture," she constantly makes the argument that Asians, particularly lesbian Asians, are morons. The fact her obsession with SFF and video games makes her whiter than her stereotypes of white people seems to escape her. RH is fun to read cuz she uses lots of words but doesn't actually understand the meaning of them, which results in a lot of freeway accidents inside her head. In fact if I reversed out virtually everything RH writes I'd come a lot closer to reality. It goes without saying RH is nuts.

Have someone say any of the stuff about black folks RH typically about white folks and then watch the real tears, self-pity, blame and complaint increase by an order of magnitude above this gaseous hog farm that already stinks of political correctness so badly it should come with steampunk goggles and nose clips. No surprise that every fucking anti-racist racist radical feminist asshole in SFF supports ROTYH at the same time they whine like baby foxes being crushed by a rock python if you change just one or two words or RH's own rhetoric around, a sure sign of mental retardation.

One of the strangest things about ROTYH is that the author is obsessed with the idea of rape in SFF, complete with the usual buffoonish trigger warnings, and somehow finds every scrap of SFF that contains it to complain about and make the subject of seemingly every post. Most all the other ones are about white people and how stupid and racist they are.

I'd like to make it clear that it is not ROTYH's blog itself that proves anything, since it is not influential. Rather, it is the SF&F community's soft-soaped and hypocritical reaction to it, and supporters of the blog's up front bigotry that proves what a sorry state of perception SF&F finds itself in, since it declares Tolkien as racist over nothing compared to ROTYH; the double standard, as usual, is a chasm. Once again, identity not only trumps principle, it beats the shit out of it. One would think that sectors of SF&F fandom aspire to no greater glory than to be bald-faced, unflinching hypocrites. One's thing's for sure: the justice league of race and gender is completely devoid of binding principles that would allow them to fairly judge right from wrong, and in its place they use gender and race and distorted race-based lies about history as a veritable system of morality.

To say ROTYH doesn't pull any punches is an understatement, but let me go off point for awhile to show how there's punches and punches in the addled world of identity bigotry and racialist morality flinging. Noted SF&F politi-naut and minor racialist author Aliette de Bodard calls ROTYH "performance rage." [Note: de Bodard has edited the text since I made that link but the original is archived here] I have a feeling she has a different name for when David Duke does it since de Bodard considers improperly writing about half-dragons in a fantasy novel a form of "prejudice," and considers using the word "half-breed" "NOT acceptable" in fiction. But if you're blogger acrackedmoon at ROTYH, you can throw the worst racial non-fiction slurs around with no problem; right race, right gender, right morality, and that's that.

I'm sure if anyone ever refers to the fat, black, bacon-tears of "cracka ass cracka"-hating pimple K. Tempest Bradford everyone will just chalk it up to "performance rage." And if ROTYH writes "... we consider buffaloes especially stupid as animals go. The perfect analogy for white men" and Bradford calls whites a "cracka ass cracka" and that white in turn calls Bradford "Antiwhite Jemima Sambo Powder Pancake Batter" and ROTYH a stereotype of a retarded cross-eyed Andrea Dworkin feminist robot Mandarin-type villain with long mustachios they constantly stroke with 19 inch fingernails from a Shaw Bros. '70s kung-fu movie, social justice warriors will cry "foul" and invoke historic racial insult seniority, just like in law no black people are prosecuted for crimes because of past crimes against them. This means that, due to colonization and imperialism, I play baseball with no bat and of course rarely score hits.

Here, Bradford, the woman who's "Always going after racists & sexists." lets white people know about that legal precedent: While POC are busy trying to decolonize ourselves, could white people please... deimperialize yourselves." This leads anti-racist Bradford to nostalgically remember pre-colonial Africa: "I do remember the No White People hour, hehe" And then fighter against bigots Bradford remembers America today: "I may have to unfollow a bunch of white people today." At some point she remembers the meaning of words, though I have no quotes for that, quite the opposite. I apologize for leavng the impression Bradford has a brain the size of a thimble - that was not my intention.

This is going to happen when you decide right and wrong by a person's skin and gender rather than by what they actually do. The keyword here is "moron," because that's a pretty simple comparison to make. But de Bodard, like all racialists, turns the obvious into a Gordian Knot hidden inside a Rubik's Cube. So though you can find out what dipshits we are for not getting Vietnamese names right when we "culturally appropriate" in our fiction, don't look for anything about ROTYH in de Bodard's self-described "rant"(s). That's because the word "obvious" is a word without meaning to racialists, who expand and contract something to nothing and nothing to something at will, using identity as their guide. Bodard excuses ROTYH's [original unedited page here] "death threats she’s made to various writers" from within a culture which never stops whining about similar threats made to women, the only people who count, I guess.

And in order to understand what counts within this racialist culture and how irrelevant art is, as if I have not made it plain in four essays up to this fifth one, here is what de Bodard Tweeted when noted SF&F writer Jack Vance died in the last week of May, 2013.

"I don't actually think I've read any Vance. Should I?" 

Had Vance been a non-white woman, de Bodard would be sending up rocket flares, since she is well acquainted with the most obscure authors in SF&F if they measure up to her gender racialist obsessions, the same kind of thing forbidden outside her crowd as racist. De Bodard never ceases recommending literature according to the race and gender of those writing it; whether they're actually any good or not seems immaterial. Jack Vance was one of the greatest voices in the history of SF&F. To SF&F author de Bodard, Vance was nobody from nowhere in a field tearfully "overwhelmingly male, white and American." If I said the NBA was too black I'd be fitted with size 13 jackboots.

This is what SF writer James Worrad describes on his blog as the "genre's Caucasian bloat." I find it sad Worrad considers the NBA and hip-hop culture guilty of black bloat, or that there may be Jewish bloat, or female bloat, or gay bloat, or that there is such a thing as ethnic bloat. That was a sad refrain in beer gardens in the 1920s as I recall. A strange view for a man who accuses another author of being "racially insulting." Right after that Worrad then weirdly insults himself by writing "if you say something racist but don't SAY it's racist the PC brigade can't touch you." Of course, for the self-insult to work, I'm assuming Worrad thinks of himself as not being a racist. If he thinks he is a racist, then it's all fine... or something.

As for de Bodard and her recommending art by by sex or skin color: Art? What the hell's that? Let me choose literature by skin color, and my car mechanic too. And then I'll say it's racist if anyone else does it, just for a joke. Hahahahahahah.


But then the Vance-less M. de Bodard is suddenly an expert on SF&F history, or as I call it, simply assuming the worst if whites were mostly involved:

"I know aliens in SFF started out as the equivalent of POC natives in a colonial narrative frame, but still..." 

Aw. Not that damned colonialism again. Shit. Read that whole little thread if you want to study idiocy or something or figure out what the word "know" means.

My favorite one is this by a de Bodard compatriot:

"But most of all, their lives do not exist only in relation to me and my whiteness." 

Hahahaha. Fuck you. If that's true, try shutting the fuck up about whiteness for one fucking day and your mindless paranoia may subside.

Like Nalo Hopkinson's similar moronic assertion based on wishful thinking that whites suck, that in fact is not how aliens started out in SFF, and no, aliens weren't stand-ins for Africans, Crazy Horse, or fucking colonial India either. Jesus Christ, have you people actually ever read old-school SF&F?

De Bodard's default world view is divided up into the immoral "clueless colonial" and the oppressed but savvy and moral "locals." In other words, whites are the eternal fuck of a villain and non-whites doe-eyed innocents yanked out of their garden of Eden. The reason the Vietnamese never attacked Europe is because they were simply too good, and disdained moronic inventions like the machine gun as spiritless. Whether they actually could attack Europe or not is nothing from nowhere; they didn't and so they'll go to heaven with their racial pureness intact.

To give you an idea of how fools like de Bodard selectively apply their outrage, read this Tweet about an anthology from her:

"Aliette de Bodard ‏@aliettedb 2h @Daniel_Libris the "aesthetic of the age imperialisation and [sic] colonisation"? I think I'm out of here... "

Do you think for one minute de Bodard would throw up her spiny colonialist outrage if it involved Mughal architecture like the Taj Mahal or Humayun's Tomb or the Cathedral of Córdoba and the Alhambra in Granada, Spain? How about Urdu poetry in 18th century Lucknow? 1001 Nights? Keep fucking dreaming. This is strictly a whites only affair. If I am wrong about this, there is certainly not one fucking hint of it in her non-fiction writings. De Bodard's response is so automatic, so one-sided and so unthinking and so full of double standards that I laugh at the idea of her writing science fiction literature or making any kind of art beyond the level of a velvet painting. Keep in mind, this is a woman who never stops preaching about the perceptual lapses of half the fucking planet. Given the right skin and gender, which in the PC world amounts to a veritable PhD, plus a keyboard and sheer intellect, one can see all and know all from an apartment in Paris. This is stupidity, bigotry and ignorance itself brought to the level of a refined art.

"Aliette de Bodard ‏@aliettedb 18h New Doctor Who. Surprise, it's a white middle aged man. *sigh* Not that Peter Capaldi isn't a great actor, but change would have been nice" 

"Aliette de Bodard ‏@aliettedb 2h @VictorOcampo (would have been thrilled to see a POC doctor though :( )" 

"Aliette de Bodard ‏@aliettedb 17h @McDougallSophia yup, I agree. Outstanding actor, but still leaves a sour taste in the mouth" 

"Sophia McDougall ‏@McDougallSophia 18h @aliettedb Love him, but would honestly have thought it had reached the point where it was simply *embarrassing* to cast another white man." 

Yeah, we fucking know skin thrills you, creates dirty tastes, and embarrasses, just not the way you think. I can't imagine anyone in this world saying it would be "embarrassing" to cast an Arab, Jew or black guy. To me, this racist rhetoric is simply stunning, and all the more so because these fools imagine they represent some kind of justice and fair play. Walk it like you talk it, lady, and go move to Arrondissement 93. There you'll find all the thrills, embarrassments and sighs and PoC you desire instead of slumming from afar on Twitter. And the SFWA is giving Nebula Awards to people like de Bodard; now that's embarrassing.


Read this moronic post titled "SFF as metaphor: aliens, vampires, foreigners and immigrants," with a predictably racialist theme where da whites once again come up morally short. As usual in de Bodard's rhetoric, the smugly morally racial anti-white tone is unmistakable throughout. I'll tell you what, de Bodard never puts blacks, Arabs, Asians, Hindus or fucking Brazilians or Indonesians through the ringer like this. Fucking never. And trust me, what this woman doesn't know about the history of SF literature is impressive. I'm not surprised she doesn't list one actual work of SF. It might be helpful to actually read the era in question rather than putting the cart before the horse. The problem with racialist profilers like de Bodard is, when it comes to lighting up the West as endemic immoral racist colonialists, she can never go wrong simply assuming the worst.

"I find it disturbing to assume that in an alternate New York City that reads like today’s New York City with added magic, people can be so outspoken against vampires/werewolves/etc., and not have prejudice against Hispanics, Blacks, Asians, LGBT people…" 

Really? I find it disturbing how you can always arrange the world so that Hispanics, Blacks, Asians and LGBT people are immune to prejudice. Who's treating who like aliens and non-humans? De Bodard likes to use words like "globalization" but her naive and even childish world views betrays a person who's never actually spent enough time in non-Western countries to understand no one's cornered the market on racism, and if there was, it sure as hell wouldn't be the West, which has the most sophisticated human rights laws in the world. I mean, a woman or a Christian can't even be the fucking President of Egypt - BY LAW! They still have slavery in Africa. So spare me your bullshit about "a fearful and prejudiced mainstream; and say, the situation of Muslims in modern-day US." I'm not flying airliners into the pyramids.

And the SFWA is giving Nebula Awards to people like this. Unbelievable. What fucking lesson does that give to a society? That group defamation is in, that it's open season on Westerners, AKA da whites? Predictably, these morons have not one thing to say about the Second Congo War where the killing of 5.4 million humans due to racism and hate speech only ended in 2008. No, they prefer to fantasize about evil and racist and unconscious 21st century Europe and America.


Keeping in mind this series of essays is about mainstreaming racial and gender hate speech within the SF&F community, read what the clueless Aliette de Bodard posts on her often anti-white blog in a short post titled "Sow the Wind." That's right, Sow the fucking wind. Well, at least she understands the concept of racial and gender apologist and supremacist hate speech, even if not the fact she's the part of the problem.

"< sarcasm > I don’t usually post anything about politics on this blog, but I did want to point this out: if you’re one of the French presidential candidates, aka the ones who have been repeatedly bashing on immigration and foreigners and generally centering the debate on pretty hateful xenophobic stuff, you shouldn’t be surprised that some madman with a gun decides to start shooting minorities they don’t approve of. < /sarcasm >" 

Love the sarcasm tags. They should read "idiot." And don't be surprised when two black guys who are fans of two dozen politicized anti-white science fiction blogs and many more such Tweets hack up a stupid and eternally historically guilty white colonialist on a London street. Where did those two murderers get their political education from? Me? Robert Heinlein? Edmond fucking Hamilton? Were those guys smug fucking racial moralists? Maybe they were fans of Aliette de Bodard.

What about stabbing people you don't approve of? Here's an insightful Tweet by de Bodard:

"When I was 13 or so, I stabbed boy who was bothering me with pointy end of a pair of compasses (planted it in his hand when he reached out)" 

She adds:

"yup. Felt quite happy (still do)." 

Uhmmm... ah, yeeeeeeee-ah. Guess the kid must've been a cishet white colonialist. Still happy. Great.

Let me tell you something revealing about de Bodard and the other race-twits in this series of essays. On her own site de Bodard describes herself "as a Franco-Vietnamese, Aliette has a strong interest in Ancient Vietnam and Ancient China, and will gladly use any excuse to shoehorn those into her short or long fiction."

"Shoehorn" is the operative word here as what she actually does and where she lives is the complete opposite of the race-ranging she indulges in so blithely. De Bodard rarely shuts up about the noble Vietnamese and how fucked they were by the ignoble colonialist white man. She goes on and on about the cuisine and language and myths, etc. What you rarely see her talk about is how wonderful the country of her birth is (America) or where she was raised (France). She doesn't dote on America or France but ignores them as if they were Cousin It, the serial killer everyone would like to forget about. But let me tell you the last place this woman will actually live - Vietnam. This is a form of racial slumming - dreaming up a bill of particulars with which to lambaste where she lives and what she does - while trying to sell some moral fantasy of the oppressed side she'll never admit she herself disdains when it comes right down to it. De Bodard enjoys all the perks of where she lives and what she actually does while at the same time disavowing them in favor of a blissfully non-white experience she'll never actually partake in. This is called having your cake and eating it too, a phrase popularized by the evil arch murderess, colonialist bitch, slaver, and child cannibal, Marie Antoinette, another white cis-het Cousin It in the closet to avoid doting on.

In the end, despite all the high-fives like-minded identity addicts give de Bodard for the empathy and insight of her stories, there in fact is none; rather, there is a very large blind spot. De Bodard, by default, denies equal humanity to over half the people on the planet. I regard her maunderings about race and gender as craven, retarded, and verging on hate-speech. If de Bodard has any true faith in the human spirit, I cannot detect it.

In isolation, this is no big deal, but it is a trend right across the board with these race-nauts. The reprehensible nobody up to her gills in politically correct race-baiting, Amal El-Mohtar, says on her website she's:

"A Canadian-born child of the Mediterranean, Amal is currently pursuing a PhD in English at the Cornwall campus of the University of Exeter, sharpening her quills for the hunt. In her hours of rest, she lives in a house on a Hill’s Head, where she drinks tea, plays harp, tastes honey, and writes stories about the Arabic alphabet, book-women, singing fish, and Damascene dream-crafters."

See the short story inherent in that paragraph? Same thing. El-Mohtar loves to go on about racist Western culture and white privilege and feminism and Arab this and that and la, la, la. Meanwhile, child of the Med or no, an Arab/Islamic country is the last place El-Mohtar will ever go and live. And you can multiply those living conditions vs. rhetoric about every person in these essays. Vibrant and diverse non-white societies are only so in exact relation to how far away they stay in real terms. Mohtar's about as much a child of the Med as Bob and Doug from Great White North and I doubt Bob and Doug are any more ready to move to Lebanon than El-Mohtar.


The friend to all whites that is N.K. Jemisin gives a promo to Aliette De Bodard:

"N. K. Jemisin ‏@nkjemisin 5h The usual brilliant reflection from @aliettedb on writing other cultures: http://aliettedebodard.com/2013/09/13/a-few-disjointed-thoughts-on-other-cultures-and-diversity-in-sff/ … #DiversityInSFF" 

Nice that Jemisin doesn't forget to include that politically correct, moronic, and odious racialist bigotry of a hash tag called #DiversityInSFF started by the even more moronic Jim Hines: where you'll find this sad post by one of the SFF's community's seemingly endless racial bigots, Jaymee Goh:

"Jaymee Goh ‏@jhameia 12h Why Are the Majority of Children's Books Still About White Boys? http://tmblr.co/ZW1NSyu_UM2x #DiversityinSFF Gatekeepers, take note." 

Yeah, gatekeepers take note, especially the one's who can tear up Goh's visa and send her hopping and flying back to Malaysia where her hate speech belongs. I'm sure there's plenty of books about non-white boys IN YOUR OWN COUNTRY.

The posting on De Bodard's blog called "A few disjointed thoughts on other cultures and diversity in SFF," or, as I call it, De Bodard's ongoing lecture series to white people about what clueless morons they are, is farcically comic. I urge you to read the post for its amusing hectoring racial supremacist tone. Jemisin calls the post "brilliant," which it certainly is, if, like Jemisin, you too have a marked and even pathological disdain for white people. Then it's a fucking work of genius.

You don't even really have to read between the lines to know who De Bodard is targeting with her smug, and frankly, paranoiac dung, although she refers to "Western Anglophone suspects (US/UK/Can/Aus/NZ)" "Suspects?" Hell, I'd say guilty as charged. I mean, they're white. What the fuck else do you need? There's your fucking "right" and "wrong" right there.

I find it endlessly amusing that clowns like De Bodard and Jemisin think they have some trademark to lecture and cark for all non-white people on Earth, presumably by virtue of the fact that each hyper-defines themselves as not white, and therefore noble and with a virtual PhD on the subject of race, carried in their blood or something, I guess. It's a mode of thinking that could easily be confused with mental health issues or even outright racism.

I can break down De Bodard's post like this:

"Blah, blah, blah and you white people mind your P's and Q's with writing about the people of colors and blah, blah, blah, language, and I speak multiple languages and blah, blah, blah, China and Vietnam aren't the same, and I'm frustrated cuz I'm an unprincipled moron who parses right and wrong by skin and gender, which in principle makes me a racist and sexist bigot but it's trendy to defame whites this decade and maybe next year the Jews will come back in style cuz I have some very interesting ideas about their secret bases on Mars."

Predictably, as on time as the sun rising, some moron in the comments section writes:

"This is a great post, especially since my post for today is about my fears of cultural appropriation. My preferred Steampunk location is South Africa, and the last thing I want (As a white girl from New Jersey, living in New York State) is to run roughshod over cultures that are not mine, white or otherwise." 

Hahaha. Where in the world do people like that come from? They "fear" cultural appropriation? Well, then what don't they fear? Do they ever leave the house? Are they made from clay and grass? Jesus H. fucking Christ, are these people stupid. And what about steampunk? By their insane racist rules, isn't that mine then, and shouldn't they stay the fuck away from it or ask my advice about how to properly write it? Aren't these the very idiots who hold workshops so whitey whitefuck writes about other cultures correctly and so need to be lectured by a non-white? Well, call me about doing anything in steampunk or using a microwave oven, getting on an airplane, using the internet, a chainsaw, semi-truck, writing any SF derived from the Munsey Era on, using a flush toilet, or invoking the Constitution.

What if I wrote that steampunk is mine cuz I invented everything in it and if any non-whites want to write it properly just come to me and I'll show you how to do it the white correct way so you don't get wrapped up in culture theft.

What gets me about this ditzy and clueless empty-headed moron is how unaware she is of her weird obsession with race and what racial bigot she is, while thinking she in turn actually lectures bigots. How does she know a bigot? If they're white they're a bigot - if they're not then they're not. De Bodard is part of a politically correct racialist cult that stipulates idiocy doesn't exist in the world, unless of course it's the countries of de Bodard's white belt - "US/UK/Can/Aus/NZ." Then idiocy not only exists but predominates. De Bodard would never light up Vietnam like she regularly does white countries. The fact she is so unaware of that is what makes her so stupid. I mean, what the fuck do you call it when someone singles out an ethnic group and negatively racially stereotypes them exactly 100% of the time. Like her bigoted cousins in the SFF community like Saladin Ahmed, N.K. Jemisin, Jaymee Goh and many others, you can look high and low among their profuse pronouncements about white people and not find jack shit that's positive; the racial grouping and profiling is often - usually at least weekly - and unrelentingly negative. For some reason, many in the SFF community find these morons the voice of wisdom. When did America become so stupid that we admired people who, in principle, use the exact same rhetoric as neo-Nazis, David Duke, and the KKK?

What's amazing is that dopes in SFF's justice league of race and gender like de Bodard seem to claim some copyright - based on DNA I guess - as well as a knowledge of the inner workings of the minds of a couple of billion East Asians, and knows what would insult them.

In that amazingly stupid post, de Bodard tells us "if you’re not from the culture (and especially if you’re from a more dominant majority), be aware that your narration will be that of the privileged." There we go with that fucking "privilege" again. What the fuck is with these weirdoes? Then she writes racial "privilege" (read whitey) will make it so work will be taken more "seriously than actual work by people from the actual culture." Sure lady, that's why we listen to people from Detroit and Chicago when we want to learn about Egypt. How dumb is this broad and how dumb does she think we "usual suspects" are?

And miss moron doesn't forget to mention "straight white men" and "to be aware of your prejudices," and la-dee-fucking-da. De Bodard's post is a dizzying combination of moronic and hectoring pedantry, racial supremacy, bigotry, and belaboring the obvious. You'll be hard-pressed to find a post on the internet more densely packed with self-contradiction, right and wrong put forward using race as the standard, and double standards than "A few disjointed thoughts on other cultures and diversity in SFF." "Disjointed" is the keyword.



The SFF community is cannibalizing itself with its own hate speech and does so, predictably, using identity as a principle rather than an actual principle. They banged their tiresome bigot drum during the end of May 2013 dust up over the naughty Science Fiction Writers of America Bulletin Red Sonja cover. Here you'll find the usual where's-the-art over-identity? that flies about like a weather vane to both attack and defend as needed. Two SF writers named Mike Resnick and Barry Malzberg - each unfortunately old, white, and male - complimented the way a TRIGGER WARNING FOR LANGUAGE ***lady*** one-time SF pulp editor named Bea Mahaffey looked in the 1950s. Throw in an armor bikini and big tits and bombs go off and the robot cries "Danger! Will Robinson" and then the robot calls Resnick and Malzberg "bubble-headed boobies:"

Slave to stupid writes:

"'She was competent, unpretentious, and beauty pageant gorgeous…' Seriously? What the hell, you guys? How in the almighty fuck does that have anything to do with Mahaffey's abilities as an editor? Why is that even fucking relevant? Would you talk about Martin Greenberger or Gardner Dozois and refer to what stone fuckin' foxes they are?"

Yeah, why would anyone recommend art by skin and gender, "seriously?"; or have an entire stupid fucking convention about such female bullshit called WisCon? Why, oh, why, oh, why? What does that have to do with writing abilities? Start your engines post-colonialist morons! I think the real issue here is not Mahaffey's looks so much as the fact she looks like she could play a softball double header without an emergency response team on hand with about 10 miles of Ace bandages and oxygen tanks.

Resnick and Malzberg get shit on for that while I guarantee you Tanya B. Avakian's 2010 review of "James Tiptree, Jr.: The Double Life of Alice B. Sheldon" by Julie Phillips will never get the "what the almighty fuck?" attention of the proverbial screeching flocks of harridans. Avakian writes "Alice Bradley grew up brilliant and miserable, with a starlet’s looks, the mind of a genius..." Don't expect any cries of Avakian as a typical middle-class middle-aged white woman used in the sense of stupidity and immorality being inherent in that description. Avakian has a protected identity - an identity protected from hate speech. The reason for that is simple: the people who attacked Resnick and Malzberg are racial and gender bigots, liars and hypocrites.

Here's over 70 links to blog posts whining about Resnick and Malzberg's act of depravity. Sad clowns crying down by a river were out in force that week, but you would never in a thousand years see Avakian taken to the cleaners like that for her criminal use of "starlet's looks."

The scans of one the articles in question are here, at Radish Reviews, where bikinis made out of beer cans are treated like anthrax powder or a feminist being asked to run a city block which is seven patriarchy blocks. The scans are the response of Resnick and Malzberg to the crying over their using the term "lady." The lesson is, don't compliment a woman for her looks, even if it's for the way she looked in the 1950s, cuz modern female gender-nauts don't like that cuz no one ever compliments them for their looks cuz it interferes with their street cred. Lord knows they never mention race or gender or have panic attacks because a cloud passed over the sun. Naturally, the SFWA's PC division of soothing membranes has set up a "task force" to assure the Nazis never invade Poland, show Red Sonja, or say someone was attractive on their watch again. Just as naturally, arch-defender from the menace of old, straight, white, males, John Scalzi, SFWA President at the time, puts his name to the let's-suck-the-fun-right-out-of-SF alert.

Radish Reviews is the home of fun and racism stuffed toys, helmed by an anti-racist named Natalie Luhrs, who'll never be insulted by Malzberg or Resnick and will only be seen for her abilities. The blog is sub-titled, "We Have Things To Say About Books"... and also being a clearing house for anti-white racist links to racist articles about miserable white people, with links like "The Worst of White Folks," and right beneath it "White People," and right beneath that "Why Being a POC Author Sucks Sometimes," and "This thing we are doing (a manifesto)," where not only are there too many "scientifically improbable white faces," but too many red-headed whites as well. Unsurprisingly, this last bit of racial supremacy is written by the boob responsible for the 2013 SF Continuum convention's hate-whitey speech by N.K. Jemisin, which lit up the entire continent of Australia as white racists. With so many people crowding about proving they're not racists, I'm surprised there's any real ones left. Once in a while Radish Reviews has stuff about reviews. However there are wars to be won and Abe Lincoln didn't read or review much SFF during the Culture War, even though he lived during the Golden Age of Steampunk where people lived for five weeks in an ironclad and attacked each other in hot air baloons.

Oh, you naughty whites you. Why don't you just fuck off.

Anyway, the SFWA bulletin round up of hysterical overreaction and stupidity is lassoed here by the ever predictable friend of stupidity Jim Hines, a hillbilly corn silk salesman who never met a politically correct cause he didn't need a post-colonialist drool bucket for. Once again a murder of crows too stupid to realize they are the worst racists in SF&F descend on clueless white men for being clueless white men, although there is no racial dimension to what the racist privileged Malzberg and Resnick wrote other than that they are white and men - a telltale and permanent sign of oppression in SF's daffy wrong-way anti-racist ultra-feminist land. The list is useful in that it comprises a who's who of idiotic racial and gender bigots within SF&F in 2013 that posterity can take a dump on from the future. I do so now.

These are morons who routinely use the words "white men" as a negative racial slur to define Malzberg and Resnick, as well as "old." At the same time these idiots consider using the word "ladies" as "misogyny."

SFWA president John Scalzi and SFWA member Jim Hines apparently can't even read the SFWA's own policy on sexual harassment:

"Sexual harassment is unlawful and impedes the realization of SFWA’s mission to inform, support, promote, defend and advocate for our members. SFWA will respond promptly and effectively to reports of harassment and discrimination of any kind and will take appropriate action to prevent, to correct, and if necessary, to discipline behavior that violates this policy. This policy applies to any events or spaces sponsored by SFWA, including but not limited to the SFWA discussion Forums, the SFWA website, the Nebula Awards Weekend, and the SFWA suite." 

"Old White Guy,"  "two old white guys," "old white guys," "white straight male," "old white guy bullshit," "Old White Men," "old white guys,"

Well okay; that seems to all be really professional and I'm sure none of them ever thought that stuff before this horrible traumatizing incident occurred, and none of them have a history of being serial complainers who whine, bitch, and mope from Monday to Sunday about essentially nothing and declare it the fucking Battle of Midway and how everyone's a fucking sexist, homophobic, racist but in a way it's miraculously never them even when they make sexist and racist comments from Monday to Sunday about male, white, privilege like it's settled science and PoC and women never do bad things and how the sky is falling cuz someone insulted you in 1996 and you've never forgotten it.

These femighouls are bigoted morons who are rattling the roof because an editor was mentioned as also being female and good looking, even while the race-nauts never shut up about recommending female or black authors precisely because they are female or black. They have a whole damn feminist SF convention called WisCon they conveniently forget even exists. These are not people who can be reasoned with; this is a sick pathology. It's a sick pathology cuz they pretend they're talking about right and wrong but the instances they cite where whites and men are wrong compared to women and PoC is so overwhelmingly slanted that only a clueless, prick, fucking, racist could embrace such bullshit.

Their "right and wrong" is entirely based on skin and gender and double standards only a gurgling baby could swallow. Have you ever heard, even once, any of these fucking morons call out people as "old, black, women," with the same facility they constantly do the opposite? They are liars and hypocrites. Yeah, there's such a thing as typical white men but there are no typical black women. That's tabu, no-no, forbidden territory. If Malzberg and Resnick got this response for "lady editor," what would happen if they did the exact same thing that IN PRINCIPLE was done to them? It would be Hellfire Week. But then every week is Hellfire Week in the congenital idiocy that is the intersectional feminist world of serial hate 'n' whine.

People who complain once in a while, they have a certain amount of credibility, they I listen to. People who never stop with the caterwauling, especially when they are unprincipled, racist, identity addicts who literally think skin and gender convey morality, them I never listen to, because I already have - over and over and over again, and it's always the same smugly moralizing shit and it's always an hysterical ladybug-on-the-arm-run-into-a-tree overreaction.


Ironically, the good Jim Hines did by putting these links all in one place is to make a sturdy case about how similar the language and lack of principle is among the justice league of race and gender and how utterly clueless they are as to their own bigotry and even hate speech. I love the way these tunnel web spiders sit with one leg on a strand just waiting for some chump to be white, straight, and male and then act like they just happened to be passing by with the exact same words and the exact same victims. Nalo Hopkinson, N.K. Jemisin, Scalzi, Hines and K. Tempest Bradford, among a zillion others, routinely spout shit much worse than Malzberg and Resnick and no one says a goddam thing. This isn't a case of defending Malzberg and Resnick, but of "compared to what?"

To show you how completely clueless incoming SFWA president Steven Gould was at the time of the fracas, here is a Twitter comment from him: "People are very rightly pointing out that there is some ageism going on in the responses to the Bulletin Sexism issue. Cut it out."

That means Gould read the same responses I did and refused to criticize those same people for also singling out the race of Malzberg and Resnick, which was thrown about, like their age, as if their race was itself an explanation for negative behavior. In truth, the hordes of misfits who objected to Malzberg and Resnick repeatedly referred to the race of those two men in such a way that made it clear they were doing so as a contemptuous racial slur. In short, a controversy that had absolutely nothing to do with race, quickly had race added as a component in a way that should surprise no one. As I've shown time and again, the justice league of race and gender within the SF&F community sets a standard for what they feel constitutes racial and gender defamation and then goes out to violate their own standard. Such moving goal posts for the concept of right and wrong proves what the real issue is here and where the real problem lies and it has nothing to do with subscribing to a system of right and wrong based on principle. One's race and gender is the means by which right and wrong is conveyed and all the hopelessly inept and transparent attempts at logic and reason is a smokescreen of pure bullshit when in fact guilt and innocence were laid down long before any given controversy. Saying it's wrong to mention the gender of writers in an hysteric overreaction and then mentioning Malzberg's and Resnick's gender (and race) over and over is stupid on stupid.

Naturally, bigotry wouldn't be bigotry without this Jews are greedy, black people lazy, white men apes argument from noted nobody and man-lover Kameron Hurley, who may or may not be insane. Miss Hurley didn't like the SFWA bulletin either. When HappyHurley writes "When these dudes tell you it’s nice that you write novels but it sure would be nice if you had better tits so they could put you in bikini armor and slap you on the cover of their industry magazine for their buddies to leer at..." one gets the sense there is a compelling story of past love, passion and rejection there somewhere. She should've added "not that I'd know anything about that."

HappyHurley thinks male SF authors in the long ago and far away "go around pinching women’s asses," "sexually assault women all the time!," "say, 'Black people are fine. As long as they are clean and don’t live in my neighborhood,'" (mmmm, quotes) "say, 'Gay men are gay because they were abused, and all lesbians are really bisexual and just need the love of a good man,'" (mmmm, more quotes). I'm starting to wonder if these "science fiction writers" of HappyHurley sold marijuana reefer cigarettes under bridges and hung out in zoot suits with the occasional flour sack over the head. Hurley claims to work in marketing and advertising, and one wonders if her employers are aware she may or may not be insane.

Racey-naut fantasy writer and SFWA member Mary Robinette Kowal reacts to the evil column by "two old guys" she admits she hasn't read by interacting with her disobedient puppets on Twitter and actually uses the word "bigotry" without disappearing in a puff of smoke with diabolical laughter. One fool in that thread says "Bigotry is not an opinion. It's bigotry." Except when they do it, I might add, then all morons are valid and their feelings and their little dog too. Kowal is reportedly pushing for puppet's rights. I assume because she is one.

One angry human being who just happened to be a woman resigned from the SFWA in a touching open letter explaining why and with this stunning evidence of the wrong-doing on Twitter. Hahahahaha. By an amazing coincidence, "thin-skinned" officially became a term without meaning on the same day.

"E. Catherine Tobler@ECthetwit 'anyone who's seen photos of Bea from the 50s knows she was a knockout as a young woman.' Which has what to do with her editing, Resnick?" 

Ask your dumbfuck compadres what Resnick and Malzberg's gender and race has to do with their comments and then write a time travel story where you go to the '50s and bang James Tiptree, Jr. Then ask your dumbfuck compadres what being black, gay, Chinese or female has to do with recommended reading. Are you people completely fucking retarded that you don't get you do that all the fucking time? What does race and gender and being gay have to do with writing? You're lighting up Resnick and Malzberg for what you do every single day. And Resnick and Malzberg didn't say her being good looking had anything to do with her editing, but you politically correct morons as much as state skin equals some kind of artistry when it comes to SFF literature. Why gay anthologies? Why female anthologies? Why PoC anthologies? Why gay and female awards? Why? You people are asinine hypocrites and have to be some of the dumbest people who ever lived, cuz that's a pretty simple comparison to make. And I'm not buying you do it cuz of marginalization; you clearly advocate for specific identities and shit on others and have no interest in diversity where your fave identities dominate. Wake me up when you start whining about too many lesbians in roller derby. I'm guessing that'll be about the time the universe ends, because you don't demand diversity on the basis of a principle, but target a specific identity, and the rest of the world, including yourselves, gets off without even a look.

How about diversity in Vet's Hospitals? They are crassly full of men. GET TO WORK FEMINISTS!!! VET'S HOSPITALS ARE THUMBING THEIR NOSES AT YOU AND GETTING AWAY WITH MURDER!!!! Well it's their own murder, but you know what I mean. Kameron Hurley says you have always fought and has the fierce paintings to prove it so it should be no problem strapping on a giant sword and and riding your llamas over to Afghanistan. Or did Hurley mean "we have always fought but we're retired now?"

What a sad embarrassment the SFF community has become. It has been taken over by childish, ignorant, stupid, pouty, and talentless nobodies with arguably mental health issues who nevertheless have the egos of Napoleon and make Catholic nuns look like free-wheeling hippies. Science fiction as an art form is finished, unless you actually like shitty art, then you're fine. What remains are bigoted politically correct writers influenced more by shit TV shows like Dr. Who and Buffy rather than their own literary ancestors, who they crap on as racist sexists. The new breed starts at shadows, sees an enemy behind every bush and gush self-pity as if it is a positive human trait. The art of whining, blame and blatant hypocrisy is far more refined among this crowd than their skills as writers. Unsurprisingly, the one thing the new breed talks about the least is actual writing and science. They find it far more interesting to bitch about the past and the failings of everyone but themselves and their insulated cult of race and gender. Reading their daily Tweets about their absurd fears and gripes, I'd swear these people were paranoid 11 yr. olds if I didn't know better.

Meanwhile, a few weeks later, staunch feminists in SFF-land are Tweeting this, which honestly, to me, is perfectly innocent - except I can't do it and neither can Resnick or Malzberg:

"Kate Elliott ‏@KateElliottSFF 9h The eternal hotness of Captain Von Trapp http://tmblr.co/ZM82Txrz-qn4" 

"Wendy Xu ‏@littlewendycat 10h @KateElliottSFF who doesn't love a beautiful man who can also carry a tune *_*" 

"Kate Elliott ‏@KateElliottSFF 10h @littlewendycat SO TRUE. Man, he was handsome." 

No doubt Morons, Inc. will claim the SFWA was a professional bulletin and it's perfectly fine elsewhere and blah, blah, blah - bullshit. Read the hundreds of comments in objection to the bulletin in question; it has nothing to do with that - it's a fucking smokescreen.

Our friend to every and anything non-white, Aliette de Bodard, reacts to the Red Sonja cover like this:

"I'd ask for one of hawt SF male writers, except most of them are not very... sexy." 

If I said that about female SF writers, such as saying WisCon is an overweight herd of unattractive beasts (not that I would or there is anything wrong with beasts) then I'd get the post-colonialist bigot-slippers put on me. Plus there's such a thing as a mirror M. de Bodard - check one out.

Here's yet another blog post about the SFWA Bulletin 200 with 133 comments comprising an idiot-fest. These comments sections are so alike when it comes to political correctness, it's difficult to tell one lowing herd of cattle from another. There's a lot of mooing going on while they wait for the mother ship to take them away to Alpha Centauri. It's a blog cleverly called "Pharaguez..." or somethin, by P.Z. Myers, who sees himself as Batman and religion as The Riddler. Oddly enough Myers claims to be against "stupidity, and injustice" but runs a blog that is stupid and unjust and he preaches and sermonizes like a priest. Maybe he's being ironically clever like the name "Pharygu..." oh, fuck it.

Keep in mind these are the people who support "feminism" like WisCon, where they have an openly racially segregated space designated as "safer" from whites. Jaymee Goh, a regular panelist at WisCon, has a website full of openly anti-white racism and calls whites "sour dough-faced" on Twitter. They support N.K. Jemisin, who never shuts up about the evil white people and has declared virtually all of SF fandom racist by virtue of being white, while absolving black people using the same standard; skin. They support Aliette de Bodard, who can scarcely hide her contempt for the ignorance of white people on her website. And against that, these morons go hysteric and stack up calling a woman "lady," noticing she was attractive, and having a cover with a scantily clad Red Sonja. Using the word "moron" with this bunch puts a burden on the word it cannot support. Since there is no comparison in the prejudice between the two communities at odds with each other, it is only further proof that feminist race-nauts do exactly the thing they accuse others of: namely, decide morality and right and wrong by nothing more than race and gender. These are literally some of the stupidest, ignorant and most smugly arrogant people I've ever run across.

Meanwhile, these are the same monkeys who recommend SF by skin color and gender. Paraphrasing Tobler above, what does that have to do with their writing? This is a cult of racialist gender wonders who've given the word "hypocrisy" multi-dimensional facets I've never even thought of as being possible for a living, breathing adult to embrace. I'm not sure when SF became a cult of weirdos but since the current crop of bigots hate the preceding generation it must've been fairly recent and probably explains why not a single person named in these essays has written anything remotely like a really good SFF novel; they're too fucking dumb.

One of those upjumped monkeys in particular, who culturally appropriates the Brazilian term for "ditch-water run-off" in her first name, Foz Meadows, shows us the A,B,C's of how to actually be a "foz." In her heart-rending response to Malzberg's and Resnick's plea for all men to rise up and kill all women, Fozzy mentions the two as being "two old white guys." A salient point if you happen to not like old white guys. There's nothing like a racist sexist complaining about sexism. In her corresponding piece at the shitty place called HuffPo, Fozzy gets angry that one of her detractors talks "'about sci-fi romance,' in a tone so condescendingly pejorative." Miss Brain-Not-Works is then an excellent exemplar of her literally being her own explanation for failure, and not two old white guys high-fiving each other over metallic bikinis for ladies wear. And in the worst of her fuck ups, this broad has the nerve to write this high-handed shit:

"So when you sit there, straight-faced, and tell me you couldn’t get into Novel X because the main character was a black female pirate and that’s so unrealistic, what you’re actually saying is, the only exceptional people I want to [sic] fantasise about are the ones who look like me. Because the thing is, if you’re making this argument in the first place? Then the chances are astronomically good that you’re either a straight white cisgendered male or someone who checks at least one of those boxes."


There's nothing like a sexist racist who hates sexist racists. Must make for some interesting afternoons alone on the couch writing pedantic essays about Buffy the Vampire Slayer and TRIGGER WARNING rape. Does Throaty Meadows not realize she has used "white" and "men" in a pejorative, or did her cisdad stand over her shoulder when she wrote about the old white fucks and not the second bit about SF romance? Or is she just a fucking idiot who can't make simple comparisons?

There's nothing quite so appealing as a dumb fuck ultra-social justice feminist who refers to herself as a "ciswoman," expresses a desire to choke one racist and calls another racist "brilliant," and all in one post. I would think that normally you'd have to hang out with a bunch of bi-polar heroin addicts under a freeway underpass to be privy to such entertainment.

I give Meadows' essays minus 1 1/2 Boomerangs for clownfuckery and unflinching bald-faced idiocy.

To show you how clown-shite political correctness makes these morons trip all over themselves, here's the end of Faucet Iguazu's ditch-water outpouring of spam in her Resnick-Malzberg piece:

"ETA: This post was originally titled Old Men Yelling At Clouds: SFWA Lunacy. I then changed that last word to idiocy, as it was pointed out to me that the use of lunacy was ableist; but as idiocy is also [sic] abelist, I’ve changed it to sexism."

And then I changed "c-i-l-l" to "k-i-l-l" and then from that to "grip your aggressor’s throat and squeeze," but not in this post, but in "I'm A Dumbshit, Part 2" and then I stared out a window and then I wondered why a cloud was staring back at me and if it was a ciscloud or racist and how it could see me without eyes.

I got a good doubleplusgood bellyfeel laugh out of that. hahahah. What a fuckin' dope. I mean, there's nothing like an anti-racist, anti-gender defamation queen who engages in racism and gender defamation while she trips over the semantic trip-wires she herself installed and forgot where the fuck they were and gets Claymored. Somewhere, Orwell's ghost is asking Foz, The Septic Faucet how much vacation time she gets at the Ministry of Cisdipshits and Retarded Ableisms. Apparently The Fawz never recovered from being kicked in the head by a ciskangaroo while hunting them with boomerangs.

As usual, the comments section for Fozzy Ditchwater Runoff is a laugh riot of "right on wit yo' doublethink" and other nuanced logic.

Hahhahahaahaahhahahahahhahahahahahahahah. YOU MUST CRUSH YOUR EMEMIES FOZ D'IQUAL!!!!

"...grip your aggressor’s throat and squeeze." 

Yes, well said Foz Meadows. Awesome fucking sauce. That's exactly what I mean. Show no mercy. Crush, kill, destroy. And then quick back onto your spaceship and medication.

If you ever wonder what it's like to be on medication cuz you're nuts, read this hotdog from Fosh on just one of her mindless posts:

"Imagine you’re picnicking at the beach, and you’ve made yourself a sandwich. All the ingredients are things you like, you’re meticulous in your assemblage, but despite all the time and care you took, the whole thing’s riddled with sand. But does that mean your lunch is ruined? Have you actually made a bad sandwich, or was its goodness simply compromised by proximity to a pervasive, gritty substance? In this metaphor, stories I want to like are the sandwich. The beach is our culture.

"The sand is white patriarchy. And man, does it get into everything."

Hahahahahah. Myself I thought sand was the planet Mars flying at me through my window. And then Baron Robot XXIII, who has a TV set for a head said... Never mind. What does it matter what Baron Robot XXIII said? Comic books can be so disappointing. Double that if they're reviewed by a fucking moron. Expectations are so high, comics are full of white mens' thoughts. Icky. Icky Baron Robot XXIII.

The justice league of race and gender; what a bunch of racist assholes.

Meanwhile, let's all pretend this doesn't exist and the women in the photos are debauched crazy morons. Who the fuck would you rather hang out with: bitter racist harpies who go nuts at a Red Sonja painting or... ?

In case you haven't grasped it by now, the chief weapons of the SFWA inquisition are blame, complaint and self-pity.



Like a fly on dung, the ever electric mentality of N.K. Jemisin and her coven of Twitter stupid turn the whole Bulletin-Gate into race at the drop of a hat while they do a satirical topsy-turvy version of colonialist white racist's Gilbert and Sullivan's "Three Little Dumbfuck Maids Are We." Malzberg and Resnick are white and men and that is the equivalent of a jury of their peers and guilty verdict. Sure, there was no racial element to the Bulletin affair, but when did that ever stop a crazy race-obsessed bonehead racial bigot?

Jemisin: multiple Hugo and SFWA Nebula nominee: "I can't help wondering what vested interest these exclusionary white guys have in trying to kill SFWA. Revenge, maybe? What's the goal?"

Marjorie Liu: N.Y. Times best-selling author: "@nkjemisin White male privilege cares ONLY about white male privilege, and there is no goal except maintaining that position of power."

Jemisin: "Well, that's the thing about sexists: they're not really afraid of being dominated, just of losing their own dominance."

Seanan McGuire: "cried a lot" after learning she'd "been shortlisted a record-breaking five times for this year's (2013) Hugo awards:" "@nkjemisin @marjoriemliu I know guys who truly believe that SF is 'theirs,' they created it, and the sooner we all fuck off, the better."

Gee, is McGuire talking about cultural appropriation?

Patrick Nielson Hayden: Hugo Award-winning SF editor: "@nkjemisin You get exactly the same thing in the writings of American slaveowners - a near-hysterical fear of losing primacy."

Hahahaha. Yeah, someone who's a dumbfuck enough to invoke slavery over nothing uses the term "near-hysterical." If these passages are not their own explanation then just give up. Here's my own translation if I was dumb enough to spend all my time thumb-tacking Twitter with my tongue hanging out of my mouth making racist remarks:

"White assholes. LOL. Plow-pullin' clod-hoppers."

"Yeah, fuck whites. hahahah. They remind me of icky worms like Morlocks with no arms."

And by the way: the sooner you all fuck off the better.

Keep in mind, Malzberg and Resnick uttered "lady." If Jemisin were a monster movie producer, she'd make movies where an all white male cast run from a normal-sized lady bug while calling in air-t0-ground missile strikes from a fleet of steampunk blimps manned by giant black women with 10 ft. long ninja swords and disdainful smiles. Somehow I think the tension would be lost. "Where's my motivation for running from a ladybug" one clueless white, straight, male, extra might say before he was fired for "male gaze." For these people, the term "anti-white" is a thing that is a literal impossibility. It has no meaning for them. You can be an anti-Semite, anti-woman, anti-black, anti-gay, but anti-white gets you glazed over looks and LOLs. In a sense, their sense, they are correct. They firmly believe N.K. Jemisin is not anti-white and if she's not, then I agree there is no such thing in the world, although I would think negative portrayals ranging from daily to weekly where whites come up short 100% of the time might offer these race-hunters a clue.

For all you young people out there, this is proof positive you shouldn't Tweet while bumming out on LSD when your sanity level and I.Q. are on the level of a donkey on loco-weed to start out with. Whatever these people are on it's some potent shit, although it is true white men are fuckers, especially if they're heterosexual - you can double their fuckery, women-hatred, and racism then. Anyway, don't worry that a bunch of stupid fucking bitter PC social justice racists in the SF&F community are mainstreaming hate-speech; that's impossible. Let's just pretend they were talking about spiders.

Even the Golden Horde of the Mongols did less harm than this locust infestation of brutal delusion and self-obsession. Just remember what famous nobody Amal El-Mohtar says: "It's really upsetting to realize how easily the bad behaviour of men can completely overshadow the relentless hard work of women."

Too true, too true. And the relentless whining and crying too.


Here's an example how deep in the Politically O' Correct poop-well previously mentioned Nebula award-winning Aliette de Bodard, the "aw shucks" female Vanilla Ice of SF&F is: That's right folks, it's "Presenting the Cultural Imperialism Bingo Card," soon to be the basis for all law on Earth. Let me claim my rights right here©™. Please somebody tell me where these people come from. Are there cylinders falling at Woking again? To no one's surprise, one of the co-authors is acrackedmoon from Requires Only That You Hate and also includes mentally whiplashed racialist feminist SF authors Kate Elliott and Rochita Loenen-Ruiz.

I pour sweet soy sauce on my stir-fry. I stole the secret of kecap manis from Indonesia and barely escaped with my life. What are you going to do about it? My recommendation for M. de Bodard is to change the name of her site to "Cherchez le Racist Blanc plus Cooking Tips."

De Bodard Tweeted about George R.R. Martin's quote in a June 2, 2013, Inside TV interview about his "Red Wedding" scene in "Game of Thrones." The quote de Bodard objects to is "you read that certain kind of fiction where the guy will always get the girl and the good guys win & it reaffirms to you that life is fair."

De Bodard's savvy analysis is "GoT--he means well, but it really exemplifies my problems with 'escapism': it's geared to white patriarchy)."

Oh, no, oh, my God, not those white people again. Is everything geared to them? Where's God when you need him? Is there some diabolical factory somewhere churning whites out? Why don't whites move to Mars? Imagine how much nicer Earth would be without white people. And without men. If the men-whites who move to Mars leave their technology so the wimmens can make the babies without the mens that would be like Eden plus all the peace and love that ever was and no animals would ever be killed again and everyone could chew on grass and hang out on the veldt and there'd be no pollution or environmental harm and justice would reign and no one would need clothes or buildings or ambition or war or hate and they probably wouldn't all be killed off by roaming hordes of mandrills led by an alpha patriarchy of pure violence.

Aside from the fact the de Bodard, as an SFWA-approved affirmative action darling writer, is exactly nobody from nowhere'sville compared to Martin, the goofy racial slant about an interview with Martin in which there is not a single reference to race is stunning. In fact, I don't even know what the fuck she means. The only clear aspect of de Bodard's comment is that once again whites suck. For the exact reason why you'll need to consult the post-colonial glossary of reasons whites are fuckers. Well, at least we know de Bodard will never have boy-meets-girl with a happy ending because that would be racial/cultural appropriation. I myself have seen many kung-fu movies and boy never gets girl and everyone dies and the evil people (men) win. Remember folks, happy endings are for honkies. Adjust your expectations to suit.

Don't be surprised if de Bodard sues herself for cultural appropriation in the name of the Aztec Empire. She wrote a series of novels about the magicky Aztec Empire before Cortes came and crapped all over the place. The characters talk just like Nancy Drew except they hang around Duality Houses and have names like Axhcidhfdfltelx and Qudfdulxxltl instead of flashlights, bobby sox and hanging out in malt shops. What Aztecy feminist land and Nancy Drew both have in common are sacrifice hops, witchcraft, illegal cultural appropriation and voodoo chants like this: "Hey, you remind me of a man." "What man?" "Man with the power." "What power?" "Power of hoodoo." "Hoodoo?" "You do." "Do what?" "Remind me of a man." "What man?"

I'm looking forward to the final novel in the series, "Nanxtl Drewpocaptetl and the Missing Empire."

No honky happy endings for de Bodard. The penultimate sentence of Vol. 1 is "I would neither have children, nor know the glory of warriors."

At the end of Vol. 3 a zombie-vampire Dorothy Parker anoints de Bodard the new swing queen of the Algonxtl Twitter Table and Nancy Drex's Fyunch (click) eats her.

In case you have any reality dysfunction about the high moral place race endows, Miss de Bodard writes in her Bio under FAQ, "it’s a sad but acknowledged fact that many non-Asians will not make a difference between Chinese culture and Vietnamese culture." You got that? It's "acknowledged" - by scientists maybe. I could've told her that without a scientific survey: it's because non-Asians are ignorant and stupid. That's "acknowledged" too. Is that like a Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval? And we don't have maps. Hahahah. Arrogance thy name is... whatever. Fuck it.

Vietnam and China are different places? What th....? No!!! Noooooooooooo!!!!! It's not true! That's Skull and Bones Freemason Illuminati psy-ops right there. I WILL not acknowledge THAT!!!! WILL not. MUST not!!!. How in the hell did we know where to drop those A-Bombs? Read this Tweet by this supercilious moron:

"Aliette de Bodard ‏@aliettedb 21 Dec Jesus. The woman right behind me just asked whether there was bo bun. In a Yunnanese restaurant. #ChinaNotVietnam"

Sacre bleau and zoot alors!!! NOT BO BUN!!! IN A FUCKING YUNNANESE RESTAURANT?!?! How could a Frenchman ever make that bonehead move? Doesn't he know China's not Vietnam - and vice versa? I've never even heard of bo bun. And what the fuck's a "yunnanese?" If I was there I probably would've asked if fortune cookie pate is on the boil today. If anyone smirked at me I'd order a diet Fresca and a bacon bits Philadelphia burger.

At least we're not stupid enough to make a mural with Hitler next to Capt. America at a college and Nazi Cafes. Oh, I know, Thailand and Indonesia are not Vietnam but you said non-Asians and I took that to mean compared to Asians and plus what the fuck do I know anyway cuz it's all the same shit to mapless non-Asians. At least I know who the fuck Hitler was.

Here's a list of Miss Bodard's self-described "rant"(s). Good thing they're not about race and she's declared herself an anti-racist or I may have become confused by the racially supremacist moralizing where ethnic European men ( all lumped together as the whites) mysteriously come up as spiritless, ignorant and immoral post-colonialist animals about 100% of the time.

What a stinking racist I am and pretty much everyone born before de Bodard is reinforced again and again in her writing. Here on Twitter she links to an article that has "Interesting thoughts on superhero movies vs time period in which they are filmed."

In her next Twitter comment she writes:

"(I would add that a lot of those movies are deeply problematic because of their blatant imperialist and racist content)" 

You know why that is M. de Bodard? It's cuz whites are fucking racist assholes. How could they not be? They're WHITE! Bless your pure soul and whatever dictionary you use that can't figure out what the fuck "racist content" means.

Here's an unconscious doozy of a Tweet from de Bodard:

"Aliette de Bodard ‏@aliettedb 7 Aug @BeritEllingsen lovecraft's fiction is clearly rooted in a maniacal fear of other races and miscegenation :(" 

Given de Bodard's holier-than-thou attitude which lets her own guard drop, and the subject of so much of her non-fiction as well as some of her fiction, I could make the same claim about de Bodard herself. I mean, who the fuck's forcing de Bodard to write about white folks and the West like they're the fucking Black Death? In de Bodard's world, whites are Lovecraft's swarthy dockside Malays.


De Bodard Tweets this pablum:

"@CarrieCuinn lists 94 Asian SFF writers"

Then the idiot below that Tweets:

"@aliettedb @CarrieCuinn Excellent list, Carrie! Lots of reading suggestions there! Great work!"

That's the sort of thing I'd expect to hear from David Duke, not people engaged in anti-racism. "Hey, way to racially patronize people while complaining about women writers being segregated on Wikipedia." 

Do these people have any idea how much they sound like Nazis? Whaddya mean "great work?" How can they tell? You mean great skin? WTF? And these are the people who'd spit in faces - and rightly so - if anyone put up a list of white SFF writers. What assholes these people are.

Then the dumb cluck at the link says she wants to read "more non-white American authors." Aren't these the melting popsicles who were whining cuz Malzberg and Resnick referred to a lady editor as a lady and her looks and what did that have to do with her editing capabilities? Okay, so, well, what the fuck does skin have to do with writing ability, or gender? Duhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

If I was on this list I'd say, "Hey, lady, don't do me any favors or come 'round to measure my fucking head either." The funny thing is reading the way SFWA member (surprise trigger warning there) and teetotaler Carrie Cuinn, tells us the one-drop method she used to make the list. No blood tests by Cuinn. A surprise, since many people have literature in their blood according to her.

It sounds a lot like how Jews were talked about by naughty people in Nazi Germany, except teetotaler Cuinn uses flowers and kind words to separate people out. These people are absolutely fucking clueless. They are once again confusing an accidental demographic within a cultural interest with purposefully impinging race and even racial conspiracies on it. Chinese literature is Chinese cuz there's a lot of Chinese. The NBA is 80% black cuz of... who gives a fuck? The point is it's not done on purpose and I don't plan on posting bullshit on a blog asking to list the highest white NBA scorers. I WANT TO WATCH MORE NON-BLACK THREE POINT SHOOTERS BECAUSE I AM FIGHTING RACISM!

Didn't the Fifth Army Air Force once drop bombs on Europeans who got carried away with how interesting things like racial literature are? And these are SF writers, part of whose art is to extrapolate shit out into the future. Well, assholes, tell me how this story about institutionalizing racial literature ends. A sad and dreary road is where. Literature by race; ain't that a fucking doozy. Fascinating, I'm sure. Even better, literature by race about race. Keen.

Unsurprisingly, being an idiot and begging for money on the internet seem to go hand-in-hand. "Help," says Carrie. Accept only non-white money says I. Diversity don't you know. Be inclusive, and exclusive, or whatever the fuck it is you're doing.

At its heart, this is a sickness, especially when one of the people linked to in Cuinn's comments section is Jaymee Goh, as ferociously anti-white as anyone in the SF&F community. Goh once referred to white people as "sourdough-faced" on Twitter and never shuts up about America as white supremacist, even though she lives in America, and is not an American citizen but Malaysian. What names does Goh have for black folks? Or Asians, or are they immune? An ESPN reporter was fired for using the phrase "chink in the armor" in association with Asian NBA player Jeremy Lin. Do you think Goh will ever face the same type of censure from Cuinn or within the racialist SF&F community or SFWA? Keep fucking dreaming.

It's no surprise that at the same time people were Tweeting Cuinn's article, she Tweeted in regard to the then current dust up between N.K. Jemisin and Theodore Beale:

"Calling for civil discourse but ignores the wrongs we're speaking against? Then it's just another white guy saying 'Settle down, you.'" 

Well, when you use the word "white" like that, aside from 12 million other times SFWA members do, I'm not saying "settle down, you," I'm saying "fuck you." Go buy a principle; one unattached to race as deciding right and wrong, but instead using right and wrong to decide right and wrong. And fuck your racial list of authors. You're advancing the cause of David Duke, not Martin Luther King. You got a problem with whites, fuck you. You got a problem with blacks, fuck you. You got a problem with Jews, fuck you. In short, fuck you. If I said something along the lines of "just another black guy," these are the very people who'd be screaming bloody murder about racism. Stop separating people into such groups on the pathetic excuse people you can never identify with actual names - coincidentally only race and gender - are making you do it.

Carrie Cuinn: goose-gander is the riddle of the Sphinx. And this is the response of one of Cuinn's commenters when she found the above take down:

"Ah, the good old colorblind attitude, typically upheld by well-meaning white men. Racism can’t exist if we’re oblivious to color! Kind of like how cancer can’t exist if those damned doctors would stop trying to scan us. Despite hundreds of years of culture and history, once ignored society will just naturally default into a state of equality."

Once again, they "know" I'm white. How? Typical race-naut and racist wonderland circular logic. Too bad they don't have any names to go along with this racism, just a skin color, and it's only ever one skin color, and gender. Otherwise the world is full of innocent Bambis. Even with a blueprint these people remain clueless and will until the sun passes out. Guess what asshole, I'm not "white," I'm a fucking human being. Try it on for size sometime. And then furnish me with proof I actually am white. Oh, you can tell just by the writing? Well, then I guess Cuinn's one-drop reading lists do make sense after all. And guess what else: SFF is not the investigative arm of the Dept. of Justice. And unlike these morons, I actually do live with what this PC KKK call "people of color," or "non-whites." They don't, yet never stop yapping about such shit. And hey, what happened to Requires Only That You Hate's "performance rage?" Don't I qualify? Hahahahahah. These people are addicted to this shit, and they'll never stop. They'll make up bizarre theories about "intersectionality" and "privilege." And where in the world is actual SFF literature in all of this, let alone fun? Well, in the eyes of a racialist, and literature by skin, where is the real world to such people? They see only themselves and the provincial moral high ground they cling to like a baby clings to a breast.

Cuinn tries to justify her obvious sexist/racism in this later post called "Dear (Jackass) Just because I’m a woman, don’t assume I’m talking about women all the damn time." Well, we know that, cuz it sure as hell ain't women you take out behind the shed and beat with a stick. Women are pure innocents.

Once again this clueless woman undoes her entire post by mentioning "a time when SF writers hid their racism by attributing negative stereotypes to aliens instead of non-whites." Wow. Really? What writers were those? All of them, for all of SF's history, ending only with the just and righteous arrival of idiots who look exactly like you? The fact is Cuinn can't back up that racist statement in any way, shape or form. It's simply racial profiling, the very thing Cuinn claims to be against. The real fact is that Cuinn knows those SF writers were racists simply because of the fact they were white, and men, and that is the long and short of it. And the idea, as logic, is hideously stupid to begin with. Did these white SF male writers all titter as they made fun of colored people as aliens? You have to be both a friggin' moron AND a racial bigot to believe such a stupid myth. Add into this the smug attitude of intellectual superiority from a person who is essentially an idiot and one can see SFF is in real trouble.

My own opinion supports the idea the people like Cuinn are far more racist and sexist than any group of SFF writers from the past she can document, and also that they were far smarter than Cuinn, who is now happy she is a nobody secretary after failing as an editor and writer to even come close to making a living. That sure makes Heinlein and Asimov and Vance look dumb. Even SFF's arguably worst racialist bigot, H.P Lovecraft, didn't write as often or as much about denigrating races as does Cuinn and her cohorts at the justice league of race and gender. The truth is that if you took the race and gender toy from these folks, they wouldn't know what the hell to do with themselves; they sure as hell can't write. However they are pros when it comes to blame, complaint, and indulging in self-pity and insane conspiracy theories that everyone has it in for them. My advice is to seek help.

Cuinn is too stupid to realize that she is making an argument that non-whites are different from whites, and that you can smell it right through literature. Her stupid racial lists make no cultural or national distinctions, therefore arguing that Asians, Latinos, and black folks share racial characteristics. That's only about 28 kabillion people. Positive racial profiling is as stupid and dangerous as negative profiling. If I'm wrong about Cuinn, just show me one time, just one fucking time, where she separates out humans into men or whites and says something positive. Good luck finding that quote. You'll find negative quotes about men and whites, and enduringly positive quotes about women, gays and PoC, and nothing else. If that FACT doesn't show you what's really going on here, nothing will.

Unless it's this typical Twitter remark by SFF racialist cult member "Daffy" MacFarlane which applies a "special" status by making the target wear a fucking star sewn into their clothing:

"Alex D MacFarlane ‏@foxvertebrae 31 Aug @kazmahoney I suspect the ability to push boundaries and not cause hurt requires the pusher to not be a middle class white straight man. 31 Aug 13"

How's that different from someone saying "I suspect the ability to reason and apply logic requires not being a black lesbian?"

My own version might be "I suspect the ability to not be a doofus fucking ignorant asshole who gets all their 'experience' off the internet depends on not sitting on fucking Twitter all day making boring pronouncements about your anger/wisdom."

To give you an idea of how hyperextended Cuinn's racism detector is, how goofy she is, and by extension this whole justice league of race and gender, check out this bit of stupidity wherein Cuinn gets in a huff over exactly nothing. Some nobody SF writer named Michael Hayes writes a short story called "An Alien Named Tim" that Cuinn reviews and she takes umbrage over this:

"We weren't armed; the trade routes had been peaceful for decades. The biggest risk to cargo haulers was catching something from one of the alien women at the waystations. A raygun wasn't much good against that sort of trouble."

Yeah, that's pretty racist. I didn't really see it but fortunately we have da wimmens code breakers for just this sort of thing. Men management is a full-time job.

 Cuinn and the author have a Twitter exchange, of which this is a part:

"@CarrieCuinn 12h @mohio73 It was the specific trope of "alien space hookers"/the racism of classic examples; your "look I've learned" statement ignores that."

 So, the author totally caves on his own blog and Cuinn, scanning all time and space and the internetz for the failings of da whites mens, master of all morality down to the last insignificant dust mote, even if it's racism against non-existent aliens, is still not happy. Do I even have to suggest if the author had been a black woman nothing would've been said? Of course the mental mob of mistake-hunters assumes a black woman would never lack that intersectional, examined privileged, cisgendered, immoral what ever the fuck it is they're always going on and whining about.


Parting Twitter from Carrie Cuinn about some other stupid thing about white men:

"Man of Steel movie: because you can't have too many Western Imperialist white dudes from space."

Too true, Carrie, too true. Colonialist super-asshats from whitey Krypton. Should've been someone with a carcass capable of possessing actual nobility. White a-holes. SUPERMAN I AM SO ANGRY ABOUT YOU!!!!!!

I can't even imagine writing a constant stream of something like that about black folks or Latinos or Arabs where their skin is firmly tied to immorality. Read her Twitter stream for yourself; it's self-explanatory about where her head's at and full of doxy morality. Cuinn would save herself a lot of time and trouble simply copying and pasting "white men bad, everyone else good."

Unsurprisingly, Cuinn dotes on SFF author N.K. Jemisin's speech which lit up the entire continent of Australia as being chock full of dangerous white racists who are somehow connected to "Yankee Go Home" loudspeaker trucks in Japan.

I have no sympathy for Cuinn's feelings; no more than I would for some clueless dipshit member of the KKK or a neo-Nazi. The fact Cuinn doesn't realize she occupies the same intellectual and philosophical space is her problem, not mine. She has explanations and excuses for her non-racism; so do all non-racists. If you want to light up an entire race and gender as endemically immoral along with the complex theories to go along with it, knock yourself out. I know who that sounds like and it ain't me. Of course in Bizarro Superman land that makes me a white supremacist, and our Constitution and system of laws too. Damn fairness. Damn it all to hell. And the mens; don't get me started.


If I have in any way given the impression that Cuinn is a monomaniacal man-hating weirdo with overblown near pathological feelings of pedantic paranoia and persecution combined with a desperate need to seize the moral high ground from any and all comers then I apologize, as that was never my intention. In fact this is just satire and I actually agree with Cuinn in all respects and it's all in good fun 'n' shit and really it's probably just me and I have a few screws loose. And that's true of this entire series of essays, ha ha. For I too think white men are nothing more than untamed colonialist shambling apes good for little more than pulling up clods from fields and then pulling a plow through said fields. White people, without a leavening of diversity, are little more than a "Lord of the Flies" waiting to happen. Generally speaking, non-whites and the wimmens don't need diversity if they are demographically over represented, cuz they're not shits.


To give you more funny fun ideas of how delusional this bizarre crowd is, look at how they respond on Twitter to an innocent guy getting run over in broad daylight in London on May 22, 2013, and then being chopped up with knives. Way to go on shoddy reporting... they sez. Contrast this with their hyper-wailing over Trayvon Martin and then call a vet.

Isn't that cute: our race-nauts feel put out cuz non-white Muslim murderers are accurately described as non-white Muslim murderers. Forget the guy who died. And these are the people who set off on racialist and ranty anger posts about how mixed-race people are depicted in fiction. Just don't annoy them with real and actual Islamic terrorists cuz there is no such thing, and if there were, it'd be my imperialist fault anyway.

This is a culture of people who consider a hideous terror attack and hate crime by two black Muslims (empowered and justified by the SF&F community's own non-stop ethnic hate-speech by the way) as a further expression of white racial oppression whose reporting makes them feel "frustrated."

Do I even have to mention the reaction of these goofy racialists if the skin color of the criminals and victim had been reversed?

In turn, this same community reacted to the series of essays you're now reading in a way that compared me to the Unabomber, a terrorist and a murderer, and portrayed my pointing out the double standards about race and gender in the SF&F community as resulting from my own racism and racial paranoia, itself based on their automatic presumption of my skin color, since that is the place wherein all morality resides for this truly sorry group of people. In another turn, actual terrorists are portrayed as "justice."

Some months later, during the Islamic terrorist attack on a mall in Nairobi, Kenya in Sept. 2013 in which a few score people were murdered, the justice league of race and gender gave over fucking crickets; the criminals were of the wrong race and religion and so became literally invisible. The usual morons who are waiting for the great right-wing white Christian hope of killers swallowed their Twitter feeds; de Bodard, Saladin Ahmed, N.K. Jemisin, Amal El-Mohtar, all the rest- these jerks had nothing to say. Fuck them. With these assholes, not only nobility, but compassion itself, is a strictly segregated affair. They need some "real" criminals, white ones, and some "real" victims, colored ones.

We're talking about a gulf of delusion based on race that is so wide I scarce know how to quantify it. This is a world of heightened and almost unimaginable racial bigotry made all the more stark and insane by the fact it is put forward as anti-racism and justice.

On her blog, de Bodard, 9 months before, starts off a post by writing "Warning: this is me in ranty, pissed-off mood." And what's the panic? Why, our old friend cultural appropriation got a few historical facts wrong about China in a story. Gaaaaaaaaah!!! Don't look for de Bodard to write anything "ranty" or mourn a hideously murdered colonialist chopped to pieces; wrong morality in his skin. These are the morons who constantly go on about "othering" but whose reaction to a brutal murder is to feel annoyed, frustrated, and put out by the reportage, as if the dead guy was a bottle that broke and no one cleaned up.

I also like how de Bodard starts talking about some dumbfuck Sherlock Holmes TV show I never heard of and has a footnote to the post that says "[1] I won’t get into how much everyone is lily-White, but that was also a significant problem in that particular episode."

Oh, too late - you just did get into "how much everyone is lily-White." "White" and "problem" in de Bodard's world go together like Holmes and Watson, or "stir" and "fry." Sherlock Stir and Dr. Fry; hey, I think I smell a racist TV show coming on, people. "Stir and Fry and the Mystery of the Missing Fortune Cookie."

And speaking of the overly white lilies, here's another example of what severe retardation plus resentful bigotry buys you, cuz you have to have a screw loose to write such shit about an X-Men movie:

"Aliette de Bodard ‏@aliettedb 4h @schafecast oh, definitely. My (sarcastic) conclusion was that the "bad" guys got all the POCs & most women; good guys kept lily-white ppl" 

My, those whites sure get around, and they get all the good stuff. Probably from the the Privilege of Whites catalogue which is full of toasters, garages, other white women, Lily of the Valley pancake make up, whitening cream, rubber bands, sofas and other elite shit like books about staying out of the sun. Don't anyone tell de Bodard about Chinese movies which have TRIGGER WARNING all Chinese casts, although they might be Vietnamese according to de Bodard's fact-checking of my map reading abilities. Chinese actors pretty much dominate through a system of evil alliances, feng schwing or whatever the fuck that is, and TRIGGER WARNING black-balling every other race of people known to mankind.


Here's my edited version of just one paragraph in this post by de Bodard to compare words and the reaction: "horrified," "Western models," "clearer skin," "freak show," "complexion," "White domination," "white skin," "scary," "scary," "whitening cream," "blond or brunette," "vapid stretched-out stick insects."

Now I know why ghosts are white. SCARY! S-K-I-N L-I-G-H-T-E-N-I-N-G C-R-E-A-M. WHOOOOOOOOoooooooooaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!!!!


Twist this type of weird and obsessive rhetoric of de Bodard's around however you wish to - it is hate speech. She claims people attack her by virtue of her identity but can oddly find no people who actually do that; it's just the world and dey don hab no maps.

What's hilarious about that post is this quote: "Le Guide du Routard, meanwhile, was a monument of colonialist fail. And I don’t use the word lightly." WTF? She has the word "colonialist" tattooed on her fucking tongue.


De Bodard has appointed herself as kookaburra guardian between the ignorance of white people and all things Asian. In this Twitter thread, de Bodard and her co-fucks seem to be trying to set new records for their smug and laughing disdain about everyone unlucky enough to not be de Bodard and her co-fucks. Yes, once again the topic is whitey stupidshit writing about noble spiritual non-whites and always getting it wrong, cuz whites are the Laurel and Hardy of planet Earth.

The racial hub-hub is about this article on stuffing your dead cat and using its asshole as an electric pencil sharpener. Not really, but it should be. No, sadly it's about "Diversity In Writing." Anyway, read it, enjoy not being them, and then formally thank God you're not them, or burn joss sticks or something diabolical like that if you worship 18 gods and eat with your fingers.

In the post, Ellen Oh writes:

"If you are a female, then you know that male privilege is very real. Take what you understand as male privilege and make a correlation to white privilege and you will see what I mean." 

Actually it doesn't - it makes me think you're a racist sexist asshole with a block of conformist cement for a head.

One TwitterShit aptly named Clutterbin Tweets:

"Clutterbin ‏@clutterbin 3h @aliettedb Yes. And you must understand that you have an ethical responsibility to that milieu. 17 Aug 13" 

Actually, guess what Clusterfuck, I'll write any way I want and you and your sect of arrogant racialist heathens don't got jack shit to say about it. In fact, reading this "mommy-says-so" crap from you morons makes me want to make a character talking all stimpunky pigeon talk and with cross eyes behind glasses as thick as her skull and giant fucking teeth and being the mastermind in "Seven Footprints to Satan," or Misses inscrutable fucking Moto. How's that for a character in my next novel titled: "Dr. Oh: Global Menace?" The story is about a race that uses "an ingenious system allowing it to dominate most of the planet. (Diabolical… but ingenious.)"

Oh, sorry. That quote in italics is from anti-racist N.K. Jemisin's racist post the day before about white people.

What I want to know is, who the fuck do you people think you are saying this shit to a single person in this world? And what's with all the "they," "them," and "their?" Is that the "diabolical... but ingenious" dudes?

De Bodard Tweets:

"Aliette de Bodard ‏@aliettedb 2h I have lost count of how many ppl 'research' and still end up perpetuating horrible stereotypes and/or falsehoods and/or exoticising 17 Aug 13" 

Great. You'd think you'd have some fucking names for us then, instead of "they." Make a case lady, and don't go all Aztecky malt-shop on us. And I'm not sure but goofball theories like white privilege and even Harry Potter being colonialist would probably qualify for perpetuating stereotypes.


Here's an example of how what appears to be an appeal to justice and sympathy itself becomes the problem it claims to want to solve and to fight against. It's a post by an SF&F writer named Delilah S. Dawson called "On Sexism in Publishing, or Why I'm Writing this Now Instead of Two Days Ago." It is a response to the SFWA Malzberg-Resnick Bulletin fiasco.

However much I am sympathetic to the Ms. Dawson's story, it fades swiftly as Dawson takes a handful of bad people spread out over years, and not only separates their morality out by gender, but smears it onto the entirety of what she sees as "'old white men.'" For Ms. Dawson to write an article that is essentially about fair play at the same time she stabs the concept in the eye, while adding a racial component onto the entire matter that she gives no evidence for in her story, elicits not only no sympathy for me, but mocking condemnation. In the blink of a fucking eye, 100 million human beings are singled out for eternal damnation as sexist for the crime of their gender and skin, based on the conduct of a few people they never knew. For those of you who are brain dead, Dawson does exactly what she claims it is wrong to do, and is predictably celebrated in 54 comments by people who are in fact tone deaf when it comes to a true and real concept of justice and fair play. The only people responsible for what happened to Dawson are those people. Set up a law system that way and, according to Dawson and her commenters, I'd be fucking roused out of bed by vigilantes and asked some pointed questions as to why I was A.) White, and B.) A Man.

One commenter even writes: "As a male it makes me so angry to hear about men who treat women like that. It makes me feel embarrassed and ashamed of my half of the population."

Speak for yourself, pal; I wasn't in on any of that shit and I'm not being taken down for it. CALL THE FUCKING COPS! But only the female ones, otherwise you're fucked.

The comments have the usual "Old White Guys club," "old white guys," "old white men." These people wouldn't in 10,000 years dare use the word "black" or "Jew" in such a fashion but guess what: in principle, they are. That's why they can go fuck themselves.

Meanwhile, there appears to be no police in whatever part of the world this happened in. It might have been Borneo.


In every single instance of visiting the site of a ferocious anti-racist, race-naut, changing only a few words around provides a spot-on impression of a white supremacist site. I myself now blithely take it for granted that the phrase "anti-racist" is synonymous with "racist." And that's using their own standards, not mine, which is the entire point of these essays. The fact such people are actually getting published shows to what extent the SF&F genre has fallen into an incompetent political free-for-all where concepts of "good" and "bad" writing are based on everything but good and bad writing. I'm sure the first Nebula Award for Best Novel written by a homeless transgendered and therefore noble and talented person is just around the corner.

The only thing I know about these people is that if we were ever at a party and I uttered the beastly faux pas "oriental" rather than "Asian," they'd instantly broaden that out to me cheering on the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima and all of colonialism that ever was, cuz they're fun like that and white people like bombing the shit out of places and don't know what the fuck a border is, or maps, and that Bali is part of China, and so is Tahiti and the colonized Shaw Brothers unwittingly made movies that are racist cuz they have stereotypes of Asian folks bouncing around like ten pins doing kung fu, eating betel nut and never using forks and writing with giant paint brushes.

The bar for what constitutes racism by these missionary racialists is set so low for others that one can scarce escape being a racist in their eyes. I would say that bar is as tough to escape from as black holes but that would be racist and racist. And Angel Food Cake too. And, oh yeah... sheep too. And don't forget this. The bar racialists set for themselves is so high they themselves can never be seen as racists, which explains why and how they can so prominently indulge in racial bigotry and escape clean away.


Here's a more compact view of the stupid in SF&F when it comes to their moronic and one-sided views of history's only colonialism - namely white - and therefore the only bad one. It's touchingly called "MIND MELD: How to Write Science Fiction on a Post-Colonial World?" If I had a nickel for every brain cell these people didn't have I'd own the universe. I linked to this article in Part 3 but it's so sadly retarded I thought I'd mention it again. I should've put in a TRIGGER WARNING for the ableism for using "retarded" but I didn't. That's because I think TRIGGER WARNINGS are lame. Oops! Heh-heh. Sorry.

Progressive racialists constantly invoke history in a way that shows they in fact don't know jack shit about history.

"Colonialism" is a word. It is an event. There is no racial connotation inherent in the term; until politically correct racialists get a hold of it, or any word if you think about it. That is the sure way to know the difference between a bigot and an observer. In fact colonialism is a thing that was indulged in by so many groups in history one could scarce list them all. You'll never learn that fact from the justice league of race and gender. Disliking colonialism simply because you hyper-identify with a group that succumbed to it isn't an expression of justice but merely the other side of a racist coin.

That is evident by the silence from our racialists about successful examples of colonialism racialists have taken under their wing as racially doe-eyed innocents. Even Wikipedia cuts off the history of colonialism at the knees so that only Europeans are portrayed as indulging in it. People who themselves indulge in this propaganda are not only racial bigots but demonstrably ignorant morons, since history is not the secret they would like it to be. As usual, one of the all-time greatest success stories when it comes to colonialism, which is Islam, is simply not spoken about, let alone chided and criticized.

Read this Wikipedia entry titled "Colonialism." It doesn't say "Modern Colonialism," but "Colonialism. It starts off well with this definition and then ignores itself:

"Colonialism is the establishment, exploitation, maintenance, acquisition and expansion of colonies in one territory by people from another territory. It is a set of unequal relationships between the colonial power and the colony and between the colonists and the indigenous population. "

The entry then goes on to talk almost exclusively about modern European colonialism, which they define as starting around 1500, though the Turks and Mughals would colonize the Balkans, Egypt and India for the next 200 years among other places. Remarkably and predictably, Islam is simply not mentioned at all. This is called "lying."

At the top of this page of bullshit it says "For examples of colonialism that do not refer to modern Western colonialism beginning in the 1500s, see Colony and Colonization." But under "Colony," no Islam. Under "Colonization," surprise, no Islam. They got Greeks, they got Romans. In one almost unbelievable sentence they write "The Vikings of Scandinavia also carried out a large-scale colonization." Who in the name of seventeen and a half hells wrote this complete bullshit? There is not ONE FUCKING WORD about one of the most successful colonialist endeavors of all time. NOT - ONE - WORD. The Arabization and Islamization that reaches across a thousand years and more from the Easternmost point of Indonesia to the Westernmost point of Africa is a non-event. It sure as hell is a non-event in the eyes of the Justice League of Race and Gender. If what I just wrote isn't an eye-opener to the racial apologists hanging all over America, then you don't have any eyes.

Now, throw the completely exaggerated Christian Crusades onto a non-event and it's no surprise where the historically challenged PC-nauts come up with all their bullshit about colonialism and the terror of the Crusades that supposedly reaches into the Middle East with generational fears and resentments to the present day, though it was relatively transitory and almost entirely restricted to a small strip of coast from Antioch, in Turkey to Damietta in Egypt amidst a massive sea of land Muslims colonized themselves as well as a reaction to those same Muslims trying to do the same to Europe for 350 years at that point.

The PC version of the Crusades is a lie constructed of a lie on top of a lie. It is not only a perfect example of how bullshit and hate speech can be mainstreamed but who is doing it. It is a version of history as real as that which Santa Claus lives in. This is history racialized and killed, and the same thing will happen to science fiction. Hell, it already is, and for the exact same reasons drawn from the exact same well of exaggeration and lies and distributing morality by race and gender not to mention smearing race onto actual historical events/non-events. It is no coincidence how often you see race and colonialism mentioned in the SF community, nor any doubt as to why it is a slice of pure racist bullshit.

Throw this over onto the history of America itself and you'll see a similar pattern of lying and willful ignorance spread along racial lines. No one should deny awful things happened to people in America's history, but one should indulge in neither soft soaping such events or exaggerating them. Exaggeration is the well SF's racialists drink from and from which they draw their imperatives and political "principles," if I may laughingly call them that, since it is nothing more than racial and gender bigotry dressed up as justice. In all the hand-wringing I've heard from the SF crowd about America's terrible past, I have never once heard them mention the Northwest Ordinance. It is another non-event shoved down the memory ho' along with non-Western colonialism.

The reason you see so much interest in post-colonialism from the exact same community within SF&F that practices racial hate speech is that post-colonial studies have themselves become nothing more than a rhetorical flail to attack people by race. If post-colonialism was legitimate, it would offer context and proportion and let facts, dates and events take it where it will; it does not do that.

For example, you will find no interest within this so-called academic community in the act and after effects of the colonization of the Spanish peninsula by Arab and Arabized Caliphates over 800 years. You will find no interest in the Arabization, Islamization and destruction of Persian culture, which even the famous 10th and 11th century Islamic scholar Al Biruni attests to. Iran was never colonized by the West and yet it is spoken of as if it was. You will find no interest in the Ottoman colonization of the Balkans over a period lasting from the 14th century up to the early 20th century. You will find no acknowledgment that the West returned Ottoman conquests that had lasted 3 centuries back into the control of regional cultural groups after only a few years.

What you will find interest in is the the intersection of "orientalism" and Victorian European colonialism that never happened in places like Syria, Saudi Arabia and Jordan. And what little that did happen is transitory and miniscule compared to what happened the other way around. In fact, England and the rest of Europe didn't even get around to colonialism until a 1500-1600 timeframe, and that's the mostly the Americas. That gave them one thousand years to catch up to Islam. That never happened. Outside America English colonialism lasts about 150 years in India (less than the Islamic Mughals) and less in other places. What's 800 years in Spain and over 1,400 around the Mediterranean and the Middle East compared to that?

That type of purposeful cherry-picking of history reveals the true agenda, which once again is, ironically, the exact opposite of what these phony academics purport to be their goal, namely, the condemnation of the West's attribution of morality by race. Indulging in what you state you are against is something only morons and racists hiding behind academia do.

It's simply laughable for racialist voices within the SF&F community like Malaysian national Jaymee Goh, (no relation to Dr. No) who I speak about later, to complain about the Western colonization of an already culturally Arabized and Islamized Malaysia which continues to this day. Trust me, you will only hear one side of that history from the PC colonialists, who choose to make no real distinctions between cultural imperialism and military.

And lest there be some confusion, let me tell you exactly how I know the clod-pulling politically correct racists within the SFF community are a straight up liars trying to hide their racial and gender animus behind concepts of "justice."

For example, the SFF justice league of race and gender pretend to be against colonialism - in fact they never fucking shut up about it. The perceptually crippled Edward Said in his childish book "Orientalism," mentions "As anticolonialism sweeps and indeed unifies the entire Oriental world..." If that were true, Arabized Islam would then be kicked out of the region, because it is a colonial project that makes the Crusades, Napoleon, and the French and British in that region (or India and Africa) look like pikers.

SFF's race-nauts claim a love for the "indigenous," and yet Christianity was peacefully introduced into what is today the West Bank and Israel and is indigenous to the area. The Christians in the middle east for centuries and today are a captive population discriminated against - second class citizens. For example, no Christian can, by law, be the President of Egypt. The idea a Christian would ever be the head of a Palestinian state is laughable, and yet they invoke law as if it matters.

Islam in that region, on the other hand, and the Arabic language, was force-fed by military conquest. Do you hear any PC shits in the SFF community bleating about THAT indigenous religion and culture or THAT colonialism? No. This sad form of lying is why you see so many circular and self-sealing forms of rhetoric and argument by the justice league of race and gender. Basically they have perfected semantics wherein their opponents can never be right.

That Middle Eastern example is how we know for a fact that topics like "indigenous" and "colonialism" are a smoke-screen and platform for anti-white sentiment and hate-speech created by non-white activists on the political Left and adopted by naive PC sheep and useful tarts as orthodoxy - our race-based political correctness. Extrapolate that mechanism and paradigm throughout this essay; you'll find it matches. We are talking about simple identity hatred, bias, prejudice and bigotry by people who consider the act impossible among themselves while seeing those same things all about them present in their imaginary enemies. But all things being equal, surely the race-nauts must have their share of naked hatred for men, heterosexuals and whites themselves. In fact they surely do.

While our racialists bleat about topics like "ethnic cleansing," they are fully on board and even celebrate the whittling down of the white demographic in America, whether in the nation as a whole or a SFF convention or literary anthology. They make no secret about who the racially honorable and noble new kids on the block are due to 90% of new immigrants coming from the Third World in the last few decades. Anything too white, too male and too heterosexual is an automatic suspect for what is seen as de facto racism, sexism and homophobia. Anything too female, gay and non-white is party-time, and they're going to party like it's 1929.


No surprise Aliette de Bodard is around to write the preface ("Harry Potter" as "cultural imperialism" - BINGO!) when you see something like this, which once again mangles history's naughty people into a whites-only affair. It's an anthology with the unintended ironic title of "We See a Different Frontier," and subtitled on the site, " A Postcolonial Speculative Fiction Anthology" Here's more info:

"Edited by Fabio Fernandes and Djibril al-Ayad
Stories by Joyce Chng, Ernest Hogan, Rahul Kanakia, Rochita Loenen-Ruiz, Sandra McDonald, Silvia Moreno-Garcia, Gabriel Murray, Shweta Narayan, Dinesh Rao, N.A. Ratnayake, Sofia Samatar, Benjanun Sriduangkaew, Lavie Tidhar and J.Y. Yang
Cover art by Carmen Moran
Guest preface by Aliette de Bodard
Critical afterword by Ekaterina Sedia"

If you're unfamiliar with the names, you shouldn't be. Some of them are the worst politically correct anti-white, anti-straight, anti-male, anti-American, anti-Western serial racialist complainers in the SFF community. If you doubt that, here's the blurb promoting the contents:

"This anthology of speculative fiction stories on the themes of colonialism and cultural imperialism focuses on the viewpoints of the colonized. Sixteen authors share their experiences of being the silent voices in history and on the wrong side of the final frontier; their fantasies of a reality in which straight, cis, able-bodied, rich, anglophone, white males don’t get to tell us how they won every war; their revenge against the alien oppressor settling their 'new world'."

They could've just named it "Fuck You Cis-Whitey."

All I can say is, unbelievable. Whoever wrote that is sick in their heart and their mind - sick with hate. Change only a few words around and that could've emerged from a Nuremberg rally in 1933. "Silent voices" that never shut up for one minute about the shortcomings of the straight, white, male. How any human being could parse this as anything but straight up racial profiling, animus, defamation, hate-speech, stereotyping, racism and bigotry is beyond me to comprehend. Give them a few more awards, interviews, guest-blogs at webzines and seats at SF convention panels. That'll discourage them.

If anyone wrote a blurb like that taking down women, black folks, or gays, these same people would come down on them like a ton of bricks. In old-school SF, principle trumped identity, and that was the theme of many of the stories - to ignore appearance and see through to the heart of a thing. Today, identity kicks the crap out of principle, and ideas of right and wrong, and nobility itself, are distributed and scrimmed through a sieve of race and gender. To me, it is depravity institutionalized, not to mention complaint, blame and self-pity. It is pure hatred, revenge and spite being promoted as art and literature.

In the introduction the editors Fabio Fernandez and and Djibril Al-Ayad mention "suppression of culture and especially language are common tactics in the repression of a people, and as effective as violence itself." Hear, hear. So start your crusade by fucking boycotting English and the West. Many nobler destinations await.

Some of those people listed are making careers, not based on their art, but on their race and gender and on racial and gender bigotry. No one should be surprised Aliette de Bodard wrote the preface. You have to be insane to think art can emerge from such a scenario. The fact that Tor.com, Locus and Publisher's Weekly have given positive reviews to this inadvisable leaflet only drives more nails into the coffin of SF literature. As if to drive home yet one more nail, PC reviewer Lois Tilton at Locus writes "There is a sad irony in the fact that these stories have been written in English, arguably the most dominant imperialist tongue since Latin, which still exercises its influence from the grave of history."

"Sad irony" indeed. Again, unbelievable rhetoric. Naughty English. If I said that about millions of people force-fed Arabic across the Middle East and half the Mediterranean in a far longer historic time-frame than English, I'd be fitted with a KKK hood. Simple comparisons like that are beyond the reach of people who choose race and identity to parse right and wrong rather than principle. Again, the idea true art can emerge from such an idiotic 1930's beer-garden is laughable

This link takes you to the "contributors round robin interview:"

"Aliette asks Djibril: For me, We See a Different Frontier is an important watermark in genre, presenting the perspective of the third world/the colonised instead of the usual (white) Anglo-American hegemony. As someone who lives in the UK, how do you relate to this hegemony, and what do you think should be done to counter its effects?"

Does that mean if they emigrated to China they'd be bitching about Chinese "hegemony" as some icky racial supremacist conspiracy?

One thing they could do to counter its effects is pick up a fucking history book and read it. That way, you wouldn't look like an idiot and a racist and use blissfully unaware irony when you say "the perspective of the third world/the colonised" while using a made-up Arabic name like Alayad. The entirety of the Middle East is part of the Third World. It is also called the "Arab world." Know why? That's because, with the main exception of Iran (Persian), Arabic is spoken, not fucking English, and Arabic is a colonial language. So if you have any racial revenge fantasies, dedicate at least some of them to Arabs because this "hegemony" of which you speak is so much bullshit. That exact same hegemony exists in the Middle East but has disappeared in a puff of eternal smoke in the racial and gender whine-brigade of the SFF community. Heaping more irony on top of a giant stack with a pitchfork, being gay is far more acceptable in the West than in the Third World, especially in that Arabic Third World. Anything about that? No. Fucking crickets. Instead it's the cis-West that gets rear ended.

Again, this lack of proportion based on real events is how one knows this is about racial and gender animus, not a legitimate reaction to historical events, since Arabs get a pass they are in no way entitled to, not to mention Aztecs, Ottomans, Mughals, Zulus and anybody else who's race-approved by SFF's justice league of race and gender.  "Post-colonial SF." What a fucking laugh. For people who claim to be "the colonised," they don't know jack shit about the subject, since they've parceled it into a racial mechanism that exists only for some and not for others. Basically they're saying anyone who's not white is "colonised." Guess they never heard of a Norman or the Balkans, among many others I could mention.

How else can you figure, for example, that Sofia Samatar, born in Indiana, is fucking "colonised?" Her mother's from North Dakota and her father from Somalia. So, her father qualifies for her being "colonised?" And what's one of the two official languages of Somalia? Oh dear, it's that fucking pesky Arabic again. And Somalia is Muslim majority, not English-speaking fucking Catholics. That's proof positive that Arabic colonization trumps the transient decades of a coastal European presence - but who takes it on the chin? That's right - icky, fucking English and the icky fucking people whose language it is. In real terms, Samatar has no more claim to having been "colonised" or being a voice of the "colonised" than do I. And that lays the basis for this anthology bare for all to see: racial rancor about the moral and spiritual failings of white people based on a false retelling of history. That blurb for the anthology could just as easily say "straight, cis, able-bodied, rich, Arabic-speaking, Gulf sheikhs." Samatar's more concerned about the "whiteness of the genre" than colonialism and when she gets around to colonialism it's a white-only zipcode.

You can see how twisted history and logic gets in the name of saying "fuck you, Whitey." Lois Tilton wasn't kidding when she used empty-headed irony to say "the grave of history," because history has been buried by these fucking assholes and so has the idea of Arabic as an "imperialist tongue," ethnic, linguistic Mamluk Turks in Egypt and people wearing fezes in Cairo. No one gives a fuck about that "hegemony." Wrong fucking color. I mean, these morons live in white countries like the U.K. and then bitch about the fact they're white and hegemonic? Do they bitch about Africa being black? You bet your fucking ass they don't. More shit to bury in the "grave of history."

For people who whine about segregation they've done a pretty good job of segregating the fuck out of history, not to mention reality itself. The title of the anthology itself, "We See A Different Frontier," then contains its own hilarious irony about clueless fucking racialist morons. And I haven't even mentioned that race is once again put ahead of art. The anthology's cover art and artist screams that as well. So stick illustration in a fucking grave too, or on the cover... whatever. The fact these fools probably cringed at the idea of having a white person do the art speaks volumes about reality and truth. I mean, imagine a conversation the editors probably had about the race of the cover artist and then laugh hyterically like the Joker and then sing "Tomorrow Belongs To Me."

These people bitch about the fact the SFF "publishing industry was/is US-centric or Western-centric" in a way that's completely nonsensical. It's culture. Cricket in India is dominated by Indians. So what? Are they racist fuckers? It's their own fucking country. Joyce Chng, who mentions that publishing industry, is another case in point. She says:

"As a person whose country (Singapore) is postcolonial, I guess I am struggling with the fact that I write in the language of the dominant culture of the readers."

What the fuck does that even mean? Nothing if you leave insensate and unfair racial rancor and animus to one side. Let's see: "Singapore" is a Malay name of a country given to the British by an Islamic Sultan, and whose official languages are English, Malay, Mandarin and Tamil and it's 3/4 Chinese but once again English takes it on the chin. Last I checked Singapore's not China.

"Post-colonialism" is white and that's the fucking end of it. Everybody else is an invisible saint not "seething around in my own privileged head," as PC expert and race-naut Lavie Tidhar puts it. I urge you to read this round-robin interview. Given true context, almost every other word is unintentional humor, hypocrisy and irony. With added insight, for these nuthatch racial revisionists to use phrases like "colonialist narrative" and "Western colonialist historical revisionism" is too funny.

In the end, the idea the SFF community, or any community, needs people like this in it is just stupid.

This quote is from Aliette de Bodard:

"There are a number of factors today (and economic considerations are one of them) that make it possible for the Western way of thought to dominate, and to be seen as valuable even in non-Western countries. I will always remember how my relatives in Vietnam insisted on buying Lipton tea for me because it was a posh and expensive thing to offer, whereas actual Vietnamese tea (which tastes much better!) was devalued. The corollary of this is that Westerners can get through life without having to empathise with someone else’s point of view or having to imagine life outside of the hegemony (and, to some extent, this is worse if you’re a member of the hegemonic bit of US culture, because you can easily live in an environment tailored for you without once having to step out of your comfort zone). Everyone knows about Shakespeare and the Bible; but not about classics like The Tale of Kieu or Dream of Red Mansions, despite their importance in their home culture."

De Bodard evidently considers that bit of puffery wisdom, adding context. The problem with her stupid thought is that, aside from the fact she is an expert at stripping away context faster than she adds it, and along racial lines, the truth is that Westerners, in 2013, and for years, are the greatest travelers and explorers of other cultures in the world; that is the very definition of stepping "out of your comfort zone." Guide books were created by Westerners fueled by decades of young, mostly European backpackers traveling the Third World, not the other way around. And that same accidental expression of culture is why you see all white Western tourists at Machu Picchu and mostly whites in SFF. Neither is a fucking conspiracy and neither is keeping PoC out. Why doesn't the Carl Brandon Society and Con-Or-Bust have taxi fare for PoC to fucking Machu Picchu, Tikal, Borobodur and Abu Simbel? And while they're at it, save some money to shuttle whites to basketball and boxing training camps.

Comparing Western academic and voluntary interest and curiosity in culture to Third World immigration and global movement fueled by economics is plain dumb. Having successful economies and societies that attract others from all over the world is no more racist than the New York Yankees dominating the World Series. Of course others are going to emulate success and that includes speaking the language of the winners, be it Arabic, French or English. Is that someone's fault? If Vietnam created some amazing new thing that dominated the world, would they be racists, or just successful? And the Vietnamese never fought wars in history, and tried to win them? Here's a clue: being small is not in and of itself noble. All societies war, all of them. I think one can see why the concept and the word "success" is shit on so much by these people, since they choose to identify with historic also-ran cultures they claim innocence for that in real terms they often have little to do with, aside from skin, or one parent. I mean, look at where these people mostly live. For all their posturing about the Third World they have little interest in actually living in it and making it a better place to live and they sure as fuck have nothing to do with ever having been "colonised."

De Bodard acts like no American ever bought something foreign because it had a sheen of "posh" and sophistication. She's never heard of the perceptual push/pull between wine and soda pop, and a million other things. The fashionable is simply human, and you'll find it everywhere you go in the world, and it is not a form of cultural fucking racial colonization, unless your dumb mind runs to that spot, again and again and again. Some shit is just popular because it works better, so why the politically correct nonsense in the introduction about a "culture is not inferior or weaker or more scientifically ignorant than that of the invaders." Hello! Then how can you invade? Innate white sneakiness? That assertion is obviously pure bullshit and these people are the first to start clucking and blowing horns if anything seen as indigenous to the Third World is used in the West, so the concept of promoting "inferior" is a thing that comes and goes, aside from the fact this anthology promotes the inferior racial spirituality and moral failings of the West. It's pure fucking hypocrisy. And once again, look at where these people mostly live. When you want to know the truth of a thing, watch feet, not lips. These people are an analogue to "white flight" even while they decry the idea.

When talking about "Sixteen authors share their experiences of being the silent voices in history and on the wrong side of the final frontier" they certainly are not mainly "Foreigners. Strangers to the current dominant culture," as Al-Ayad and Fernandez assert in the introduction. That meaning has been taffy-stretched to include non-white and gay. To no one's surprise, the introduction says "the roles and rights of... queer and transfolk intersect inseparably with race and colonialism." That's a load of fucking hooey.

And if by "strangers to the current dominant culture" they mean a culture that is ishy English-speaking, only 2 qualify. Here are the sixteen authors:

Joyce Chng - Singapore
Sofia Samatar - American
Ernest Hogan - American
Rahul Kanakia - American
Rochita Loenen-Ruiz - born Philippines lives Netherlands
Sandra McDonald - American
Silvia Moreno-Garcia - born Mexico lives Canada
Gabriel Murray - American
Schweta Narayan - born India lives Scotland
Dinesh Rao - born India lives Mexico
N.A. Ratnayake - American
Benjanun Sriduangkaew - Thailand
Lavie Tidhar - Israeli
J.Y. Yang - Singapore
Sunny Moraine - American
Fabio Fernandez - Brazil

Only 2 are foreigners living under the shadow of the dreaded English language. Only 2 actually live in the Third World, unless you consider Brazil and Singapore the Third World; then it's 5. Only one is ethnically indigenous to their Third World country and actually living in it. That would be Thailand which TRIGGER WARNING has never been colonized by the West unless you count mentally and Coca-Cola; in that case they're all slaves. However the entirety of the Western Pacific Rim as well as S.E. Asia would be nothing more than slaves and "comfort women" of the Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere were it not for the naughty English-speaking barbarians of WW II. More history shoved down a fucking memory hole. For all of acrackedmoon's hysterical bullshit about Western influence in Asia or Thailand, there is nothing to compare to the reign of terror of other Asians - the Japanese.

Plus by their own pie-charting reckoning there's too many PoC and gay people so they have to introduce some diversity-fix there. Maybe an anthology called We Have Detached Retinas.

Enjoy the introduction's smug nasal twanging and high-sounding tone about the one-way racial street of "colonialism, racism, imperialism, cultural exploitation or exploitation." This anthology is selling a bill of goods of the concept of guilt and innocence being distributed racially and across generations. Call the KKK and let them know someone is stealing their thunder.

As is at the bottom of everything in this series of essays about how the SFF community is mainstreaming bigotry, we are talking about the difference between identity and principle. Generally speaking, principle forbids racism, identity enables it. The sad delusion of SFF's justice league of race and gender is that they firmly believe they are principled people but in fact they are addicted to identity. They set their clocks to it, swim in it and eat it. Virtually every word they say about social issues and politics is some manifestation of hypocrisy. The only time you'll hear truth and a lack of self-contradiction from SFF's race-nauts is by accident. For all the whining these people do about SFF's default setting being white, straight and male, their own default setting is that this is due to that identity's racism, and not an accidental expression of culture, even while they highlight their own identity's lack of racism and obsessions with itself, the latter a racist tabu for others. That is a contradiction in logic, and a denial of accidental expressions of culture that happen to be ethnic such as SFF, as opposed to their own very purposeful ethnic huddling, while they claim the reverse is actually true. Everything they base their world view on depends on white people being racist and men sexist, itself a racist and sexist mode of thought.

This clueless bigotry means that right and wrong are a simple matter of gender, race and gender preference. Behaving like that while unfairly smearing that exact trait onto millions of people based on their skin and gender is the very definition of racism and ignorance. "Non-white" is never wrong, "non-white" doesn't colonize, "non-white" doesn't marginalize, "non-white" knows no racism, no war, no genocide, no imperialism, doesn't oppress, doesn't shit, love, hate, or feel jealousy or compassion.

As if to support my twin criticisms of the promotion of this anthology being racial revenge and tinkering with history, the first short story - aside from being total crap - by Shweta Narayan ends with the death of an Englishman, for seemingly no other moral imperative than that he is an Englishman. In the India of 1665 in which this story is set, the English had yet to do anything to anybody in India. They were a mere trading company begging trading concessions from the Mughals, the rulers of most of India. The East India Company had yet to even receive a royal charter from the king of England with permission to operate as an autonomous entity. It was the Islamic outsider Mughals who were at the height of their imperial power, colonization and oppression of India. Yet it is not a Mughal who dies - right colonizer, wrong color. Racial vengeance shoe-horned into a false history. Surprise.

The Mughal Emperor Shah Jehan had only finished his Taj Mahal a dozen years before Narayan's short story. And at the same time the Taj Mahal was finished, 23 East India Company employees staged a mass breakout (according to William Darymple) in the very Surat this story takes place in to go work for the Mughals or Hindus. According to William Darymple in his book "White Mughals," a few years after Narayan's story takes place, English desertions got so bad the King of England formally recalled all Englishman in India. Darymple also mentions that the 17th century Indian Deccan was the seat of the greatest Arab learning outside the Levant itself. Now that's some fucking colonizing right there.

Darymple quotes newly arrived Shi'ite Persian colonialist immigrant to Eastern India, Abdul Lateef Shushtari, (who by the way didn't think much of American culture of the time) writing about the British in Calcutta and Hyderabad almost a century and a half after Narayan's story takes place:

"'They treat the white-beard elders and old-established families, both Muslim and Hindu, courteously and equably, respecting the religious customs of the country, as well as the scholars, sayyids, sheikhs and dervishes they come across... More remarkable still is the fact that they themselves take part in most of the festivals and ceremonies of both the Muslims and the Hindus, mixing with the people;'"

According to Darymple, Shushtari was disgusted with Muslims (the actual rulers of most of India at the time) who had "'gone native'" and married Hindus.

Of course the British wouldn't maintain this respect by any means or continue to use mostly trade, statecraft, and lure of military technology and support to wrangle their way into India in the near future. In the same time frame as Shushtari's arrival to India, the future Duke of Wellington, at the behest of the Qutb Shahi ruler of Hyderabad Asaf Jah II, the Nizam Ali Khan, besieged and sacked Tipu Sultan's fortress at Seringapatam in 1799. In the future, the British would increasingly act independently when it came to outright military action, not content to act as employees of Emperors, Sultans, Nizams and Peshwas.

I'm not making an argument that British colonialism didn't happen or that it wasn't at times brutal - it obviously did and was. But the British also colonized and supplanted the colonizers, playing a game the whole world was engaged in. During the 1857 Indian Mutiny, Hindus didn't turn to Hindus for ultimate leadership, but to the marginalized last Islamic Mughal emperor, because he was seen as respecting the religious rights of Hindus, and therefore a better master. The argument I'm making is that history, and colonialism, is far more complex than simply seeing an Englishman and kicking him in the nuts from 2013 or having a POC steampunky clockwork bird or whatever the fuck it was claw the whites of his eyes out. Within history there is layering and nuance far beyond the childish and racially white-washed version of history and racial revenge fantasies put on display by the justice league of race and gender.

On top of all that, Narayan's story makes mention of the Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb and English complicity in his rule that doesn't make sense, even in an alternate history, since that part is left flapping in the wind. But the English would be racially evil eventually so they would always be evil even when they were not and so crap is laid at their feet they had nothing to do with; why not, they were English. The implication that everyone in India other than the English were doe-eyed innocents is simply farcical. The English did not arrive in India in landing craft like the Normandy invasion but came as a trading company that had legal permission to operate for generations before the EIC began to lay plans, flex its muscles, resort to force and supplant the Mughals and Marathas as overlords at the beginning of the 19th century, as had the Mughals for generations before them by solely military means. The point is that there was no "India" at that time such as we think about it today and everyone - Hindu, Mughal and European alike - was playing the old game of conquest, subversion and competition indulged in at the time. To edit people and distribute morality racially in a time there were in fact no militarily aristocratic innocents amounts to a lie.

The entire premise of this anthology is therefore a lie, since its own stated original imperatives indulge in racial editing to alter history and distribute morality, not according to real events, but according to skin.

The reason critics of whitey like SFF writer Nalo Hopkinson say things like "In the US, to talk about race is to be seen as racist" is because these explorations are so often used as a platform for racist attacks on whites, just like the dumbfuck racist article at io9 the Hopkinson quote appears in that talks about "crimes whites have committed against people of color." This is no different than talking about crimes blacks have committed against whites or stipulating there is black guilt because of it - it's fucking racial profiling and stereotyping. The imperatives that fuel We See A Different Frontier are no different. Since, in this day and politically correct age, "people of color" apparently would gather in the Ottomans and N. African slavers raiding Europe, why the crickets from people like Hopkinson about the centuries-long crimes PoC have committed against whites in the Balkans and S. Europe? The answer is obvious: There is no such thing, and history becomes one giant fucking memory hole. These are people who maintain rhetoric that says we are all human but in fact they believe no such thing. They want to talk about race alright - the good race and the bad race. I myself think in terms of crime humans have committed against humans. I have no racial animosities that history clearly shows would be idiotic, since evil is evenly distributed amongst humanity.

For the justice league of race and gender, it's also a question of success and failure, not just good and bad. If the right race succeeds at colonization, it's simply not mentioned. If they fail and are themselves colonized in turn, the trumpets blow and presses roll and anthologies are edited and Englishmen kicked in the nuts.


One need only ask the paranoid racist and SFWA member in good standing Jim Hines to look at a photo of SFF convention organizers and, like a retarded bloodhound with as many brains, he'll sniff out the racism and sexism. His blog post titled "SF/F’s 'Colorblindness' and 'Genderblindness' in a Single Photo," and the accompanying comments section, is about as fucked up an example of racial profiling, racism, stereotyping, stupidity, ignorance, bullshit, unfairness, bigotry and perceptual blindness as you'll find anywhere in the SFF community, and there's a lot of competition.

The PC ultra feminists and so-called "anti-racists" in SFF are some of the least perceptive, stupidest, and most ignorant people in the world. That's because they see history and the world today using racial and sexual identity as a guide, rather than principle. That means that simple comparisons and tools of self-criticism are simply unavailable to them. And for the anti-Western, anti-white, anti-American, anti-male bigots who've infiltrated SFF, they could care less. They know who they like and advocate for: themselves. Right and wrong and fair play have nothing to do with it. Leave real philosophy and things like a colorblind Constitution to the white racist, capitalist, imperialist, genocidal, colonialist, patriarchy.

What this all adds up to is a form of racial hate speech, much of it concocted by people within the American academic community who are not even American citizens, but who never shut up about what racists European Americans are, while giving a complete pass to cultures in history by virtue of their race. In short, it's lying. Like the absurd theory of white privilege, post-colonialism offers no solutions, no concept of larger human failings or balanced overview of history, but is simply a repository of racial grievances. Post-colonialism, particularly as it is expressed within the SF&F community, is not history, but a platform for hate speech, excuses and blame. The soft soaping of non-European cultures who indulged in the exact same act of colonizing other cultures is simply too conspicuous to be ignored. Racial bigotry comes first and facts trail in its wake, only thrown in in haphazard fashion just enough to provide a smoke screen for a bitch-fest about Whitey Stinkerton, the sole mass idiots of history.



Oh I'm finally returning to ROTYH. I got waylaid by some bullshit about race and... shit. Well, there are a number of funny things about the blog of Requires Only That You Hate: the first is that it is actually very hateful. The second is that it is at times clever and funny. This is the first post I ever read there and I thought it was hilarious. It's titled "let’s roundly shit on everything again." Requires Only That You Hate is also the source for about 1,000 statements such as "straight white males are not usually very self-aware." Keep in mind that's one of the friendlier versions. No racial supremacy there.

Let's change that to "black, gay, females are not usually very self-aware" and see how many Tweets of "right on" I get.

To say that morons like this are getting away with murder while hiding behind the poor, oppressed, blah-blah is putting it lightly. It's a telling comment on the SF community that they have so politicized race that their "white, straight, male," can't make a move without them being picked apart as colonialist fiends while utter bigots like acrackedmoon have such authority vested in them, simply by virtue of the credibility of race and gender, that an imitation of a Hitler Nuremberg speech has SF writers and fans pricking up their ears at the wisdom.

About Requires Only That You Hate, the eternally politically correct SF race pimpette Jim Hines mentions the "incredibly good points she was making about a lot of books—points that no one else was making, about race and gender but also about non-Western perspectives." In that same comment Hines does us the favor of linking to some of the worst racist anti-white sites out there, which I take as Hines' voluntary version of the end of Julian 9th at the hands of the Kalkars. "Oblivion" indeed. What would you expect about a blog like Hines', that's about fantasy literature but has "rape" at the top of the page in the menu like he's some kind of retarded cop. Hines should change his name to "Race Gender." He could be the second fiddle to Johnny RaceQuest. They could have a racist sidekick name "Jihad" and a dog named "Whitey."

And of course, like John Scalzi and a tiny handful of other people in the world, evolutionary dead end Jim Hines believes rape is wrong, and lets you know in no uncertain terms.

And of course ROTYH is also against rape. Brave stands on a controversial subject. Bravo! I myself am firmly against pulling the heads off of children and killing cows with bazookas for sport so I feel the solidarity and the empathy right off the bat.

The person doing the writing at ROTYH does a pitch perfect impression of a blogger at a neo-Nazi literary site that might get expelled for being too racist. Another funny thing is that a mere switcharoo of identity has a good part of SF fandom actually commiserating with acrackedmoon's hate speech and therefore essentially embracing Nazi ethics. It's one reason there is at least a chance the blog is a hoax written by a man; if not, I feel sorry for acrackedmoon, who is supposedly an Asian lesbian raised in Asia, and educated in a peat bog. Despite reviews that are clever and funny, when it comes to actual critical thought, the blog heads an SF blog list of all-time stupid, and in SF land, there's an eternal struggle for that title.

If the whole thing's a hoax, it wouldn't be the first time an ardently "non-Western" feminist lesbian on the internet turned out to be a man. A supposedly kidnapped lesbian Syrian activist who called herself "Gay Girl," and who fooled a lot of people, turned out to be a 40 yr. old married American in Scotland. In my opinion, the chances acrackedmoon is actually a gay, ethnic Chinese, Thai national, female are remote. Read their prose and tell me how many people in Thailand write better English than I do.

The point is that ROTYH isn't satire and if it is, the writer itself isn't aware of it and the commenters, who could loosely be described as Hines-like evolutionary dead-ends, aren't either.

Requires Only That You Appropriate should be paying me royalties for the immense amount of cultural appropriation she does, starting with not wiping her ass with straw after crapping into a hole. I don't remember Chinese (Thai - same difference - I'm ignorant) kung-fu movies with laptops and flush toilets and Windows™ software, gay pride parades, science fiction book reviews, internet connections, buses to Chiang Mai, rip off Rolex watches, flat screen TVs, HTML, Twitter, pre-colonial motorcycles, jet planes, guest houses for hippie backpackers from Minnesota, prostitutes in Santa Claus outfits on Patpong Road singing Rocky Racoon New Year's Eve 1985 (not that I'd know that personally), Coca Cola, McDonald's™ and heroin so refined I could they could smoke it.

Oh but wait, the Peoples of Colors got this cultural appropriation figured out down the last shit stain. Naturally, they got an explanation as to why non-whites are never wrong and whites always are, cuz PoC are like Bambi before Adam ate that fucking apple or whatever. The problem there is they wrote that on the internet rather than papyrus and so violated their moral contract straight off the bat.

In this article, which is titled "What Is Cultural Appropriation," whatever dingbat wrote it says "The problem isn’t 'taking' or 'borrowing', the problem is racism, imperialism, white supremacy, and colonialism."

Hahaha. When isn't it? I know this person is serious cuz they have a link to a recent post titled "Queer Femmes of Colour: Multiple Burdens of Authenticity." It uses cool words like "cissupremacy" and has lines like "I think that the sexuality of people of colour is still very taboo, and incredibly unsettling for white people."

Yeah, that's true. "Taboo" and "unsettling" is whitey talk for I truly don't give a fuck about you, your horse, or whether you rode in backwards or standing on your head or if you fuck it.

Naturally this is linked to from dipshit racist ROTYH fan Jaymee Goh's anti-white anti-racist steampunk/KKK web site called "Silver-Goggles", and you'll soon read more about Goh below. It's in the section about why Jaymee Goh will ban your comments if you don't agree whites are racists. In the blogs to read part, Goh has links to 13 sites that carefully spend their energies explaining why white men are basically fuckers and always have been. Steampunky Jaymee Goh loves things like the old TV show "Wild, Wild, West," and all the steampunky gadgets but not the white people, who are genocidal Victorian colonialist racists. Naturally, Goh is slightly conflicted, perhaps even a mental case. Predictably, Goh's Twitter feed reflects this love hate relationship. Basically Malaysian foreign national Jaymee (phone-home-and) Goh believes America would be a great country if only there were no white people actually in it. Well, we could always trade populations with Malaysia but then IT would be where Goh would want to go so there's really no resolution for people like Goh. Whiteys: you can't live with them, and you can't live without them. Fuckers but with all the cool shit, so what's a girl to do. Jaymee may have it all figured out in this Tweet:

"(Before you whine at me for being as bad as he [Theodore Beale] is, I would like to point out to you that bigots don't really exist on the same moral plane.)" 

That's right. White bigots are just fuckers and non-white bigots are righteous avengers just like Bambi and... oh, fuck it. I admit I don't know what the hell she's talking about and she may be just crazy.

As for the humor parade that is Requires Only That You Hate, it is so out there that it really doesn't matter if the person is sincere or not. Whether the person is real or a hoax doesn't alter the chain of stupidity one wit. Satire and reality have become so intertwined on the politically correct racey-colony far radical Left that they are indistinguishable. The point is that, in the hyper politicized SF community, the only negative reaction to ROTYH is about the harshness of acrackedmoon's views, not their bald-faced and even proudly strutted bigotry. That tells you all you need to know about the stupid factory that is a large portion of the community of SF writers and their fans. It is a community of amateur and badly written novels of conformist and moronic artistry coupled with rabbit pellets.

Truthfully, even The Onion couldn't do a more spot on satire of the naked hate speech being strutted about as "justice" in the SF community. Her/his/its comments about cultural appropriation are particularly hilarious given the reality that acrackedmoon's culture thievery is about a million to one in the opposite direction, and it's not my fault the world watches "Avatar" rather than movies about Thai boxer/detectives. Then there's the issue of the Third World having things to appropriate in the first place, half of which are ancient ruins from the good ol' days dug from sand, jungle, or saved from flooding like Abu Simbel, by people from the opposite side of the planet. Since I pay 15 times what an Indian pays to see the Taj Mahal, it's a given it'd sink into a ruin were it not for outside interest, white racists, and their financing. I sense no similar paradigm at work among the ruins of America coming from Thailand. There are no teams of Thai scientists coming to see if the Mall of America is in tip-top shape.

Hoax or no, it is the SF community's reaction to Requires Only That You Hate that is the nail in the coffin for a culture of writers and fans that must be one of the most ignorant and stupid in the history of the United States. When a community gets to the point where hate speech is their friend, that's not only a community of idiots with "valid" feelings, but one with mental health issues.

In truth, it's a community with a significant presence of Nazis in pig-tails, which makes them all the more dangerous, parading about as they do under a banner of anti-racism. Keep in mind, this is a community so immersed in stupid double standards that they are as horrified at the idea of criticizing a Muslim as they are blithe about taking Christianity out for a daily spanking. This is a community horrified at the idea Edgar Rice Burroughs had white characters in a country 90% white but proudly link to ethnic sites which gather every crumb of news and art about their own ethnic groups in a country in which they are a small minority. Stupid is a word that runs out of steam real fast with these people. For a community that ostensibly preaches about love for your fellow man, they are practically research scientists when it comes to finding and organizing ways to distribute disdain and hatred for other humans.

Trust me, you'll never see a better case for "othering" non-whites (and women) than Requires Only That You Hate and Stormfront. Under the skin, they are not only brothers but twins. It is an understatement to say that acrackedmoon is capable of incredible feats of mental gymnastics to justify her bigotry that are a perfect mirror to the idiots who have hijacked science fiction and fantasy. Thanks to them, words like "social justice," "diversity" and "multiculturalism" have not only become curse words to normal people, but have attained that same Orwellian sheen the word "comrade" did for Americans in the 1960s. That's where saying "friend" is actually saying "fuck you."

I personally have no problem with ROTYH. If some fringe lunatics want to exhaust their love for the world in some odd corner of the net, I really don't care. But don't try to softsoap me with some bullshit acrackedmoon is indulging in satire or "performance rage;" it is straight up racial and gender bigotry. The difference between I and the PC-nauts is that acrackedmoon's stuff doesn't offend me.

The issue I have is first one of judging these people by their own standards, which, predictably, they fail. More importantly is the issue of this type of hate speech getting a pass and therefore credibility by virtue of identity and so being mainstreamed as part of the "good fight." In other words, these people are pretty much fighting themselves and their own "principles;" I'm just pointing out how at odds they are with themselves, not with me, to make a point, although in fact I do detest the larger swirl of political correctness ROTYH swims in, even if she is some fat, white, NRA guy in Omaha.

I myself love crazy and vulgar satire, as long as it actually is satire. I love the now very old early R. Crumb and S. Clay Wilson underground comix. The irony there is that those two would be lit up as purveyors of hate this and hate that by the SF community's intelligence paupers, not as individuals, but as representatives of a larger group, and there lies the rub as they don't say, and shows up hypocrisy and the difference between satire and hate speech.

The other thing is how many of these SF&F bloggers publicly admit to having mental health issues, as if I needed to be told that. For reasons I admit I don't know, the SF&F community seems to attract goofballs, the kind that wouldn't last 5 min. in a typical Third World village because they're too fucking crazy to actually get along with normal people or anyone they disagree with. They conspicuously preach tolerance like it's a crusade but only in the most academic and pedantic sense; in fact they believe in no such thing. In the truest intellectual sense, these are people who don't tolerate themselves and their own words, and that's what makes them stupid, ignorant and even crazy. What can you say about people who violate their own standards almost every time they open their mouth. The anti-racist racist. Yup.

Amazingly, the very people who wouldn't care if I called rabid animal David Duke a "rabid animal" take issue with Requires Only That You Duke being called a "rabid animal." They argue about it endlessly in 342 comments here. Rabid animals were taking it on the chin that month.

SF&F's PC blind friend Lavie Tidhar (who I could win money off of in Las Vegas if they laid odds on predicting his views on race), believes accidentally hurting a black woman's feelings by an innocuous portrayal of a black woman in a novel is worse than acrackedmoon's rabid racial attacks. That's because white people don't have feelings. As per usual, the comments section is a treasure trove of people who despise reality. I'm not certain but I think the average reading comprehension of a person in that SF&F community is about that of a 3 yr. old and the I.Q. prolly around 60. Lavie writes a piece stating that water is dry and wins by a waterslide.

As proof of the IQ factor, one SF writer/fan says on their blog that acrackedmoon's comments "verge on sexist and racist (terms I do not bandy about lightly)." Hahahahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahahaahhahahahahahahahahahahaah. (gulp) No, you certainly don't. In fact I'd wager they don't even exist.

Listen to this moron claim acrackedmoon's rhetoric is a matter of "tone." Kinda like Stormfront I guess. Keep in mind these idiots light up Tolkien as a supremacist racist. Well no problem, this one says they "can grasp nuance and context!" Good luck with that at KKK and neo-Nazi sites. That's right; it's just a matter of tone and nuance. They're actually very nice people. They have cats and don't step on ants if they can avoid it. Unless they're black ants.

Lest you think the stupe is lacking in the stupe-fest, here's more from a fantasy author aliased up as Catherynne Valente, who doesn't like her uncool real name of Bethany Thomas cuz it may be too boringsville whitey whitetownish and Hispanic is in this decade. Bethany somehow missed acrackedmoon's racial and gender insults that are as vicious as any you'll find on the internet. On no evidence whatsoever other than the fact white men don't know where China and Vietnam is, Bethany gives us the scientific rundown on how birds fuck bees and unicorns pop out of a cloud.

Bethany at one point makes a comparison between the SF community's reaction to a man, Brit SF author Christopher Priest, and his rant on the Arthur C. Clarke Award nominations, and the unfair reaction a woman might get, and acrackedmoon's racial bigotry which Bethany cleans up to be "her thoughts on science fiction and fantasy" and "Because she thought a book was sexist!" Hahaha. Nice try. I wonder how many calories Bethany lost shoehorning that motherfucker into place. Projection isn't just a river in Egypt... or something. Bethany Thomas is so brave that she stopped using a Japanese internet alias of ten years vintage as a handle cuz acrackedribcage, an anonymous stranger, shamed and bullied her into believing it was racist cultural appropriation to imitate a ninja, because acrackedmoon is the protective gatekeeper for all of Asia from Antioch to Tokyo. The stupe runs strong in these. Bethany Thomas, I command you to send me all your money, now! And stop using Cat Valente. You've turned your own name into a fucking cool-tattoo. And stop using Valente cuz that's appropriation too.

Great. I can always use an extra buck or two. Hopefully she'll send it before acrackeddonkey commands her not to.

When it comes to her doofy observations about Christopher Priest, Bethany simply ignores fact women went after another woman for taking pix at the feminist WisCon science fiction convention in 2008, and posting those pix on the internet along with insulting comments. Attempts were made to get the woman fired and someone who objected to the pix even paid a visit to the woman's office. If this woman had written a review of a James Tiptree, Jr. bio, presumbably she'd have gotten off for good behavior. Having no such street cred, squirrels attacked, which makes me think what would've happened had Resnick/Malzberg called the very bangable lady-editor "startlingly fat for her day." In other words, Bethany Thomas is full of shit. And why wouldn't she be. The idea some sort of morality is encased in gender is fucking bigotry 101 in the first place, but that's the river of stupid these people swim up and down in all day long. But then Thomas thinks Tolkien is a racist for including Muslim analogues in Lord of the Rings after his Europe was attacked by real Muslims for one thousand years.

I think I've mentioned that when identity comes in and principle goes out the door, simple comparisons are impossible. Dr. Bethany writes "Misogyny in the West is coming up and it’s a gross, miserable, chthonic thing swirling at our feet." Well, that's true if you erase the world outside the West and live in fantasy internetsville, so I guess technically that's correct, especially the "chthonic" part thingy. Bethany probably learned that motorcycling around Saudi Arabia where she was hung as a chthonic witch, given a magic human rights donut and came back reincarnated as politically correct radical feminist Cat Valente; man-hunter.

Anyway, final score, sorry ass white men 0, delicious, delectable, women infinity. Keep in mind this is a community that thinks of themselves as writers and artists yet couldn't spot an actual racist if you pasted one on the side of a blimp, sailed it over Manhattan, set it on fire and broadcast it live with a scroll underneath the screen saying "RACIST-RACIST-RACIST."

Oh, and... don't forget the comments below Bethany's post. "Priceless" is a word that comes to mind. Here's a good one:

"We will get there eventually. The men of our community need to make a stand, to make it known that this treatment of women is not acceptable. To call out misogynist assholes regardless of their position within the community."

Hahahahahahahahahahahaha. But not if they're Muslims. They get an all Arab/Muslim issue of their own at Apex.

Yes, toot-toot-toooooot-doo-dooooo!!!! Charge! Men will evolve into a higher form eventually. Right now we like being slime and absorbing bacteria from the beach and being held responsible for what a few do by a community that insists on a completely opposite principle when it suits their racial agenda about terrorism and crime. Exception is rule expect when rule is exception and we decide that by trousers and skin. "Hypocrite" is getting to be too small a word for SF&F's bloodhound gang because the exact thing they support on Tuesday they spit on on Wednesday. Christopher Priest may be a doosh but he didn't talk about the tears of black women.



After the April 15, 2013 Boston Marathon terrorist attack, and before the identity of the bombers was known, pretend eccentric but very redneck British SF writer Charles Stross had this humorous bit of identity-principle confusion on his blog at the end of a post about the bombing: "The comments on this blog entry are not intended for wild speculation about the identity and motivation of the bombers; comments on those lines may be deleted, especially if I think they amount to hate speech directed against minorities."

One hour and five minutes later in the very comments section Stross wished to keep clean of racial attacks, he writes hate speech against majorities: "my money is on crazy white guys with a political axe to grind: the provisional wing of the Tea Party." Hahahah. Excuse Charlie - he's British or whatever.

Now, let me ask you something: what are the chances a mind like that is going to produce good art? But that, ladies and gentlemen, is the mainstream of the SF community in 2013. Stross's colonialist tea and crumpets must be laced with stupid-syrup, or "Vege-Shit... or is that an Aussie thing? Anyway, lard sandwiches do not a genius make.

Along that line of thought, I give you the comment of a person at a post at Locusmag.com - an SF&F magazine of long standing - when they produced the results of a poll of all-time best SF&F novels. "It makes me sad that this list is so white, so male." Again, a perfect and typical imitation of a commenter at Stormfront given without a hint of irony or self-awareness.

Plus this: "These lists are celebrations of white males by white males. Ugh."

Yeah. Ugh. Fucking honkies are everywhere these days. Why don't they go back where they came from. Antarctica, I think. That's really white.

If one looks at the Locus poll itself, the novels voted represent a community hopeless out of touch with its own genre but very much in touch with trendiness and bad art. The poll results are so ludicrous that one gets the feeling that the good novels got on the list by reputation alone; certainly there is no evidence of powers of discrimination. Probably having Ender's Game and Dr. Who tied for the top 12 spots is the give-away there.


Read this hopelessly myopic, racist and moronic article about Avatar by Annalee Newitz at io9, a science fiction webzine, called "When Will White People Stop Making Movies Like 'Avatar'?" Why not write an article called "When Will Black Folks Stop Committing Crime?" based on a single crime by 4 black people? And first you'd have to agree Avatar is some kind of a crime, which it isn't. But, oh, wait...

Newitz writes:

"Avatar imaginatively revisits the crime scene of white America's foundational act of genocide, in which entire native tribes and civilizations were wiped out by European immigrants to the American continent."


Is this woman so deluded she thinks that never happened among the pre-Columbians ranging from North to South America? Is she unaware you'll find war wherever you go in human history? Does she think the Mayans, Aztecs, Tlascalans and Cholulans were all buddies? How many Mayan city-state cultures disappeared off the face of the Earth before any European set foot in the New World? If Newitz is positing that a certain ethnic group has cornered the market on evil or that whites are inherently more immoral than pre-Columbians, that's racism buddy. Oh, she'll say racism is systemic and blah, blah, blah. It's hate - okay? Racial hatred and disdain. Call it what you want: racial prejudice, bigotry, bias - whatever lights your semantic and pedantic fire.

Newitz has a PhD in English and American Studies from UC Berkeley. Hahahahahahaha. If the Aztecs had had machine guns her name would be Annie Chunxchactl and her degree would be in making two story sky-scrapers out of copper and retro-engineering safety pins they found in the ruins of London.

Here's an quote from the article made satirical irony by the fact Newitz does the usual ask-a-black-person to get the real perspective. The irony on top of asking a hopeless racial bigot like Nalo Hopkinson in the first place is that her skin is felt by Newitz to evidently itself be the equivalent of a PhD. Say that black folks are obsessed with race in some other, less obvious way, and Newitz's fellow racialists would take paint thinner to her.

"In the US, to talk about race is to be seen as racist. You become the problem because you bring up the problem. So you find people who are hesitant to talk about it."

No Miss Hopkinson race-expert. That's not true. As much as I love circular and self-sealing logic, the horse goes before the cart. There is a difference between having a "talk about race" and using it as a platform to attack people by virtue of their race. The moronic article your quote is in being a case in point. If I wrote the same article about black films I'd be taken behind a shed and fitted with a KKK hood. 

Newitz writes "She (Hopkinson) adds that the main mythic story you find in science fiction, generally written by whites, 'is going to a foreign culture and colonizing it.'" Yeah, we whites do that a lot. Make a list why don't cha. Any further questions about having a nice little "talk about race" without turning it into a fucking Nuremberg Trial? My own take is that Hopkinson knows as much about science fiction literature as a cat. Here's a list of the Top 100 all-time SF Novels. Only a frickin' half dozen could arguably be wrenched into Hopkinson's assertion and half of those are US being colonized. So much for "ask a blaxpert." Take off the colony-tinted glasses. So in actual fact, the main mythic story in SF put forward by dirty whites is not "going to a foreign culture and" fucking it. But thanks for the push off the cliff; I can manage quite well from here on my own. I won't bother asking you why you think whites are such shits but live with them rather than in noble Jamaica, Guyana and Trinidad, cuz that would require walking the walk.

And listen up Miss Newitz: I'm pretty sure 230 million white folks didn't make Avatar. End of the frickin' story. So go profile some other race cuz of what 12 people did, or maybe 120 if you include the gaffers and electricians.

Here's my favorite quote from the article: "...whites need to rethink their fantasies about race." Well, someone sure as hell does. Not to mention getting a refund on that PhD.

Again, if I said "Blacks need to rethink their fantasies about race," I'd be fitted with a monocle, shiny jack boots and declared the second coming of fucking Hitler. Or how about "transgender need to rethink their fantasies about gender."

And the stupid don't stop there with io9. They are a fun factory of dumb in another article by Charlie Jane Anders called "What do you do when you find weird racism in old science fiction books?" It might be better titled "What do you do when you WANT to find weird racism in old science fiction books, CAN'T, and so just LIE about it?" Here is the entirety of the io9 piece, cuz its point is to give you a link to the actual race hunters on the job.

"Over at the Straight Dope messageboard, there's a fascinating conversation about the perils of reading old books, especially science fiction novels, in which some very off-kilter racism is tossed out casually. The discussion kicks off with Cyril Kornbluth's "The Marching Morons," in which the main character just randomly hates Africans and African Americans — and then not surprisingly, it turns to H.P. Lovecraft. All of which makes me wonder... what do you do when you're reading an old SF book and you come across a weird example of old-school, unapologetic racism? Do you toss the book across the room, or just grit your teeth and keep reading? [Straight Dope]" 

Turns out the "perils" were largely in paranoid minds where such "perils" are distressingly common.

Not surprisingly, but with appropriate irony, let's bow our heads for a moment of stupidity at the name of the web site the thread is at, keeping in mind the topic is "The Marching Morons." That's right - it's called "Straight Dope." Really.

Here's the crusty racist monster Sherlock race-naut Annamika (alias) has dug out its tomb, in its entirety:

"Surprise examples of racism in books (open spoilers)

I mean examples that took you by surprise. Maybe the characters, too, if you feel like it.

I noticed that "The Marching Morons" by Cyril Kornbluth was being given away by Amazon to Prime Members, so I started reading it. It's kind of a Rip Van Winkle story.

Anyway after our Rip wakes up and starts doing some things with the government, he meets a fellow with an African last name. (He's half). Immediately he asks if he can be assigned to someone else. I mean, he's got nothing against "Negroes", and some of his best friends are black! But you know, if it would be OK...

Not only do they allow this but the half-black guy takes with with aplomb and (sic) equinamity. Well, this is a book in which race hasn't even been a remote issue up until now. In a complicated way, it's sort of a book about haves and have-nots, and I was kind of taken aback by this incident - it seemed kind of forced to say the least. Like "Oh, we'd better give our Rip some characterization, let's make him racist."

Other examples of where racism seems to be (sic) unneccesarily inserted into books? Spoiler tags are not necessary (unless the book has been released in the last year, please)."

A) Moron Annamika later admits she hasn't finished the story.
B) "The Marching Morons" is a satirical black comedy. The man in question, Barlow, is a mass-murderer who thinks of humans as "lemmings." There is nothing unnecessary or racist about the passage; it is meant to reveal an insight into Barlow's personality. The mixed-race man in question, Ryan-Ngana, correctly divines from the encounter that Barlow is "irrational" and "a fountain of precious vicious self-interest," a nascent Hitler. In the end, Barlow is murdered.
C) In the rest of the thread, squat is shown as far as making a case SF is racist, unless you consider H.P Lovecraft as comprising the entirety of SF.
D) Moron Annamika is a moron.

The only problem in the whole affair is the author at io9, Charlie Jane Anders, and idiot Annamika, midwived reporting a scandal about racism where there was none. In fact the "discussion kicks off" and ends with zip. Hell, Ray Bradbury alone has more anti-racist stories than these nitwits were able to come up with to the contrary in the entire genre. Considering the radfem contention that SF of that era is massively racist, the assertion by io9 is bald-faced stupidity. Let's go to the dictionary folks. There we can see the difference between the words "want" and "is." Get out your PhD's cuz it's gonna be a long night.

Mission Not-Accomplished. Hahhahaha. It was "fascinating," but not in the way the author meant it. And don't worry, there's plenty more at io9, cuz racism's on the loose folks. In that tumblir of dumb which kicks off with "10 White People Who Became Rulers of the Jungle," the phrase "willful screeds against an entire race" is innocently placed without a hint of irony by someone I presume looks just like those sad paintings of the kids with gigantic eyes; maybe like these. Sad li'l tykes - sniff. Keep in mind this is a site where io9 editor Annalee Newitz called Saladin Ahmed's anti-white screed at Salon.com called "Is 'Game of Thrones' too white? " a "terrific essay." And just as curiosity, what pork-eating half-Irishmen are "Muslim"?

And below the original article about marching morons written by a marching moron, the massive amount of comments reiterate the same thing: the admittedly goofy H.P. Lovecraft with the usual casual BS about Tolkien and Edgar Rice Burroughs thrown in and blah, blah, blah, case closed. For something assumed to be so widespread in old SF, the comments are without specific examples; it's all "assumed" and "known." In fact, the comments have more specific SF examples asserting the opposite.

Listen, I've read a ton of SF from 1910 to 1960. The idea it's racist or even gave a shit about such things is sheer nonsense. Generally speaking, race is a non-event in old SF. But of course "colorblindess" equals "privilege" equals "racism" and it never fucking stops because the justice league of race and gender sees racism in cloud formations and are experts at circular and self-sealing arguments you can never win. Don't portray people of color and you're a racist. Portray them and you're a racist. Take a nap and you're a racist. What the race-nauts really mean is don't be white, something I'm working on with my new invention, the "Morality Inducing Tanning Bed." Once I pop out of that motherfucker I can do no wrong and maybe io9 will hire me to write articles about how scientists have proven white people smell funny and are descended from Satan.

The author of this ridiculous failure of a witch hunt is a person whose brain clearly doesn't work because it is too dazzled by notions of right and wrong scrimmed through identity rather than an actual event. One must conclude talent has nothing to do with Miss Ander's position within the SF community and that placing diversity before the cart is a dumbing down process that will eventually have us back to the Bronze Age. Considering the theme of this series of essays, I'd say today's race-nauts share an intellectual space with the Monty Python version of the Spanish Inquisition. Amongst the weaponry of the modern PC inquisition to which they owe their status, are fear, gender, race, gender preference and baseless accusations based on keyword searches which are then TRIGGER WARNING raped of context.

Miss Anders pounced on "The Marching Morons" with her tools of intimidation and torture and those tools ended up being frightening pillows and a "comfy chair," aside from a total lack of brain cells which might enable simple comparisons. The fact of the matter is that a butterfly flapped its wings in 1951 by uttering the word "negroes," a bomb went off in Miss Anders' head 6 decades later and a racial lynching of an entire genre, race and era occurred on the basis of zero fucking evidence.

Io9 is on the bandwagon going around the race and justice SFF circles at the time of this writing about having a park named for mid-list SF author Octavia Butler, a woman whose fame largely resides on the fact she is (A. a woman and (B. black. Butler died in 2006 but as the brigade of race-nauts in SFF comes more and more to dominate SFF institutions, her name is bruited about more than ever. Jack Vance, an author who's 10 times the SFF writer Butler ever was, won't be having anyone from the race and justice league campaigning for any parks for him. Vance is the wrong gender and wrong color. I mean, what's being a good SFF writer worth to SFF writers nowadays? Answer: nothing.

What these people don't get is that it is just as stupid to ask someone to stand on a pedestal because of their skin color as it is to stand in a ditch. In the case of Butler, it is racially patronizing and acts to diminish and mask what real achievements she may have to her credit as a writer. In my opinion, the incessant drumbeats about Butler in the last few years from this crowd of true dipshits is not only a disgrace to them, but to SFF and to the memory of Octavia Butler. Whenever race comes before art, art dies. It should then come as no surprise that SFF literature is at a low ebb in its 100 year history in America as a specific genre.

Racialist bigots like de Bodard, Saladin Ahmed and N.K. Jemisin only understand what I said about a pedestal when it suits them. That's because they have no principles, or brains, or love for their fellow humans on this Earth. On Friday it's one thing, on Saturday another. Jemisin Tweets this as evidence of her profound cluelessness and the roulette wheel she uses to decide right and wrong:

"N. K. Jemisin ‏@nkjemisin 2h A black & Asian woman discuss the problem with fetishization. "Not your pretty little lotus flower/not your fetish" http://wp.me/p3HucV-6O 20 Aug 13" 

That brings you to this post called "I’m Not Your Pretty Little Lotus Flower #NotYourFetish."

Great. Maybe you should read the name of your blog ya fucking moron. Plus you can now please go tell the SFF community to stop doting on average SF writer Octavia Butler like she was a magic fucking leprechaun and send an email to the Carl Brandon Society to stop fetishizing non-whites, measuring their heads, sending them to rodeos in Wyoming, giving them car fare to tragically white SF conventions, taking blood samples, making racial pie-charts of planet Earth, social-engineering my hind end and one-dropping the fuck out of SFF literature. And don't forget to shove your blog's concerns about the "ubiquity of whiteness" right up your own hind ends.

About putting race on a pedestal, one of the authors writes:

"Of course, such exotifiying sentiments are meant to be complimentary. After all, the patriarchy asserts, what could be higher praise for a woman than the approval of a white man? Only…it isn’t praise. It is patronising and dehumanising, and inextricably bound up with the social power of race and gender." 

Ya hear that Scalzi, Hines, Cuinn and the rest of you loons in the SFF community? Of course it's all topsy-turvy bullshit. The day these morons like at the Joy Fuck Diversity Club stop turning town non-white awards and anthologies from the justice league of race and gender is the same day the Oort Cloud will shave my legs with a credit card.

The final plea from "Joy" goes like this:

"So please, men with ‘Yellow Fever’, stop objectifying, fetishising and exotifiying us. Instead, try seeing us as individual human beings with individual, unique personalities. Cool idea, no? And next time you have the urge to tell me about all the Asian women you’ve dated and how much you loved Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon or Memoirs of a Geisha — don’t."

Yeah, that's a cool idea, but don't talk to me. Go talk to the morons in the SFWA, WisCon, and Diversicon, who are constantly patting non-whites on the head, sitting at the feet of their "wisdom," even when they're clearly as racist as a fucking member of Stormfront, and gurgling like babies every time the first "Muslim" author learns to walk on their own. And next time you feel the urge to ask me about how many hockey games I attend a year and you think to use hashtags like "#AllWhiteFrontPages," please - to - go - fuck - self. I in turn promise I won't go to Taiwan and Tweet #AllYellowKungFuMovies, #AllYellowCrouchingTigerHiddenDragon.

Don't miss reading this comment which does a satire on the article and shows it up for the racist bullshit it is. 


Engaging in racial profiling while criticizing it is moronic. With only identity to go by because you've thrown out principle, stupid racial bigotry is like waving around a loaded shotgun. Identity simply has no moral compass, no matter how much one wishes it did. You can't buy into the fundamental precepts of racial bigotry and claim to defend against them at the same time. That's a stunning lack of insight and why people use the word "Orwellian" about 10 million times a year when it comes to PC liberals.

Preaching people are not different at the same time you preach they are different is a losing game. And one can't throw culture into the mix while retaining the only common denominator, which is race, because everyone's personal experiences will vary. What does Jim Hines being white have to do with shouting or why would one extend that out into a world beyond your living room? Why does Jim Hines write almost as much about rape, gayness, gender and race as he does about SF&F - is he running for congress?

Here Hines has a post called "What Is Rape Culture?", because Young Adult SF&F and rape go together like pumice and semi-trucks. I'll say it again and again: in my opinion, these people are just fucking crazy.


Read this remarkable exchange on Jim Hines Twitter feed where Hines has his gender bigotry explained to him, is schooled, and still doesn't fucking get it.

1. Jim C. Hines ‏@jimchines 8h I'm told some people don't like the term "mansplaining." No problem. From now on, I'll go with, "Talking out of your dick."

2. Clare Clare ‏@CakeCodex 5h @jimchines I understand the sentiment, but the the whole dick equals man thing is pretty cis centric.

3. Jim C. Hines ‏@jimchines 4h @CakeCodex It is. It's also been pretty exclusively cisgendered men I've observed perpetrating this particular behavior.

4. @wrdnrd 2h @jimchines Which suggests you are comfortable assigning personality behaviors according to sex organs, & that kinda surprises me about you.

5. Jim C. Hines ‏@jimchines 2h @wrdnrd That's quite the leap.

6. wrdnrd ‏@wrdnrd 2h @jimchines YOU're the one who proposed re-coining "mansplaining" as "talking out your dick". What other interpretation am i to make there??

7. Jim C. Hines Jim C. Hines ‏@jimchines 2h @wrdnrd Do you interpret "talking out of your ass" in the same way?

8. wrdnrd ‏@wrdnrd 2h @jimchines You ALSO contended that mansplaining is a cissexist behavior, which reinforces viewing behavior as tied to sex organs.

9. wrdnrd ‏@wrdnrd 2h @jimchines I'm not sure what you're trying to contend with "talking out your ass", so that remains metaphorical for me in this conversation. 

Yeah, it is quite the leap, if you're a fucking moron. But why should we be surprised at people who don't even know what an ass is? You got that? Hines assigns behaviors to race and gender almost daily but considers it a "leap" that he even does such a thing. Jesus fucking Christ almighty.

Hines commonly drags out strawmen like this, as if anyone in the entire fucking world actually fears it:

"Jim C. Hines ‏@jimchines 18h @le_rameau It's a slippery slope that leads straight to a FEMITOPIA and the EXTINCTION OF DUDES!12 Aug 13" 

I suppose in the Hines' household that passes for insightful humor or irony or satire or whatever the fuck it's supposed to be. In fact what the real issue is is a fear of certain social identities which this sliver of the SFF community regularly hauls out for a beating in a manner that betrays mindless anxieties and double standards that amounts to unreasoning, hysterical and fearful phobias over pretty much nothing. In fact, one of the most disturbing things is the similarity of unreasoning hysteria which is shared within this community. Although that community itself certainly sees their arguments through a scrim of reason, logic and experience, I myself experience their writings as shared delusions of permanent paranoia, disdain and resentments which precede any events. Everything this community writes is merely a confirmation of judgments passed on certain identities long, long ago.

If you want a heaping spoonful of irony, that would be the fact that if these people were as nearly obsessed with actual science fiction, artistry and writing as they were of rape culture, race and gender, they might actually amount to something. As is, they come off as people badly in need of an adult to tell them to simply knock it off, if not outright therapy, but there is apparently no such presence in their lives, and when a calming voice appears in a blog's comments sections, they attack it like swarming piranhas with their usual circular logic, whining, blame, strawmen, censorship and hysteria.

SFF's blogs and conventions are increasingly resembling Lord of the Flies scenarios where adult behaviors are simply non-existent and weird fears are palpable. Equally non-existent in this community is the idea of faith in the human spirit applied to all members of humanity; nobility, honesty, spirit and a sense of justice are similar to drinking fountains in the Jim Crow old South of the U.S. which were reserved for one race or the other. To say the justice league of race and gender of the SFF community are a group of blithering prejudiced idiots who are addicted to group defamation is an understatement.

Here's more adventures from the justice league of race and gender, courtesy of what passes for a mind in the general location of Jim Hines' brain pan of fun:

"A photo of past, present, and future WorldCon chairs, taken in 2012. #FandomIsColorblindAndGenderblind! http://www.flickr.com/photos/8638651@N07/7981623137/ … 13 Aug 13" 

That link brings you to this photo, where, sadly, 30 of the 31 people are white, with one Asian. One can well imagine all the Jim Hines' analogues in Nigeria, Japan and Bolivia who are startled by the lack of whites in whatever the fuck their hobbies are too. But asshole day isn't quite over in that Twitter thread and the naughty too-white KKK photo:

"Lia Wolff ‏@LiaWolff 4h .@jimchines Look, I'm sure the monochromatic-ness is just an illusion made by the camera. Totally. #sarcasmsign 13 Aug 13"

"Jim C. Hines ‏@jimchines 4h @LiaWolff Someone probably just messed up the "White balance" setting on the camera. 13 Aug 13"

"Lia Wolff ‏@LiaWolff 5h @jimchines Exactly! Nothing to see here, just technical difficulties, move along now. 13 Aug 13" 

"Isabel Schechter ‏@IsabelSchechter 6h @jimchines I am sure it's just a coincidence. Or not. 13 Aug 13" 

"Jim C. Hines ‏@jimchines 6h @IsabelSchechter It has to be! After all, some white dude explained to me the other week that sexism and racism in fandom ended decades ago! 13 Aug 13"

"Isabel Schechter ‏@IsabelSchechter 6h @jimchines well then it must be, if a white guy said so. 13 Aug 13" 

I don't know who Lia Wolff and Isabel Schechter are but they can both fuck off. What a crew of idiots.

Some days later, Hines drags out his straw man, beats the living shit out it, then rapes it on Twitter:

"I don't get people who think talking about racism and sexism in SF/F is worse than actual racism and sexism in SF/F. http://www.jimchines.com/2013/08/sffs-colorblindness-and-genderblindness/ … 27 Aug 13"

Too bad he can't actually show "actual racism and sexism in SF/F" other than the outliers one will find anywhere in the world. When it comes to mainstream and institutional, Hines and his cadre of Huns have the racism and sexism all locked up in a virtual guild where they've cornered the market. That's because in Hines' special dictionary, next to the word "harass" is a photo of a man and next to "racism" is a photo of a white. Each has a footnote "[never women or non-whites]"

Sadly, the link brings you to Hines' rape-blog and refuge from all things evil and a post about the "racist" photo of WorldCon chairs of the past. The same kind of racist group photos you see in boxing gyms, rap parties and state fairs all across racist America racist-racist. The truth is that if Hines - a young adult fantasy author - only blogged about YA fantasy, no one would pay attention to him. That tells you his real talent is as a fire-breathing feminist, not a writer.

Hine's post is called "SF/F’s 'Colorblindness' and 'Genderblindness' in a Single Photo." I would've called the post something like using a single brain cell to view your world. This dumb fuck doesn't "get" why "talking" about racism, as he puts it, is bad, because the moron never makes a case for actual racism. He just looks at a fucking photo and says "racist."

Read the post; I think Hines' feels he's in danger of losing the title of stupidest fucking clown in the SFF community to Kate Elliott and N.K. Jemisin, who in truth are breathing right down his neck.

Hines' writes this: "You’re right, I’m not personally aware of any recent examples of people explicitly refusing to let women and PoC participate in the convention-planning and conrunning process. 2"

The number "2" is a footnote that says "2. I’m not saying it doesn’t or hasn’t happened; only that I’m not aware."

Next, Hines' writes "But there are an awful lot of ways to discriminate against people without being obvious about it. There are ways to hurt people without intending to do so, or even realizing you’ve hurt them. You can tell someone they aren’t welcome here without ever saying a harsh word."

Got that? This is this completely paranoid moron's "case" and "evidence" for rampant sexism and racism in the SFF community - admitting he has none, but he carries on anyway. What a fucking rock this guy is, and about as sad a source of completely unnecessary hate-speech in the SFF community as you'll find. A photo: what a joke. Keep in mind as you read the post and comments: THIS IS SCIENCE FICTION?????? In this dumb fuck's mind, every group photo in America is and should be suspect; but only if it's a certain group identity currently not very trendy with dumb fucking racial and gender bigots.

Hey Hines, go into a black neighborhood and start fucking recruiting; bring some of your fucking books; hand them out. Don't forget to hit the boxing gyms and to tell them the mostly black group photos on the wall are racist ya fucking idiot. Explain all about the Hugos and how you're anti-racist and how most whites don't examine their privilege or even know how to wipe their own hind ends without you running a privilege-awareness blog. Better yet, move into the fucking neighborhood - then you can be on the job 24/7, maybe with a hotline. Ya wanna do something "inclusive," put your ass on the line instead of whining from your "racist" neighborhood I'd bet money looks pretty much like your "racist" photo.


The bottom line is that the people unwittingly advancing the fundamental principles of racism while thinking to do the opposite do so because they are unable to make simple comparisons. They have purposefully abandoned principle for the, to me, obvious reason that to do so weakens their obsession with these racial expressions of hysteria in the first place.

One simply cannot posit a world where by an amazing coincidence, moral failure is virtually always in a white court and almost never in a non-white court - that's bald-faced racism posing as thought. Without institutional racism to point to, one is left with anecdotes passed off as a system of oppression that in fact does not exist. Once you buy into these ideas, people feel perfectly fine with demonizing white folks without a hint of irony or self-awareness. Say anything in complaint and the usual line is something like, "white people think they are being oppressed" - a child's insult I've seen many times. Is the Southern Poverty Law Center suing neo-Nazis and the KKK into the ground because they feel oppressed, or out of principle? Whites feeling oppressed is not what's happening at all - that's an easy LOL fantasy, and identity freaks know it - that's why they say it - they have no honest rebuttal. What's being oppressed by the PC Left is the very principles behind our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Being addicted to identity, race-baiters see that as defending white people rather than a principle, while at the same time the principles the Left are supposedly protecting, which is to marginalize racial bigotry, gets slammed. That puts us back at square one, Orwell, and it just goes around and around.

It goes around and around because one side loves identity devoid of principle and the other principle devoid of identity. If principle, which is behind our system of laws and governance, were adopted by all on this issue, we'd all be much closer to being on the same page. As it is right now, there is not a chance of a sane exchange of ideas - it is a debate between a person who speaks only Portuguese and one who speaks only English.

The problem is that some people simply don't want to be on the same page. Why would someone addicted to demonizing people for imagined racial slights want to abandon their favorite toy - victimhood and the moral high ground? Why is it their favorite toy in the first place? I don't know, but it seems to approach a pathology from an overdeveloped sense of persecution and self-righteousness. Since racialist professional victims can show no systemic racial victims or immorality, what else can it be but some mental aberration? And please don't tell me about poverty and crime and this and that. If one can posit a failure of a value system on one hand then one can do the same on the other, and it's much more likely people actually affected are involved in their own fate, not some guy who doesn't know them from the other side of the country but with the wrong skin color or gender. And here's a further clue: complaining isn't a proven winning formula. At some point one must recognize when one is one's own explanation for failure.

And how does one spot people who have all this as a favorite toy? Easy. Identify the people who never shut up about race and dare them to stop for one year. Those who can't or refuse to are obvious targets of scrutiny. Sure, they'll say they're not going to ignore racism and we start to go around again. Make no mistake, the racialists will say of course there are systemic and institutional victims of racial abuse, but in fact they can never prove such a thing. Having virtually 100% of racial mainstream institutions on the political Left is just a little inconvenient, unless one can show me a white culture mainstream web site formally organized around the concept of race. You can't - there isn't one. Not one. A stunning oversight for a country of white supremacist racists. There are no fucking WhiteyCon SF conventions and saying majority white is the same as purposeful racial identification and huddling is a lie.

Racism is not rocket science; either it is a phenomenon one can measure and predict or it is not. Anecdotes that vary by mileage don't rise to that standard. The only things that do rise to that standard are mainstream racial advocacy groups, laws and institutions. Unfortunately for the credibility of one side of this debate, those 3 things in the mainstream exist only on one side of the argument. Not surprisingly, it is the people most loudly crying racism. Ask them to abandon ideas like the Congressional Black Caucus, Affirmative Action, and Black awards shows and they'll say they can't. They need them because of racism and so the circle just goes round and round again and we're back to Orwell's square one. Again, predictably, these anti-racist-racists can't actually show the racism they're talking about other than by anecdotes, failure and by its shadow. Hell, if failure is a sign of racism, that adds up to an lot of unlucky rocket scientists.

In their minds, the League of Racial Heroes once again resort to Orwellian logic by suggesting a mass failure of white culture (which doesn't exist) while denying as impossible and racist the idea of a mass failure of black culture (which does exist). But for PC race-naut, anti-neck-beards, statistics and all wrongness only go one way, back to whites. The fact SF race-nauts complain 24/7 about the supposedly uniquely massive success of white colonial empires might give them pause as to exactly what ideas they are in fact putting forward. I think that's one of those "With friends like these..." moments. "Oh no, wait... that's not what we meant. We meant lucky-evil-stupid successful not successful-successful." Oh, okay. Fer awhile there I thought white honkey-crackers were the Whitey Ford-era New York Yankees of all of world history.

The anti-neck-beards are also fond of projecting their own thoughts onto people long dead. As I said, they'll say E.R. Burroughs wrote white fiction to prop up a white male system of supremacy. That's like saying he didn't use the internet cuz he didn't trust it though I'm fairly certain a quick Google search will confirm there was no internet. I'm quite sure Burroughs didn't give a damn about propping up any system of the kind, other than the mail system which delivered his checks. It's the equivalent of saying a Chinese author in China writing about Chinese should be accused of Chinese supremacy. Bewilderingly, black authors who somehow shoehorn in black characters in every one of their books in a country today of 87% people who are not black think it's wrong for white authors to do the same thing in a country they lived in that was almost 90% white. That's goofy race-naut, anti-neck-beard math, right there.

That's right. Orwell. Square one. Hello again.

The concept of racial diversity itself is, again predictably, racial bigotry disguised as anti-racism. If all men are created equal, then where does diversity of skin equal actual diversity? This is a thing so obvious it is a plain case of not being able to see the forest for the trees. Something everyone acknowledges is a danger but which those most at risk hate to explore to its logical limits. The NBA and NHL, among about a zillion expressions of culture in the world, prove that diversity or a lack of it in cultures devoid of segregation laws is an accidental expression, not a conspiracy to keep out white basketball players or black hockey players. There is little diversity in rap music - guess what? Nobody cares. Nobody cares that Indians prize cricket above all other sports and therefore have a global presence out of whack with their demo when it comes to the sport. No one cares women write romance novels, no one cares Brazil wins a lot of world soccer cups, or mysteriously create the most Samba music. No one cares Egyptians liked pyramids when no one else did, no one cares a lot of black folks are in jazz, no one cares and no one cares.

There doesn't need to be an investigation into Brazil's world cup soccer championships nor a lack of them from India. We don't need diversity in the NBA nor in hockey. What we need is for morons to simply recognize that there are such things as cultural interests and that they cannot be gerrymandered, turned into racial and gender pie-charts, shoe-horned and shaped like clay or called racism, or bigoted xenophobia or conspiracies, witting or unwitting.

Here is a truism about life: when someone states authoritatively something they couldn't possibly know is true or not, they are only showing what they wish is true. Nebula award-nominated authors N.K. Jemisin and Saladin Ahmed, for example, for reasons known only to themselves, delight in expressing how bigoted everyone is who is not black, female and Arab/Muslim. Far from being given platforms from which to express their disgusting views or being nominated for literary awards, they should be marginalized and ostracized so they can sit next to the KKK and David Duke in whatever cultural backwater they currently reside in. They deserve each other. They deserve each other because they share an identical philosophical and intellectual space.

The fact is that those in America today who accuse others of discrimination in the past by making clever racial argument to hide sheer animosity devoid of actual logic and reason are indulging in the same thing themselves. If one invokes principle - trusts in it, believes in it - it is an argument easily proven. Far from all the circular logic of "white privilege" and sad rhetoric, if one invokes principle, identifying racial bigots and taking them down is as easy as eating a slice of apple pie and washing it down with a nice glass of milk.

Don't ever be fooled by so-called pleas of of making such attacks in the name of some kind of racial justice - that is always the claim. It's what the Nazis claimed and what the KKK claimed. It is a smokescreen to hide simple racial disdain based on nothing more than the worse part of humankind, hatred.

People need to accept this simple fact: it's the 21st century. It's not 1658 or 1859 or 1898 or 1954. The fact one needs to look at without blinders is that 100% of mainstream expressions of formal racial segregation exist only among the very people who most loudly cry racism. Among the so-called enemy, there is not a single mainstream expression of this to be found. When is obvious, obvious? The claim of course is defense, and a convenient one it is, since it by an amazing coincidence allows for racial advocacy unhindered by an application of simple principle and so distributes morality by skin color. Once again, Orwell, square one. Try though it might, the misuse of the word "institution" is applied against the racist enemy in ways so casual it stretches the definition beyond the limits placed on it. Within this definition, the NHL, all white, becomes intentionally all white. The GOP suffers the same fate. Without principle, the Congressional Black Caucus, 100 Black Men of America and a thousand other expression of naked, formal and institutionalized mainstream racial advocacy skate away as clean from taint as a new born babe.


This is how I see this whole issue: people who arrange themselves on the two sides of this topic will never communicate. They don't speak the same language and so are literally incapable of exchanging ideas. That's why you see internet feuds and exchanges that go on and on and on and never even come close to being resolved in any way. Each is in effect either speaking to the already converted or those incapable of being converted. One side speaks only Portuguese, the other English. Figure out the likelihood of an exchange of ideas.

Some people pretend to balance, sitting on the sidelines, with no dog in the hunt, effortlessly rising above the fray, but there is no sitting on the fence on matters such as this. Its like thinking only some people get wet in the rain.

One side invokes principle devoid of identity, the other identity devoid of principle. It must be that way since principle and identity are mutually exclusive concepts. People who pretend to invoke each at the same time invoke only a sort of madness and become detached from reality.

One doesn't have to be a genius to figure out which side is parsing the Bill of Rights only through identity and which through principle. In the end, karma will have its own say and either lead you to the stars or believing the fault lies in them. Each is then its own reward and punishment, and I don't have to get involved or lift a finger. My job is simply to laugh last.

On a youtube video, Adria Richards is on a panel involving diversity in Silicon Valley. An Hispanic panelist says he had no idea he could turn his obsession with tech into a career because he saw no people who looked like him, a Hispanic, doing it.

A classic case of Orwellian doublethink and madness, where the principle of content of character, his equality, is invoked and rejected in one single sentence - both are equally believed, but cannot be. Two completely different modes of thought are being employed that are at odds with each other. That's because in fact there were people who looked exactly like him - they had five fingers. I reject PC nutters like SF writer John Scalzi, Adria Richards and the rest, and their racist-anti-racist diversity and everything they stand for.

In my view there is no argument here. Water is wet. I cannot flap my wings and fly. Those do not constitute an op-ed. People are people - you only have to view them as such; not as an enemy, not as an inferior, not as a threat.


Are there ignorant people? Are there racists? Sure, of course there are. Is that a system when there are no institutional ways to organize such ignorance? No, it's not. Can racism then go both ways? Of course it can, and it certainly does. The plain truth that people like Scalzi, Jemisin and Ahmed ignore or simply don't understand is this: in the absence of institutional discrimination - law - that discriminates against specific ethnicities, there is no reason or proof to support the idea that one ethnicity is any more racist than another. They fail to understand that law was the problem under Jim Crow and in Nazi Germany, not books that didn't measure up to extremely pedantic and provincial racialism by morons who are themselves a demonstrably obsessive and hyper aware interest in matters of race and similarly intent on distributing morality according to that race, and gender.

Racialists like Aliette de Bodard, Saladin Ahmed and N.K. Jemisin do the very thing in their own work they say is wrong for white writers to do - feature race. The difference is that Ahmed and Jemisin do it purposefully; they even boast they do. George Martin's just writing a book - his novels are in no way racialist, and his crime in the eyes of Ahmed is that Martin doesn't think exactly like an obsessive goof like Ahmed does - a man who notices "such things." One can't escape the feeling there is something broken inside Ahmed; if there is such a thing as Islamophobia, and trust me, Ahmed believes that to the hilt, then Ahmed himself certainly suffers from whiteophobia, since he reacts to quite natural expressions of art that depict whites in completely natural ways and settings the way a vampire does a cross; Jemisin too.

In the end, there is a simple measure of notions of true justice, fair play and the greater good, and it is not centered around identity, to say the least, but around principle that apply to all, and will intellectually adhere to all whether they like it or not. Not in the same Orwellian mode of gibberishspeak that Scalzi's white privilege does but in a simple way involving the Golden Rule, goose-gander, and other simple comparisons beyond the grasp of identity freaks.

On the day N.K. Jemisin starts using her silly racial language and logic to whine about why college basketball has a presence of black men 4 times what both their college and national demo suggest, then that is the day Jemisin will have credibility with me. Justice, principle, logic and common sense are things applied evenly, not just where they favor black folks, or white.

If you ask Jemisin, Scalzi or Ahmed why blacks dominate the sport, what are they going to say? They'll have to admit the very thing they deny when it suits them - the idea of cultural interest, values and a meritocracy. Read Jemisin's Twitter feed enough and you'll find "meritocracy" is a curse word to her. When the justice league of race and gender express these same types of demo by race and gender topics in other areas, suddenly the idea of a meritocracy or cultural values goes out the windows and it is a simply a matter of white racism. There is a cultural value system in play, or rather the failure of a value system - that of whites. Yet the idea of the failure of a non-white value system is considered impossible. Identity freaks only crave the diversity pie chart when it suits their absurd agendas. You don't see Hispanics whining about a lack of Hispanic college basketball players. That's because they simply understand it's not a particular cultural interest of theirs. Why? I don't know. It just is - much of the world works like that. There's no reason to cordon off your own little piece of it and suspend the laws of reality and complain about diversity and racism.

Don't expect Jemisin, Scalzi or Ahmed to express outrage over a lack of whites in college basketball or call for busing whites to black playgrounds which are the source of the skills one needs to compete. Don't expect these people to call for diversity in any other area blacks, or women, dominate. Suddenly - voila - meritocracy is NOT a curse word.

Don't expect Ahmed to call out the anti-Semitism, and discrimination against females and gays endemic in Arabic and Muslim cultures. In the goofy reversed out South African apartheid-era identity and racial hierarchy of the PC world, Arabs, being an approved non-white group are, like Adria Richards says, incapable of racism or bigotry, even while their cultures are awash in institutionalized expressions of it. No Christian or woman can be the president of Egypt by law so let's just ignore that.

The fact of the matter is that no country founded on the idea of a Bill of Rights and a Constitution can survive outright bigotry being mainstreamed into it's popular culture. Such a thing undermines the very ideas behind our Constitution. The SFWA is not a problem in a vacuum, but merely one expression of a larger problem that one can make a case for and quote from dusk til dawn. Nominating N.K. Jemisin and Saladin Ahmed for a Nebula is like nominating David Duke for one. It is an open secret that both Ahmed and Jemisin are being nominated because of their racial stances, race, and the view that those racial stances represent justice.

The SFWA and the SF community in general, with goofy depravities like the Orwellian named Diversicon, are in such a hurry to show how racist they are not, they are pushing authors like Jemisin and Ahmed, and others, to the front, and even embracing them without fully vetting their non-fiction racist rhetoric, principles or artistic skills, or in fact showing any principles themselves; you simply cannot strain artistry through skin. If Heinlein's a racist for a single fictional novel like "Farnham's Freehold" and a single letter about race in America discussing hypothetical's, then how much worse are the insane and accusatory racial ramblings of Ahmed, de Bodard and Jemisin? When the SFWA nominates three authors whose non-fiction writing could arguably be prosecuted as hate speech in the U.K, Canada and the E.U., they should stop a minute and think about what it is they are promoting. Saying America is "a culture rich in racist stereotypes and xenophobic fear-mongering" is disgusting. It is disgusting because it is a racial portrayal and not a national one that takes in all ethnic groups in America. It is disgusting because there is not the slightest scholarship to support such an accusation. If one were to start asking Ahmed what percentage of Americans suffer from this proposed xenophobia and racism, presumably over 50%, Ahmed would be shown as the smug supremacist and racial bigot that he is.

If one wants to take a principled stand and point out intersections between good and evil, right and wrong, justice and injustice, pretty much everyone is in favor of such things. We call it the Golden Rule. But when such considerations are sieved through race and gender, that is no Golden Rule but a violation of it - it is simple bigotry.

The entire cadre of hateful so-called "feminists" behind women like Adria Richards ranging from Amanda Marcotte to Valerie Aurora to N.K. Jemisin together with their inartful supporters such as Saladin Ahmed and John Scalzi are people who, to me, clearly have mental issues that amount to near pathologies. Demonizing half the people in the world from the get go on no evidence reeks of hatred, jealousy and resentment, not logic, justice or reason.

I have no trouble saying women are the greatest thing in this world, or that the Muslims of Egypt and Turkey are among the nicest people I've ever met or that there isn't a lick of difference between a black person or white. You won't get anything like that kind of straight forward view from our justice league of bigots, who'd either bite their own tongues off before doing such a thing or be unable to do so without a Captain Queeg-like exposition of Byzantine complexity explaining all the true merits of hate. Everything's a conspiracy and a reading between the lines and a seeing through the cracks until hate and love are turned on their heads. Hate becomes justice, disdain a defensive posture, bigotry the benevolent hard work and research of a scientist otherwise totally neutral on matters of race and gender. I have a bridge. It's a very nice bridge. It's in Brooklyn. And some swamp land too. Say hello to David Duke when you move there.

As it is presently constituted, If I were an SF writer, I'd no more belong to the SFWA than I would the frickin' KKK. Morons, heal thyselves. In my dream world, Jemisin, Scalzi, Richards, Ahmed, neo-Nazis, the KKK and David Duke would be put together on an old aircraft carrier just off the American coast, given a single pair of binoculars to look at the place they don't deserve to live, and engage one another with their enlightening views on race til the sun burns out. Throw in the craziest mental case feminists and their dangerous "trigger" games of Twister too. They can give each other anti-harassment FYI cards. Trust me, they'll find they have more common ground than you think.

Philippe Roger writes "As the French essayist Serge Halimi discovered and exposed in Le Monde diplomatique in May 2000, individuals with ulterior motives are hiding behind this empty word." The empty word in that case is "anti-American." In the case of our Legion of Racialist Super-Heroes, the word they hide behind is not at all empty - it is "justice." But they are stripping it of all meaning until it may soon become empty in real terms.

Roger continues: "Anti-Americanism? Never heard of it. Except as a fabrication, pure and simple. Since Sartre's day, this denial has been the obligatory preamble to any use of anti-American rhetoric. Halimi's article is only a typical example of a widespread rhetorical device: everything in it works by mirror image, from the accusation of intimidation, introduced to justify censorship of the undesirable word, to the imputation that the opponent uses a 'tightly screwed-together binary logic' (this masks the Manichean political views of the accusation itself). The semantic objection is there only to set the polemical machine in motion."

That is a frightening analogy of the Left's use of the term "anti-racist" and a reminder of Adria Richards's assertion on Twitter that "Black people CANNOT be racist against White people. Racism is a position of the oppressor who has the power." Sure, lady; make sure you get out the dictionary and confirm that hate is a question of exact definitions. I wonder is Richards knows the word "gullible" isn't in the dictionary. I always thought that was weird.

Well, that's a nice and tidy package of pre-chewed thought. Now all one needs is an "oppressor." Gulf of Tonkin or Mukden may be more apropos than Richards's idiotic invocation of Joan of Arc.


For our new "artists," America is a land of xenophobic, anti-gay, First Nation-killing, internment camp-making racists who by the way support rape culture. "Game of Thrones" is too white according to Salon.com and Avatar is racist propaganda. The result in real terms is that straight white men are the new traitorous Jews and the Left the new (nice version) Nazi party. Already black mobs smash windows and assault whites in Kristallnacht recreations in Minneapolis, Wisconsin, Cleveland and Philadelphia, Jacksonville, and too many more to name. If the Ada Initiative and SFWA believe mere words can provide "triggers," what effect does outright bigoted hate speech have by the heads of institutions and award nominated artists? The double standard is so blithe it smacks of simple sheer stupidity.

What message does blacks-only artist's awards in all fifty states convey? Whites and Asians are discriminated against entering college. Special laws protect non-whites and gays. If whites weren't a majority there'd be some serious trouble from this mob led by a Dem Party and its numerous adjuncts like the SFWA that mainstreams hate-speech about "white privilege," "frighteningly white" cities, (but not John Scalzi's) a "Gathering of Pasty White People," "old white men," "negrospotting." and "post traumatic slave syndrome."

The only thing the new Left lacks are actual swastikas. They certainly have the hate speech down pat and they are radicalizing young people while moronically suggesting not having PoC in old SF was racist and negatively affected young people. Scalzi, Jemisin and Ahmed's strange notions of cause and effect strangely come and go according to, not logic or a steadfast principle, but according to whim, race and gender. To say "consistent" is a curse word with these people is an understatement. I'll say this again: substitute the word "Jew" at any time when you read such hateful rhetoric and you'll see these people for what they truly are. The question is not one simply of racism and bigotry, but of where it is being mainstreamed into pop culture with the accompanying clever theories and by whom. Much of it is every bit as false and foul as "The Protocols of the Elders of Zion." The fact that everything these bigots "prove" is shown by outright lies, half-truths, exaggeration and showing a thing by its shadow speaks to this.

Read what Roger says very carefully:

"So, what is it?

"We will just say: anti-Americanism is a discourse. After all, a discourse—as its etymology indicates (dis-correre) and as the use of the word up to the Renaissance attests—is a way of "running here and there." Anti-Americanism is an unbridled discourse, not only because it is rife with irrationality and bubbling with humors, but also because it takes an essayistic form, rather than that of a dissertation or a demonstration. (It does not follow 'orders' either; there is no anti-American conspiracy.) Its logic is one of accumulation, accretion—'I'll take that one' or "give me a little more of that"—in short, it is a mad dash that deliberately ignores the Aristotelian principle of non-contradiction. (Anti-Americanism has never been ashamed to utter two mutually exclusive grievances at the same time.) But even with all its leaps and bounds, it is never "gratuitous," and still less absurd. Only the complexity of its crisscrossing strategies gives it the false appearance of a bunch of individual whims. The whims are there, make no doubt about it; they flesh out the words and bulk up the sentences. But the anti-American discourse grounds them."

Nor has endlessly mitigated racial bigotry from those who "CANNOT" be bigots ever "been ashamed to utter two mutually exclusive grievances at the same time." Quite the contrary, their very existence thrives on doing so and you being too stupid to notice. But one can't help but notice a community that literally believes they cannot be guilty of racism, no matter what they actually say and do. In a situation like that, believing themselves invulnerable to chastisement, what they say is quite interesting. The Golden Rule is one thing - the Golden Rule with an endless series of caveats attached to it like the tail of a kite to keep it aloft is nothing more than plain dog shit posing as a thought.

People should understand one simple fact: a principle doesn't know your skin color or gender any more than your cat does.

It is becoming clearer and clearer to me that progressive radical feminists like Amanda Marcotte, Adria Richards, Valerie Aurora and her depraved Ada Initiative, Melissa Harris-Perry, Rachel Maddow, Bozo the Clown, John Scalzi, N.K. Jemisin, Jim Hines, Saladin Ahmed and too many others to name, are simply people with either mental health issues or a naive index that is off the charts. A normal person is not a Dr. Frankenstein or fake scholar who raises bodies from 1854 and creates monsters that stalk America, racializing and politicizing every nook and cranny of society in a manner that is virtual identity paranoia. If such people can entertain something as ludicrous as Islamophobia and American racism and xenophobia in a nation that exhibits none of those characteristics or institutions, either de facto or de jure, they should certainly entertain whitemenophobia, cuz they have it, and in spades.  

To say such people equally fear principle and therefore our very Constitution, which they cherry-pick, is an understatement. If such people can name even one mainstream institution in America in the 21st century devoted and formally organized around the concept of white skin, while at the same time deny the massive presence of such racial institutions on the political Left, I will retract the entirety of these essays. The truth is that this sad and stupid hate speech from the political Left is institutionalizing the idea that women, non-whites and gays in America are not only hiding in basements from Nazi hunter-killer teams, but possess an innate moral and spiritual superiority based on nothing more than their identity. The true hunters are there for all the world to see, if they'll but use their eyes to see them.


Everything being underground, seen only by its shadow, or out of the corner of one's eyes is too convenient. It is not rational thought but a feeling of self-persecution bordering on outright paranoia as well as a denial of plain facts. I'll repeat this thought: to assert the massive presence of white racism and not be able to point to a single mainstream expression of formal and purposeful racial huddling by whites is a massive lapse of intellect and a mysteriously similar stunning lack on the part of white racists. Being a de facto demographic majority is no more a sign of racism than sub-Saharan Africa then being a land of racists because black people are in movies or books, or read the news.

This is what happens when a community of provincial idiots takes an episode of "Glee," plus Jim Crow and Brown vs. Board of Education and smears it onto 5,000 years of history while simply editing out the inconvenient bits like Mughal, Islamic, Aztec, Ottoman and Mongol Empires. The idea the Middle East, itself colonized into non-existence centuries ago by Islam, was ever colonized by the West and therefore justly angry is simple ignorance. India was colonized by Islamic ethnic Mughals long before the British arrived and Hyderabad in 1800 had Sunni Muslim ethnic Mughals as a ruling aristocracy with an ethnic Iranian Shi'ite bureaucracy and nominal approval from Isfahan, not Agra or Delhi, which would've been Mughal in any case. Some of these Iranians were first generation. Hyder is named after the Ali famed in Shi'ite religion. Why is a city in the eastern Deccan highlands of India named for an Arabian? Our invisible colonialists. And the reason examples like this are crucial is because the new bigots constantly invoke history and just as constantly get it wrong, distort it, strip it of context. Their enthusiasm to invoke historical lessons is only matched by their ignorance of history, not to mention sheer lies. They speak with the authority of scholars and in fact give over amateur, politicized and parochial stereotypes that wouldn't pass muster in 4th grade.

In short, we're talking about people so ignorant of history and human nature, they simply can't accept the fact that swaths of history that don't concern white folks in the least way are identical to parts of history that do concern white folks. When one reduces it to that level, it seems the resentment is more along the lines of a Packers fan hating the Chicago Bears in an era when the Bears won almost all the games. In other words, it's raging hypocrisy by people who've chosen to identify with losers who once indulged in the same things when they were on the upswing and are now reduced to creating bizarre theories to rationalize a downswing and cultural failure. It's all fun invading Europe about up to the time when they invade back after 1,000 years of attempts at imperialism, conquest, outright slavery and colonization. Then, suddenly, those things are bad. The best way to rationalize that is to simply pretend they never happened. It's the mentality of a poker player who loses and wants back their chips.

Let me very clear about one thing: there is not a single doubt in my mind that I could get the Council of Europe in Strasbourg and its European Commission against Racism and Intolerance, as well as other polities, to define my concerns in this five part essay as hate speech. Mainstreaming hate speech molds young minds and gives a sheen of credibility and a screen behind which hide the most outrageous bigotry. Considering the extent to which bigotry is held to be true and real in America, the idea that there are no naked expressions of it among women, gays and minorities is a laughable stupidity and its own form of bigotry. To arrive at a tie-breaker, one only has to open one's eyes and see who is formally organized around such ideas and who is not.


The SF&F community, from what I've seen doing several months research, is in big trouble, if not already artistically and intellectually defunct. It is a community with a severe addiction to identity by way of race and gender. Within that addiction there are enemies, and a lot of them. Those enemies are theorized, shown, discussed, manufactured and blitzed with an ardor and complexity that make the Nazis, at least intellectually and philosophically, look like amateurs.

The SF&F community not only basically thinks every genre writer before their own generation was a woman-hating and homophobic racist but that most still are. They'll lay out a racist poem by H.P. Lovecraft written in 1912 when he was 22 and declare, quite rightly, that it is racially offensive. The question I have is, compared to who? Certainly not compared to this bigoted community who must themselves be as identity-phobic and racist as any group of people in America who ever existed. How in the world can one set one's self up in opposition to Lovecraft and then take groups of people and declare them morally and spiritually inferior in the exact same way they declare Lovecraft did?

If this benighted community can't even identify the racist writers and bloggers in their own midst in 2013, much less set themselves against them, what in the hell business do they have going after anyone from 100 years ago? The SF&F community sets themselves up as ostensible opponents of the KKK and neo-Nazis and then proceed to do, in principle, pitch-perfect imitations of such groups. The accusations of racism, homophobia and misogyny based on the most trivial things are hysterical in tone and delivered with such smug and sanctimonious ardency that they make one want to go throw rocks at a cat in a tree rather than save it. If the SF&F community is an example of justice and love, then lord save me from justice and love.

The moronic truth is that these mental cases commonly assert that "historical figures" denote a situation where "pretty much EVERYONE was racist, sexist, and homophobic." The next part of that argument is usually that is no excuse. So then what excuse do people in the 21st century have? But the silliest part is that virtually every one of these pious pricks assumes they themselves would not have been "racist, sexist, and homophobic," in that past, which is as stupid an idea as is the idea that everyone in history was like that in the first place. Apparently each and every saint in the SF&F community thinks they would've been running underground railroads, deserting Cortes' army and going on hunger strikes so women could vote in 1787.


You're talking about a community that lit up an SF writer for having the gall to set a novel in a future Thailand, as if he'd violated a racial trademark law. Some of the remarks - involving minor mistakes of Thai language - were hysterical. Acrackedmoon at Requires Only That You Hate begins her remarks like this: "After having subjected myself to a bunch of clueless reviews by clueless white people I found a few that don’t praise this piece of orientalist shit to high heavens." Personally, I actually find that funny. I doubly find it funny when these PC addicts cannibalize each other. But according to the standards of that racialized special needs section of the SF&F fantasy community, it is Nazi territory, except when it's not. If they do it themselves, just call it "justice."

So ROTYH has set herself up as the gatekeeper for Thailand through which all white people must submit their fiction for her sociopathic approval because of white imperialism, sugar addiction and fast food. But now thankfully "The white man snivels in the corner, bleating for the vanished glory of the empire. Which is as it should be." Or maybe it's just another mentally disturbed failure on the internet. Apparently there's a version of the KKK in Thailand that doesn't think all that highly of white people. As the official voice of all Asia who white writers must first check with, ROTYH is not a good face for that side of the globe.

ACM quotes a piece written by the previously mentioned anti-neck-beard race-naut woman named Jaymee Goh, who writes about author Paolo Bacigalupi's "fabricated Thailand and Malaya. It implies that there is no reason to explore why Malaya has degenerated into what appears to be xenophobic fundamentalism, when for centuries, we’ve been known to be one of the most open ports for foreigners and ethnic groups have co-existed." Guess she never heard of Malay pirates or read "Lord Jim." Goh, an ethnic Chinese from Malaysia, is apparently either too stupid or too disingenuous to mention the current form of institutionalized discrimination against the minority Chinese and Indians in Malaysia called "Bumiputera." And in Malaysia, federal I.D.s identify citizens as Muslims or Non-Muslims. And I'm not too sure but I think the same word is used for "Gay Pride Parade" and "suicide" in Bahasa Malaysia. I've been to Malaysia - I speak Indonesian - that doesn't make me an expert - nice people, but trust me, you won't have to wait for an imagined SF future to find it either xenophobic or fundamentalist if you're the wrong citizen. And forget the fact that Bacigalupi's novel is the general core theme of about a zillion Japanese anime films. People like Goh constantly trot out their own racist and one-sided ode to their own heightened morality called "orientalism."

Goh is studying for her PhD at some college that's apparently set on the overthrow of white people in America due to heinous past crimes never fully paid for. When she graduates she'll be Dr. Goh and I hope she does.

Naturally Goh lamented the lack of a TRIGGER WARNING. One can only imagine what deep breaths might occur if she found a lady bug on her arm or accidentally inhaled a blowfly. Take note that Goh doesn't actually live in the liberal wonderland of her birth but chooses oppressive "postcolonialist" America and Canada for her maunderings about... yawn. Of course it never occurs to this moron that anyone in America has the right to question how she can come to my culture and light it up or that her highly racialized hate speech is illegal in Canada. No, that would be racist. But truthfully, by her own standards, Goh is a raging hypocrite, far more guilty than Bacigalupi of cultural appropriation, not to mention a dingbat.

Unless she's wearing a batik sarong, a Malay kris, and Penang silk slippers at WisCon, I think she may be a culture thief. She should be searched for any iPhones, laptops, or safety pins she might reverse-engineer and then deported. Bacigalupi can stamp her passport on the way out. Whenever you want to know what people really think, don't watch their lips, watch their feet. Goh talks trash about the West but trust me, that is where she will live rather than in the marvelous wonder that is racially innocent and noble Malaysia. "Bohong bodoh" is the most appropriate thing to say about Goh, aside from hypocrite and racialist. The truth is that if I said 1/10 the things about Malaysia Goh does about America, she'd be the first wildly stupid hypocrite to start whining "racism."

Keep in mind, noble Malaysia is the pleasant paradise where specially trained men merciless cane the hind ends of even illegal immigrants (often to unconsciousness), and women, as punishment, and hang people, including female foreigners, for having a half ounce of heroin. The good part is that pregnant women and children may not be sentenced to death. I was starting to think they may be barbarians. Plus Malaysia actually is a steampunk culture where people go to work in blimps and chug-chugging steam cars and have wind-up clockwork servants made of cracked ceramic who live in mason jars in quaint neighborhoods where everyone wears a monocle and say "pip-pip" and "cheerio" to each other as they go off to industrial parks each day to make semi-conductors. And of course noble Islam is the official state noble religion, to top off everyone's perfect day. Yup, we need more morons from such bastions of freedom to come to America, study here, and then basically tell us how fucked up and racist we all are. Well, at least they know we won't strap them to some apparatus and cane them until they take a nap, not that there's anything wrong with that.

It's amazing how many morons who disdain Eurocentrism never the less can't stay the fuck away from it, like leeches who hate the taste of the blood of their host. Only an idiot would talk about such a stupid concept as "cultural appropriation," but if anyone's engaging in it, it's people like Goh, unless you want to convince me steampunk, her favorite subject, somehow originated in an unknown Jules Verne of noble Malaysia. I don't know if Miss Goh has noticed it, but there's no giant mass migration from the West into SE Asia so we can appropriate their startling 12th century talents. Shouldn't Goh keep hands off instead of talking about it in another country that's not hers? These people don't just engage in hypocrisy; they stink of it, swim in it, eat it, shit it, and sleep with it.

Every time noble Goh goes to a modern dentist or get cured of a serious illness by Western medicine rather than going into a store with wooden drawers full of rhinoceros penis and ginseng, that's cultural appropriation. No wonder her retarded and off-kilter resentment of all things white and male pisses her off so much, since they are the source of everything that keeps her well and happy in life, according to her bizarre racial divisions of humankind. The thing I love about Goh is that, by her own standards, she should shut the fuck up about a country, my country, and culture, that is in no way hers.

The idea she'd ever respect my right in this regard in the same way she insists I do is of course absurd. It is as absurd as the fact the indigenous people, the Orang Asli, of her own country of noble Malaysia are discriminated against without a peep from Goh. It is as absurd as her race-based cherry-picking hatred of colonialism when her own country has been Islamized to this day with not a peep about it from Goh. It is as absurd as racially cherry-picking and historically isolating British colonialism while Goh herself has a deep affection for Victorian-era steampunk. Goh has only to look at her own noble Malaysian identity card to see her own hypocrisy as it will state whether or not she is a Muslim in a country where Islam is the official religion. In short, Goh should attend to her own backyard and leave mine to me. The fact of the matter is, if one is incapable of making such simple comparisons and contrasts, what can one ever really accomplish in life? Certainly parsing the world around you in anything like it really is becomes impossible, as does any notion of fair play. That's identity versus principle - right is race, wrong is race - deeds and events are irrelevant. Its own identity is the answer to the Monty Python joking riddle that asks what's brown and sounds like a bell.


In this Tweet, Goh responds to a woman who points out Goh had accused the wrong college sorority of an act of racism:

"@Heid_JB The truth about which white people are innocent of racist acts? Yeah, I'll admit to not caring about that."

"Jaymee Goh ‏@jhameia 16h .@Heid_JB Don't act like being accused of racism is the worst fucking thing in the world. Your integrity will show through if you're not." 

Apparently since all white people are racists, individual facts don't really matter.

Goh adds:

"Jaymee Goh ‏@jhameia 18h White folk get so upset over their fav folk being called racist they'll hound ya for an apology over a whole day while you're having a life." 

The person calling out Goh correctly replies:

"Heidi ‏@Heid_JB 18h @jhameia No, moron. You accused the wrong group. Big difference. Not good at admitting you made a mistake, huh?"

Goh points out:

"Jaymee Goh ‏@jhameia 18h @Heid_JB How could I have expected anything other than white whine =)" 


Goh don't like da racism in da Steampunk and says so in a racialist blog entry tenderly titled "Racist Things Steampunks Are Not Immune To: Looking for Other People's Hurt To be Offended By." To say it is a remarkable article if you strip away the armor of identity and simply look at the principles involved is an understatement. The title could just as easily be called "I Speak For All Asians Who Ever Lived," or "Fuck White Assholes" since it's a race to see whether Goh uses "fuck" or "asshole" to most describe white people who don't bend the knee.

As usual, there seems to be a bit of a cock up on the white people front as Goh contends it's "impossible it is to talk to white people who don't want to change their mind about what offensiveness is and what not to do." I actually think it's more of a disdain of the idea of obeying Goh's racialist commands to adhere to her weird racialist orthodoxy, but maybe that's just me.

My favorite part is when Goh uses the word "sociopathy" with the usual complete racialist lack of irony or self-awareness while writing about a genre that has zip to do with the race/culture she has chosen to hyper-identify with and defend against all comers and white interlopers. I would say her article is the same thing one could find on any racial supremacist site but I've been beaten to the punch by reality itself. Goh has strict racial guidelines that are so Byzantine no one but her understands them. In Goh-speak, they seem to involve culturally appropriating an entire genre that is IRONY WARNING Victorian in the first place and laying out racial ground rules for those she has hijacked so the the new white coolies don't hijack her in return. Goh has colonized a genre and set herself up as the East India Company while maintaining the East India Company is evil. To say that is a revolting development stretches irony to the point where it crosses the entire universe from one end to the other.

Bottom line: ix-nay on the pith helmets in your fiction white folks. You may regret it, because Goh's "love is stronger than your" fucking asshole "ignorance." Hahahahah. Noble Goh writes "This is not a steampunk problem, this is a cultural problem, this is a problem with white supremacy." Well... she got the "supremacy" part right. Reading some of the other stuff on her site reveals some of the most crazy, self-serving, racist bullshit you'll ever encounter anywhere.

At the end of her post, noble Goh writes with the lack of self-awareness and irony that is apparently de rigueur for racialists, "cut me a break and go fuck up somewhere else." Great idea. You can start by going the fuck back to Asia. You're not a U.S. citizen and I have no interest in your sanctimonious racist bullshit. And using your own rhetoric, stop appropriating my literature.

And please stop retweeting racial anti-white garbage like this, which you seem to "accidentally" stumble across with amazing regularity:

"whattamisaid ‏@whattamisaid 28 Aug When Your (Brown) Body is a (White) Wonderland http://wp.me/p28iGT-BU via @tressiemcphd Retweeted by Jaymee Goh"  

Goh's blog is amusingly called "Silver Goggles Worn by the steampunk postcolonialist when engaging with issues of race, representation, diversity, and other such exciting adventures as one might find in our genial genre." The site links to 13 other genial sites, all of which are about race except a genial gay site, Filipino SF, goth fantasy porn, and one that's actually only about the genre. Requires Only That You Hate is there too, natch.

What I love about unbalanced clowney's like Goh is that one need only disagree with her about depicting people of color in SF&F to get the whitey-supremey head band, but the torrent of racial filth from Goh herself and acrackedmoon at Requires Only That You Hate merits a gold star for citizenship, neither American. I can only come to the conclusion there is no expression for "double standard" in the steamypunky tropics Goh hails from. She apparently thinks she can come to America and lay down the law with impunity while I must tow some crazy fucking line if I write about a Hindu in MY OWN fiction. I say fuck her and the horse she rode in on and the community that supports such racist rubbish. And trust me, the SFF community does support this woman.

Observe this happy Twitter exchange by an anti-racist, where Goh contends she lives in a land of "sourdough-faced" "white supremacists." Odd how we forgot to not let Goh study in America while she engages in racial hate speech against us.

And just so Dr. Goh wants you to understand she's an anti-racist, she retweets this about the then just released film "Star Trek: Into Darkness: "Khan does not work as a dough face."

That's "post-colonialist dough face" to you li'l missy. Gives new meaning to the terms "flour-power" and "flour-children." I wish I could think up an appropriate insult for Jaymee Goh but "Jaymee Goh" is the worst I can come up with.

At WisCon 2013, a feminist science fiction convention, Goh Tweets, "Come join us for delish Nepalese fudz and non-white company!"

Goh wants whitey dough-face to understand why she assaults them so with this reTweet: "For activists, I'm reminded of this: 'If your activism makes your oppressor feel comfortable than maybe you should reevaluate your activism.'"

Myself, I'm reminded of the KKK, but it's nice to know why Goh and company make fun of my pale sourdough features; she just wants to keep me on my toes.

Goh retweets this lovely racist sentiment:

"Maverynthia ‏@maverynthia 7h @whitefansburden @requireshate How much [sic] to white tears go for on the open market? I would likely think not much given the abundancy of them. Retweeted by Jaymee Goh"  

Hahahah. Hooray! Non-whites! What? I can think of better places than going to WisCon in Madison, Wisconsin if one wishes to get away from white people and better countries than America to go to as well. Maybe noble Malaysia. Evidently Goh has one of those visas that traps her in racist, white supremacist, dough-faced America and she and her intersectional cohorts have to barricade themselves in a hotel room with liquor to escape the white, cheese-eating, colonialist, hordes of the Great Plains, the well-known heart of American darkness. Since Goh is a participant on WisCon panel discussions, it's fair to point out what a complete embarrassment to WisCon those racist Tweets are.

WisCon cancelled SF writer Elizabeth Moon as their 2011 Guest of Honor over a blog post much milder than stuff like that crap from regular WisCon panelist Goh and similar mind-bending stuff from N.K. Jemisin. So guess who's a Guest of Honor at WisCon 38 in 2014. That's right: N.K. Jemisin. I assume Jemisin will be speaking from behind some kind of plexiglas that is standard issue "safe-space" for PoC, or maybe by video conferencing from a secret designated safe-space.

Note that Jemisin referred to Moon's post as a "bigoted screed against Muslims, immigrants, and pretty much anyone who doesn't fit into the dominant white European Christian paradigm," and "the decision (before WisCon changed their mind about Moon and yanked her) to keep a bigot as Guest of Honor," which is ironic since WisCon will have a much worse bigot as Guest of Honor next year, 2014. The bottom line is that Jemisin thinks she should be able to use much worse rhetoric than Moon, and daily, without a problem. Why Jemisin can't make simple comparisons to expose her own double standards and hypocrisy is something only other idiots can truly understand. I love the fact a writer doesn't actually know what "screed" means, or even that water is wet.

Do I even need to point out how happy Dr. Goh is about WisCon's safer-is-better policy?

"So excited that both #WisCon38 Guests of Honor will be women of colour!!!" 

Great they're not people of flour or sourdough.

If Goh is happy being a graduate PhD student at the University of California, Riverside, one has to wonder what is going on there that would make such a person happy, since as far as I can tell, it's pretty much whatever lights up "sour dough-faced" white people. Goh herself claims "My academic research: examining white supremacy and new colonial structures in North American steampunk subculture." Surprising. "Sour dough-faced" supremacy in steampunk. My, that must require a lot of studying of sour dough-faces.

This is from the UC, Riverside "Policies on Hate Speech and Bias:"

"Hate Speech: Hate speech is any speech, gesture or conduct, writing, or display that may incite violence or prejudicial action against someone based on actual or perceived race, color, ancestry, gender, gender identity, ethnicity ...."  

This is my own formal response:

"Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha."

People like Goh, as I have documented in these essays, feel complete abandon to utter the worst sort of hateful racist trash, (and by their own standards) assured in the knowledge their identity protects them, while these same people throw around the word "racist" and "supremacy" because of some nothing about "cultural appropriation" in an SF or fantasy novel.


On WisCon's site they announce they have a specially racially segregated room for PoC (people of color).

"Safer Space for People of Color

"Because WisCon is a physical space with tendrils extending into the virtual world, one of the things we can provide is space for face-to-face networking and problem-solving. As part of our commitment to our guiding principles and our recognition of intersectionality, the Solitaire Room on the first floor of the Concourse Hotel is a designated space for people of color to dialogue freely and openly." 

"Tendrils" is fucking right. Does that mean whites are not allowed in? Is there a blood test or do they measure your fucking head like the Carl Brandon Society does when they pat colored people ON their heads and include them in SFF anthologies? Next we'll have anthologies for people over 200 pounds. At least you can step on a scale for that one.

Goh Tweets during WisCon in May, 2013 "come to the safer space" (the Solitaire Room). "Safer space" - from who? One would think hooded klansmen were standing in a ring holding torches outside the convention. One might particularly think noble Malaysia would be even safer instead of a place where the "white hegemony" are "complicit in whiteness."

And then there's white. Goh's obsession that all "WoC" (women of color) in the world share oppression from whites is as nutty as it gets, and as racist.

Well, you know what they say about whites: safety first. You never know when they'll colonize you in some dark alley or accidentally say Legong music is Malaysian in a steam punk novel, which is a rattan stick on the buttocks offense in globally noted safe-space, noble Malaysia.

On her moronic anti-white blog, Goh reminds us that whites are PoS in a remarkably hateful post called "Black Sister, My Sister," by pointing out the "Global Hierarchy of Race." Because it's important to be reminded PoC "will be dehumanized as much as whiteness can muster," and "Cracker make my slapping hand itch." I think she should change the name of her blog from "Silver Goggles" to "Racist Goggles," or maybe just "I Hate The Whites." Needless to say, most of Goh's blog is a racial hate-fest about how not to hate (whites only).

Once again, keep in mind for comparison that WisCon withdrew science fiction writer Elizabeth Moon as guest of honor for WisCon 35 in 2011 for Moon writing this. Considering Goh's remarks, and Goh's assertion in a comments section that Moon's post constitutes "racist remarks," I'm just in awe of Goh's ability to compartmentalize logic and reason. And with the justice league of race and gender, that is a skill that never stops giving, as also seen in this bit of bald-faced racism Goh thought it worthwhile to retweet:

"zellie ‏@zellieimani 1h White people believe not being racist consists of two things. 1) Not using the word nigger. 2) Having Black friends. Retweeted by Jaymee Goh"

On the same day, this Zellie, who must have a head made of concrete, Tweeted this bit of magic:

"zellie ‏@zellieimani 1h Any sentence that starts with, 'Black people don't..', as in 'Black people don't listen to rock music' is cultural policing." 

How about this: any sentence that Zellie writes is idiotic racial supremacy and bigotry.

Because, naturally, in Dec. 2011 a blog called Racialicious advocates a people of color SF convention and Jaymee Goh is giddily on board with the idea in the comments section. In April 2013 noted SF&F Neil Gaiman feels exactly the opposite on Twitter about a high school prom only just now racially integrated, and his Twitter crew agrees. Gaiman Tweets "Some days you think it's 2013. Then you read something like this, and your jaw drops, and you wonder."

Yes I do wonder. I wonder at how the SF&F community can encompass two completely different standards of right and wrong simply because they are dazzled by race. In that thread, fantasy author Laurell K. Hamilton Tweets "a segregated prom, really? I had no idea such antiquated attitudes still existed in our country. Shame on us."

Later Hamilton Tweets "Proud of the kids for saying no to it this year."

Here Goh does her comedy routine where she pretends to be a arch-Nazi Aryan supremacist on Twitter:

"Brown people straight up owned the National Spelling Bee this (2013) year. Did you see how many contestants in the top 10 were Indian? I thought I was looking at ten 7th grade pictures of me." 

Musta been dreamy. Good thing she's just kidding. Although not as much as I'd be kidding about the death-toll by mass heart attacks if WisCon had a softball tournament.

Really, all one can do is shake one's head at a like-minded community where people have literally forgotten how to figure out right and wrong by... right and wrong. SF&F is a community whose interest in racism is only matched by their own silliness which at times ranges from casual bigotry to outright hate speech. Anyone who can support a racially segregated room at an SF convention has to have their heads examined. The SF&F community should be speaking out against such nonsense. They certainly do when it suits their bizarre racialist double standard of an agenda.

Surprise, Goh has a piece at Racialicious called "Anonymous Asked: How Do I Deal With This Racist White Friend?" and which she also posted on her own blog. It's simply assumed that when it comes to racism, this is strictly a one-way non-white street. Segregation, no segregation: it's just a shill, an excuse to rhetorically segregate out people in America by race and then let them have it with both barrels, no matter how contradictory the logic involved is. That's because even all the logic is a shill. The right and the wrong of it were and are predetermined by what you were the day you were born; they can't lose and you can't win, at least, not in the minds of the SFF's justice league of race and gender.

It should be remembered that in the world of post-colonialist feminist theory there is no such thing as a stupid woman and the concept of female cowardice is an unlikely mythical legend. Therefore every idea by a woman is given equal weight and validity, even if a woman claims the eyes of a billboard were following her on the freeway and that the Harry Potter movies are plain evidence of white supremacist rape-culture. One can well imagine that by the time a feminist arrives at WisCon, a safe-room is indeed required to bounce around in and there, Tweets sent out about the dangers of Madison, Wisconsin and generally going outside among white, male culture thieves.

Somehow it never occurs to a culture of dullards that dotes on absurd fantasies about female warriors in history with pretty picture of women with swords that if they need a "safer space," and whine about harassment policies at tech and SF conventions, they are probably not the type of people that would sail to the new world, march into the heart of the Aztec Empire, and seize Montezuma, or lead a fleet of hand-wringing pirate ships against "sour dough-faced" merchants, let alone ever fight in hand-to-hand combat.

That second link, which takes you to Kameron Hurley's delusional shit-stain, "'We Have Always Fought’: Challenging the ‘Women, Cattle and Slaves' Narrative" at a blog called "A Dribble of Ink" for May 20th, 2013, is a typical example of how history is thrown down to puff up one group while at the same time moralizing the other into the ground. Ironically, this moron writes an article about the evils of diminishing a group and then sets out to diminish a group. That is the same sad refrain over and over again from our anti-racist racists, anti-profiling profilers, and anti-defamation defamers. These people are only too happy to point out how women could be pirates but somehow never racists or misandrists. In history, racism and gender-hatred is strictly a one-way street reserved for those who are "white, straight and male." That is what happens when one parses history and indeed the concept of right and wrong itself on identity - a thing is one thing on Tuesday and quite another on Wednesday.

The title itself is a straight up lie: what women charged the walls at Marye's Heights and Gettysburg, fought at Guadalcanal and Iwo Jima, formed a box at Waterloo, and about a zillion other things I could mention? As for modern warfare making men obsolete, who is inventing, designing, engineering and manufacturing high-tech weaponry - radical feminists? Here's a hint: institutionalizing blame, complaint and self-pity won't take you there.

In fact no one's saying women have never fought; that's a straw man that ignores the words "proportion," "outliers" and "anomaly." What they're saying is go into a vet's hospital and see who's there. It's the same people who've been there throughout recorded history and it ain't women, unless 1 or 2% is the new 50%, and trust me, in a world of delusion, it is.


Here's more of what wishful thinking plus utter ignorance of your own genre gets you from idiots like Hurley:

"Kameron Hurley ‏@KameronHurley 34m @RonHogan I'm honestly trying to figure out how long it's been since the fantasy genre was "male dominated." 1950? 1960? Bizarro assumptions  30 Aug 13"

"Bizarro assumptions." Perfectly said - if you apply it to your own lack of knowledge of the history of the fantasy genre plus throw in bullshit into history about women that simply isn't there. You don't have to be a genius to see what people like Hurley base their world view on - thin air - plus being permanently offended by everything under the sun based on "bizarro assumptions." The almost unbelievably arrogant and moronic Hurley then Tweets this:

"Kameron Hurley ‏@KameronHurley 21h @ceciliatan Yeah, saying dudes dominate fantasy, erasing 40 years of women writers of fantasy... talk about rewriting narrative! 29 Aug 13"

Again, without a hint of irony or awareness, Hurley rewrites a narrative while complaining about people who do so. Un-fucking-believeable. Can Hurley actually add up years backwards? Who knows what "40" means to a mind like that? Hurley should get a pencil and paper and start making this thing called a "list" while looking up the words "seminal" and "important." A quick course in math ratios wouldn't hurt either. Anyway, get ready to hear about a lot of names no one but the fem-league's ever heard of.

This type of rhetoric is typical of the way the justice league of race and gender throws down and builds up history at will to suit their own easily bruised images of themselves, exaggerating what they see as good and evil in the process. In fact, they can't handle real history - it's just too fucking rude and dismissive - why not a rewrite? And women warriors. Hahahahahahaha. Sure, lady. You were always there. The historians just forgot to write it all down, because historians are racist and sexist assholes.

And here's what Hurley and her cadre of ultra-hardened harridans are all aflutter about - it's about a discussion panel at the 2013 World Fantasy Convention which supposedly sent this description to Hurley ahead of time:

"The Next Generation: Broads with Swords. Once upon a time the heroic fantasy genre was—with a few notable exceptions such as C.L. Moore and Leigh Brackett—the sole domain of male writers like Robert E. Howard, John Jakes and Michael Moorcock. Those days are long gone, and it seems that more & more women writers are having their heroines suit up in chain-mail and wield a broadsword. Who are these new writers embracing a once male-dominated field & how are their books any different from their literary predecessors?" 

Oh-oh. First of all, never utter the word "broad" near an ultra-pre-post-and-permanently offended fuck of a feminist with mental health issues. And how do I know this is a preemptive strike by Hurley and her keepers of Hell's gates? Why, the blurb is totally accurate. You see, when you're a member of the justice league of race and gender, and a writer, your reading comprehension slips down to that of a fucking baboon. Once again the baboon squad confuses this thing called "years" and who wrote what and when, in order to better facilitate outrage over fucking nothing.

The moron named Jess Haines who put up Hurley's description of the panel in a blog post titled "World Fantasy Con and Dem Broads Takin' Over Our SFF All Over the Place," then goes on to demonstrate her own time displacement disorder, inability to read, or actually understand the history of fantasy literature and its timeline:

"Just for a moment, let’s skim over the use of “broad” and address this “next generation” business. How is this even a thing? Women have been writing fantasy involving women wielding swords for ages. If we want to talk about the last/recent/older generation (though some are still writing this kind of fantasy today), how about Anne McCaffrey? Ursula Le Guin? Mercedes Lackey? Robin Hobb?" 

Yeah, they all came later ya fucking moron, so sheath yer broad's sword and go bite a bar of fucking soap. Then this twit writes:

"Aside from that, why does there have to be a panel about 'women in…” anything?'" 

Yeah, good question, especially coming from the hamsters who never shut up about all-female awards, recommending books by gender, and all-female anthologies. Sure. Why? Jesus Christ. Who are you fucking morons? Not only can you not read, you don't even pay attention to what you do and write about yourselves.

Fellow moron in the SFF community and ultra-hardened feminist Cheryl Morgan apparently also cannot read, as she writes this at her blog, referring to the offending blurb whose:

"...panel description neatly erases the existence of many of the women writers who will be at the convention." 

In fact, the panel description does no such thing. Keep this in mind: these people are writers; writers who can't read and know nothing about the history of their own genre or understand the concept of time. What would you expect when a writer like Aliette de Bodard doesn't even know who the fuck Jack Vance is? They think Robin Hobb wrote for the Munsey Magazines and that Le Guin was a contemporary colleague of C.L. Moore. However they do know how to get angry at men when a cloud passes over the sun or because men simply exist on the same planet, cuz there's nothing like group defamation to solve the world's ills.

Naturally the befuddled Jim (rape expert) Hines showed up waving his flag in support of all feminists:

"Jim C. Hines ‏@jimchines 21h World Fantasy Programming - on Broads with Swords, panel parity, and more. By @CherylMorgan http://www.cheryl-morgan.com/?p=17538 29 Aug 13" 

Something tells me America needs a new definition of stupid, cuz the old one won't bear the weight, but then Hines is an expert on finding racism and sexism where none actually exists, kinda like Hurley's "bizarro" Sherlock Holmes, who finds and solves crimes that never took place, committing them himself to solve if necessary. Color me fucking stunned at what's happened to SFF. I'd just as soon read an SFF novel written by a child raised by meercats as something by this crew of soft-brained wannabes. And these people laugh at the old school writers, who were collectively a group of geniuses compared to the justice league of race and gender.


Getting back to the forgotten and ignored fem-warriors of world history, women's angry fem-central, otherwise known as the Science Fiction Writers of America, also put up this amazing sleight-of-hand and politically correct chicanery, presumably because they're too dumb to go into a Vet's Hospital and see the 98% male casualties, victims of their own privilege and bunco "slave narratives." And this woman has the nuts to talk about "erasure."

Watch how these chuckleheaded yahoos start high-fiving each other over an obscure reference to a female archer during the Crusades where "obscure" becomes "erased," and "obvious" becomes "supercalifuckladocious," and the concept of exception means there's politically correct fool's gold in them thar hills so let's all head for the Yukon. Keep in mind, Ahmed is the idiot who "erased" 1,000 years of Muslim assaults and colonization against Europe and replaced it with the racist xenophobia of whites, and George R.R. Martin's and Tolkien's racial paranoia, as well as the failed and ephemeral Crusades, as if Europeans pulled menacing Easterlings out of their asses. I'm sure the hundreds of thousands to millions of Europeans mythically enslaved and murdered by Muslims from the mythical East during this mythical millennium are laughing in the afterlife at what paranoid racists they are. "Compared to what" is a phrase that must seem like an unbreakable code to a moron like Ahmed.

"Saladin Ahmed ‏@saladinahmed 20h The Woman In The Green Mantle, erased by Crusader historians, immortalized by her impressed Muslim enemies. pic.twitter.com/2Mmey7lR0j 17 Aug 13" 

"Kate Elliott ‏@KateElliottSFF 16h @saladinahmed didn't you get the memo? Women never did anything back then !!!" 

"Chia Evers ‏@ChiaLynn 16h @KateElliottSFF @saladinahmed They certainly never stepped outside the bounds of culturally-proscribed femininity. That’s unpossible." 

"Kate Elliott ‏@KateElliottSFF 16h @ChiaLynn @saladinahmed And our projections of what was proscribed/allowed back then must be accurate! "

And that's the straw man these these PC-nauts dive onto the floor and drag out from under a bed like a syphilitic whore (which by the way were more common during the Crusades than warriors by about a million per cent), the word "never," as if there are hordes of scholars who use the word themselves. Hahahah. Man, these people are fun; fun like scabs. It never occurs to these morons that if they have to interpret obscure references that the two-lane black top road to enlightenment probably doesn't run through Genderstupidville. The gap between "never" and "almost never" produces "Hah, exactly!" and "Eureka" and the bulk purchase of all 17 Brooklyn Bridges as well as that of great swathes of swampland.

Here is the road to the academic research PDF about Crusader women if you wish to read it:

"Saladin Ahmed ‏@saladinahmed 19h .@TeresaFrohock Article about women fighters in Crusades. Research for novel, which features woman 'Crusader' archer. http://www4.wittenberg.edu/academics/hist/alivingstone/201_Crusades/nicolson_article.pdf …" 

There is nothing about fat feminists who only walk with the aid of Ace bandages at the Charge of the Light Brigade although there are neato Chinese female pirates in the Fonzy Meadows piece she links to with Xena princess warrior in high dander and giant swords. Hurley writes "point me to a war and I can point to an instance where a women picked up a hat and a gun and went off to join it." There's probably a diamond ring on every urban beach in the world, but I don't think geologists count that when talking about how beaches are formed. I can point you to "One Is the Loneliest Number" by Three Dog Night when it comes to marching off to WW II or any fucking war because Hurley almost literally means "A" woman as in "one."

The weird thing is these wenches do this to provide some grounding for the idea of having women warriors in fantasy novels. Since when do you need historical research to write about fantasy? Have black, female, gay pirates rape the Earth for all I care; I'll buy into it if you make it interesting. I guarantee you I'll like it more than a boring story about white cisgendered spacemen in cis-lunar space. I sure as hell wasn't taking academic notes when David Innes bored down to the center of the Earth in his iron mole to discover a world inside our world with its own sun and a shit load of dinosaurs and hot chicks to fight over and then marry. You don't need OCD academic pedantry to write fantasy. JUST MAKE THE SHIT UP!

You can read more of Hurley's shit-faced ideas of an epiphany about black people good, white people bad with titles such as "What living in South Africa taught me about racism in America." In that fantasy of race-obsessed dung, Hurley learns about poop according to different colors but that hers thankfully never stinks.

Keeping in mind these are people who are constantly waving flags that announce themselves as the forces of anti-bigotry, their own racism and prejudice is a rather remarkable example of how this culture is its own explanation for its marginalization in history, since they comprise a cult of idiocy. As if to prove her head is completely empty of thought, the author writes this without a hint of awareness of her own article or culture she swims in:

"And when we talk about 'people' we don’t really mean 'men and women.' We mean 'people and female people.' We talk about 'American Novelists' and 'American Women Novelists.' We talk about 'Teenage Coders' and 'Lady Teenage Coders.'" 

I think this is where one puts in a LOL and weird marks like ?!!!???, because that, ladies and gentlemen (people), is a brain that quite literally does not work. As per usual, the comments section is a laugh riot. Hilariously, the article made one woman cry, just like Cortes and the Conquistadors did on La Noche Triste. Hahahaha. They cried and cried and then surrendered cuz they had no women warriors like Xena, Warrior-Man to save them.

If you want a closer glimpse of the mind-set of WisCon, I recommend this piece about the post-colonialist invasion of WisCon by a TV reporter who took a crap all over them. Note in the (I love a debate) nunnery called a comments section that disagreement results in banning and a link to such pearls of wisdom as "Male Privilege," "How Not to be Insane When Accused of Racism (A Guide for White People)," "Why I Hate White Anti-Racists," "White Liberal Bingo," and stuff about "white people and their Great Pain." Clearly, it's all about the love at WisCon. I would say these people are insane but loading that innocent helpless word up like that would require titanium struts and a suspension of the laws of gravity as well as some kind of super-force generator unavailable to today's sour dough-faced-derived racist white technology.


The reason I've written so much about Jaymee Goh is to make a point, beyond the fun of observing public insanity. Though Goh is exactly nobody from nowhere in the larger scheme of the SF&F genre, her views and support within that genre are a tribute to how much one can parlay identity and racialism into a voice in the SF&F community that goes far beyond what a person has actually done. SF&F conventions ask Goh to speak on a regular basis. Take away her racial politics and identity, and Goh goes back to nobody from nowhere. Make no mistake about the fact that Goh's views are supported by WisCon since they reflect the larger views of WisCon itself. WisCon is an institution within the SF&F community going back to 1977. That's called mainstreaming hate speech. The bar such institutions set for themselves is so high they literally cannot violate it and the bar for opponents (normally identified by race and gender and not actual names) set so low one is suspect simply by virtue of race and gender, and the most innocuous incidents considered racist.

And, again, don't forget to read Goh's post "Anonymous Asked: How Do I Deal With This Racist White Friend?" Rest assured there'll never be a post about any other group Goh organizes around ethnic lines and then drops bombs on or bouquets of flowers according to her supremacist notions of where morality resides. Naturally Goh sometimes writes for Tor.com, whom I mentioned in Part One of these essays, and naturally, the theme is... race. And... yawn, anti-racist Saladin Ahmed blathers on about something.

Goh is part of a community that leaves no stone unturned when it comes to throwing the word "racist" around in bizarre, circular and self-serving arguments where that word mysteriously never rests at their feet, even while they themselves indulge in characterizations that are vile. And if you have any doubts as to where that community is headed, read this by, predictably, Lavie Tidhar, and weep. The subject is the Hugo Awards for best fan blogs. You might recognize some names from these essays. And I'll say this for the hundredth time: these people consider themselves anti-racists.

I have no idea what creates such twisted ethnic hatred in a human being and frankly I don't care. There's always going to be some goof in some weird corner of the world. What I find frightening is how often I see responses that amount to "right on" emanating from the SF&F community in response to Goh's Tweets and blog comments. That shows a twisted community of people who truly can't tell the difference between one racist supremacist website and another, purely based on the identity of the person doing the talking, rather than actual notions of right and wrong.


In a nutshell, the racialists of the SF&F community are making up oppression and racism where it doesn't exist and ignoring where it does exist and using race and gender to determine and prioritize each. The fact they highlight a frickin' made up SF novel like Bacigalupi's "The Windup Girl" as some type of real oppression while ignoring the reality of virtual slavery and racist laws in their own countries of Thailand and Malaysia itself shows what kind of a mental case delusion factory is producing ultra-moronic, racist, PC, feminists. The fact such people hold a centerpiece of honor in the now racialized field of SF&F shows the decadence, depravity and artistic deafness of the SF&F community itself. At SF conventions like WisCon and Diversicon, these are the voices of "justice" being sought out. It's like Jews asking Himmler to speak at a Bar Mitzvah.

The rush to diversity means extremely strange and bigoted people are having their views mainstreamed right into SF&F literature and from there into TV, film and the larger society itself. Lovecraft and his racist poem seems like a rank and isolated amateur compared to these people. The truth is, there is no such thing as a voice too radical or racist in this community. Identity alone confers innocence and righteousness, no matter the rhetoric involved. Mainstreaming this kind of nonsense into American culture is playing with fire. Understand this: without a proposed enemy, WisCon doesn't exist. It's pretty clear, given the nature of the convention, who that enemy is and it is just as clear they are asking people to give talks that engage in hate speech and that hate speech is gaining widespread traction and mainstream acceptance in the SFF community. If I were an SF writer, I'd be writing about WisCon in a dystopian and satirical sense, about the fall of culture into ruin and ignorance, but I sure as hell wouldn't have anything to do with WisCon, or Diversicon either for that matter.

To understand how bizarre this weird cult of wrong-way do-gooders is, consider what natural intersection there is between SFF and the subject of feminism and race. I could understand incessant Twitter feeds about rocketry, physics or orbital mechanics. I could understand a near obsession with artificial orbiting habitats and what they might require to actually work. I could understand conversations that never end about the meeting place between fantasy literature and borrowing from Earth's actual past history, or about speculative general social fiction. I can imagine those things and a thousand more.

It's pretty fucking obvious readers of SFF don't pick up a book looking to read about the wonders of race and gender, and they certainly don't expect to be told they're unconscious racists and sexists full of colonial privilege. What the fuck is WisCon? A feminist SFF convention? That's not an SFF convention, that's a cult of pouty navel-gazing and resentments by people who feel the world is unsafe and a bully which has it in for them. What the fuck is Diversicon? What is Readercon turning into? The first thing these people think of when they see a trailer for a new SF movie is how many white men are in it? WTF? They argue about how the next Dr. Who on TV should be black, or an Asian. Who the fuck are these people and what would it take to make them happy? The answer is they will never be happy or satisfied. They are addicted to complaint, blame and self-pity. Expressing that is its own goal. There is no end game, and if there is, they certainly never express it. The reason for that is simple: if they did, and if it came about, they'd have to stand down, and that they will never do.


The other sign of the gross bigotry and identity addiction within the SF&F community is this: Only by adding in monstrous delusion, stupidity, ignorance, racism, misandry, phobias, pathologies, paranoia, lying, mental health issues, prejudice and hatred could one even begin to address and portray the political and historical idiocy so commonly found in the SF&F community. The assumption that groups, by reason of their very race, are incapable of institutionalized expressions of racial disdain is itself bigotry, aside from the fact that such very real groups abound in history, and there sure as hell wasn't any color that cornered the market. To say so is a smug cultural conceit that cannot survive the light of day. In addition to that is the fact that SFF's justice league of race and gender expresses its bigotry from within institutions, fighting against formal institutions that don't exist.

These are people who will rage all night and all day in chat rooms about "othering," "cultural appropriation," "cisgendered," "targeting gender," "rape triggers," "mansplain, "white privilege," "victim-blaming," and other bizarre semantics. Just reading this one completely typical comments section on John Scalzi's blog is enough to give one the willies and wonder what mental institution has such free and easy access to the internet. Who in the hell talks like this? The superior and intellectual top of a 5,000 year civilizational pyramid? In fact, these people are at least several centuries behind the Library at Alexandria.

Here is a quote from the "What is white privilege page?" of the 14th annual White Privilege Conference, ironically subtitled "The Color of Money." Where have I heard that one before?

“Whites need to acknowledge and work through the negative historical implications of ‘Whiteness’ and create for ourselves a transformed identity as White people committed to equity and social change...To teach my White students and my own children...that there are different ways of being White, and that they have a choice as White people to become champions of justice and social healing.” ~Gary Howard

If that little ditty doesn't tell you how at once insane and bigoted these people are, you are probably beyond hope. As for the SF&F community in the 21st century, they are the neurotic, amateur, hateful, attention-seeking, two-headed and inbred children of dodo birds long extinct. Go to the blog of just about any SF&F author and you'll encounter qualities running the gamut from bald-faced and unflinching idiocy, sexism and racism to moral cowardice. The cowardice itself ranges from those shivering from fear at how naughty the world is to those set against that group who don't have the spine to stand up to them or those who do have the spine and end up engaging in the exact same semantic, pedantic and polemical gibberish about the horrors of who has the right to write about a gay female Asian character. Like the word "hypocrisy," the word "provincial" doesn't begin to explain the psyches of a group which has little understanding how much they are their own explanation for their fears and failures. Political correctness has all but destroyed the SFF genre, and the fact its creativity, artistry, writing and story-telling at are at an all-time low should tell them as much. No art can survive this. When they said the meek would inherit the Earth they weren't kidding.

Here is a list of SF&F writers all active in a single 10 year span from the '50s running into the '60s:

Frank Herbert
Philip K. Dick
Poul Anderson
Samuel Delany
Robert Heinlein
Roger Zelazny
Robert Silverberg
John Brunner
James Blish
Alfred Bester
Jack Vance
Fritz Leiber
Algis Budrys
Gordon R. Dickson
Murray Leinster
Walter M. Miller, Jr.
Harlan Ellison
Theodore Sturgeon
Clifford D. Simak
Andre Norton
Cordwainer Smith
E.E. (Doc) Smith
James H. Schmitz
Isaac Asimov
A.E. Van Vogt
Ray Bradbury
Michael Moorcock
C.L. Moore
Leigh Brackett
Henry Kuttner
Frederick Pohl
Jack Williamson
C.M. Kornbluth
Arthur C. Clarke
Frederic Brown
Lester Del Rey
Eric Frank Russell
John Wyndam

Compare that to the last 10 years and then submit your questions about clueless, conformist, activists who've seen 10 too many writer's workshops. Today we might have 5% of that talent. I think the number of SF&F writers having financial emergencies in two person households begging for money on their blogs cuz their cat has blowfly is the tip off here. That's because blowflies can smell bad manuscripts from up to a mile away.

No doubt earlier writers had political views, but there is a difference between being political and politicized, and between politics and hate, and there is no sign in the work of this earlier generation of writers that they were at all racialized let alone as racialized as the current sad crop of writers of SF&F are, let alone being such complete and utter bigots. Naturally the irony-machine of today posits the exact opposite. In swathes of the SF&F community, the Civil Rights era simply never occurred, and the greatest lasting irony here is that it never could have occurred without the very voices of a long ago era many in the SF&F community of today spit on. Were positions reversed so that the the PC segment of today's SF&F community had been in charge in the early '50s, no way the Civil Rights era even happens. They have not the stomach, brains or perception to have brought such a thing about.

Aside from mainstreaming bigotry, one has to wonder at the sheer amount of damage this smug cabal of like-minded nuns has wrought on their own community. They have reserved vast swaths of morality, talent and sophistication for themselves but with only one problem: they can't actually demonstrate any of those qualities. For me, it's amusing to watch a justice league of race, gender and morality throw down half their community and country by default, not to mention virtually the entirety of their own literary heritage as basically immoral and unenlightened. Of course, their own artistry is presumed:

"Mocking Dan Brown's literary sophistication is like mocking a poodle's ferocity. People don't buy poodles as guard dogs." - Saladin Ahmed

"Being cranky about a Dan Brown book not being high literature is like yelling at a cupcake for not being a salad." - John Scalzi 

It never occurs to either one of them that they themselves don't even rise to Dan Brown's level of writing. That's because the justice league of race and gender also think of themselves as the justice league of refined fine art, a thing in fact the genre of SF could once legitimately lay claim to. That's certainly not true in 2013. Making patronizing remarks about Dan Brown from amidst a sea of "vomit zombies," anal jokes, Dr. Who and conformist prose that reads like they all went to the same writer's workshops, not to mention micro-managing their own writing til every last vestige of possible "ableisms," "racism," and misogyny is erased, along with art, is too stupid to countenance.


At the end of the day, here is a simple set of facts that cuts through all the he-said, she-said: are there any former, current or incoming SFWA presidents using their Twitter feeds and blogs to attack gays, PoC or women on an almost daily basis, or in any time frame at all? No.

Are there any Hugo and Nebula nominated writers using their Twitter feeds and blogs to obsessively (daily to weekly) portray PoC, gays or women in a negative light 100% of the time, and with the support of a wide range of bloggers? No.

Are their any webzines or SF&F conventions attacking gays, PoC and women? No.

Is there a single entity of any kind in the SF&F community calling for all-male or all white SF&F fiction? No.

Is the opposite of all that happening? Yes.

In short, this gaggle of assholes are bravely confronting an enemy that does not exist, except in themselves. There literally is no opposite number, no opposite of WisCon or Diversicon or the Carl Brandon Society. In fact, quite the opposite in the factual case. I've effortlessly made a case using quotes that shows conclusively that the institutionalized bigotry and sexism within modern SFF fandom is far worse than these supposed "anti-bigots" own case against fantastic literature in the last 100 years. The PC brigade of race and gender has made a case against people such as Tolkien, Heinlein, George R.R. Martin, Edgar Rice Burroughs and going back decades that is thin to non-existent. There is no evidence these men or their contemporaries were either happy proponents of sexism or white supremacy. In fact, I'd say the outlook of the average writer of fantastic literature from decades ago both socially and in terms of literary artistry was far more progressive and principled than the justice league of race and gender, who are stunted and conformist bigots who wouldn't know a principle if it bit them in the ass, much less effortless artistry. Edgar Rice Burroughs' women were no shrinking violets, secretaries, housewives or barefoot and pregnant 100 years ago. They were formidable women.

If one looks at the evolution of SF from 1939 to 1956, and then at the devolution of SF in the last 17 years, the difference is stark. There is not a single novel or work of short SF or fantasy nominated for the Hugo or Nebula during those 17 years anyone will remember as a great work of art. Contrast that to the Hugo and Nebula nominees from 1955 to 1965 and the difference is equally stark. That is not a coincidence. Part of the reason is that SFF is no longer influenced by fantastic literature itself but by the lowest common denominator TV shows like fucking Buffy the Vampire-Slayer and even cartoons. Sub-genres of fantastic literature about zombies and steampunk challenge nuance and depth by default. A genre once unfairly ghettoized now fully deserves to be looked at in that light, unless one has completely abandoned the concept of good and bad and comparing one thing to another. In truth, the main problem is the lack of ability to compare one thing to another, not the willingness to do so. Much of the modern SFF crowd has turned it's back on its literary ancestors because it has declared them serial sexists and racists, and dismissed the entire history of SFF as simply benighted and worthless benefactors of racial privilege, oppression and even imperialism and genocide.

If I asked this crowd of PC idiots what a heterosexual who obsessively writes about gays in a negative light 100% of time is we'd all know their answer. Turn that same logic onto N.K. Jemisin or Aliette de Bodard or a wide number of other voices with the SF&F community and suddenly they swallow their own brain cells. The case I have made is factual. One need only access the Twitter feeds of the people named in these essays on any given day to see how much so. In fact, the evidence is so overwhelming and the truth so much worse, despite the thousands of words in these essays, I have only scratched the surface. To have a real sense of the truth, one would need to click on the links I have provided, and then follow the trail outward. It is a community that is massively sexist and racist, while conspicuously whining and crying about sexism and racism.

This very creepy group, which resembles a veritable cult, so similar is their mindset and semantics, ostensibly parses their views in the realm of politics. But there is nothing intrinsically political about viewing large segments of humanity past and present with disdain, sad judgment, a lack of morality, suspicion, fear and even hatred - in fact doing so betrays an sociopathic streak or even mental health issues. The justice league of race and gender sounds more like a paranoid religious inquisition of carping racialist, sexist and bigoted puritans than a group of fair-minded people with similar political goals. With the thousand and one things the genre of SFF has to offer, the sad obsession and focus on race and gender to the near exclusion of all else is genuinely eerie. Just as eerie is this group's inability to apply one standard or principle to human beings, instead preferring to decide right and wrong by skin and gender, in effect rendering a baseball umpire's strike zone a thing that is infinitely flexible depending on the size, race, weight, gender and age of the batter and pitcher.

Remember, these are morons who support and interact with, laughably, an anti-racist, Jaymee Goh, a panelist at WisCon, who commonly Tweets things like:

"angelsscream ‏@angelsscream 1h @deluxvivens @jhameia are they high?" 

"@angelsscream @deluxvivens She white, is that close enough?" 

"Seems lately every week is white stupidity week. And they complain about a month in a year!" 

I'm not sure on what planet that's not considered racial hate speech; certainly the buffoons spouting it consider it so, but only with certain races. The truth is if I said that about black folks, I'd be roasted alive and hounded out of the community. And that's a central point of these essays: these people don't violate my principles, they violate their own. In fact, they don't have any principles, just racial and gender profiling and hypocrisy.

And let me be clear: if you go through enough of Goh's Twitter stream, you'll find she interacts with and is unequivocally supported by virtually every person in the SF&F community I have called out in these essays. I can find not one occasion where G0h has been called out for her remarks by her Twitter friends or anyone in the SFF community. And why would that be a surprise, since that community just as unequivocally supports the idea that human beings in America they single out as whites, especially men, are endemic racist sexist homophobes and Islamophobes.

"Katerina Pope ‏@HotLardBucket 6h @graceishuman @jhameia i dunno i guess white people get to thinking in terms of "rules" and aren't too good at even basic critical thinking" 

"Jaymee Goh ‏@jhameia 6h @HotLardBucket @graceishuman White folk tend to not be exposed to non-white media, driving in cultural defaults."

If I said non-whites aren't too good at critical thinking I could be hauled before a commission on hate speech, racial defamation and racism in more than a few countries. These assholes can't bridge that gap to make such a simple comparison. And the reason they can't is because they are racist idiots. Goh has spent a few years in America and fancies she knows one of the most complex and sophisticated cultures that ever existed inside and out. Except for our trashiest cartoons, which she loves, Goh has declared it a gulag of ignorance and racism. Fuck her. 

In all the thousands of words of these essays one enemy stands out from beginning to end: it is a man, he is white, and he is heterosexual. The amount of disdain and even outright hatred for white men in a segment of the SF&F community is stark and undeniable. From the President of the SFWA, to Nebula and Hugo Award winners and nominees, to the editors of fanzines and SF&F literature itself, to the organizers of SF&F conventions, the thread is continuous and mainstream not to mention a shameful embarrassment. The fact that this bigot-fest is ostensibly done in the name of equality, justice and anti-bigotry, anti-racism and anti-prejudice is a laugh-track for the SF&F community. The entire trend is nothing short of despicable. The phrase "post-colonialism" may as well be a racial slur, because that is how it is used, unfailingly, and in every instance. My own feeling is that the phrase "science fiction and fantasy" has become a code word for unflinching, bald-faced hysteria, stupidity, smug moralizing, arrogance, ignorance, bigotry and racism. Again, why people with such obvious mental health issues have been drawn to SF&F as well as, to a lesser extent, the tech community, like moths to a flame, is something I confess I don't understand, only that it is a fact, and one I have documented at length. Any normal human being who will follow the links I have provided and read what is there must be appalled.

For those of you who wish a more basic level of introduction to all these mind-numbing contradictory race and gender rules carefully crafted so that the morality of a given race and gender is never on the wrong side, I recommend Radish Reviews for a quick and easy method of devolution into a lower life form. It would be more honest if they'd just name it "White Men Are Swine." The good news for men is that if they learn to bend the knee and talk like parrots, they might somehow sneak into post-colonialist pig-heaven.

What I have described in these essays is nothing less than hate speech and a demonstration of how that hate speech is being mainstreamed into American popular culture. It is hate speech that has been institutionalized and given the sheen of credibility by virtue of the organizations and authors responsible for it. It is hate speech based on myths, distortions, ignorance and outright untruths. It is hate speech directed at race and gender. It is hate-speech protected by race and gender.

It is hate speech that brushes crimes onto people based on an idea of racial generational guilt (but applicable only to one race) itself based on history stripped of context. It is hate speech based on current events where the few are responsible for the many, the exception the rule, a stereotype a fact, assumptions called science, and three people a trend or institution. It is hate speech based on the complete opposite of that reasoning when the identities are turned around.

Guilt and innocence, right and wrong, morality and immorality are parceled out according to race and gender and that is the long and the short of it. It is a case of identity versus principle. For a community of bigots with such a wealth of evidence of injustice, notice how rarely they invoke actual names and actual people. Then notice how my essays not only use actual people, but tie them together using their own quotes in a clear case of a networking community with common views huddled around common institutions that is in constant communication with one another.

One need only look back on recent history to see how institutions, delivery systems, and hate speech combine to spread ethnic myth, rumor and disdain, and the consequences of those acts; they range from the serious to the terrible. There is no denying hate speech affects people, particularly young people, who take their cues from others. Taking cues from others is the very basis of the word "culture."

The fact of the matter is that institutions within the SF&F community are using hate speech to lay out complex theories that lend moral credence to an argument that legitimizes acts against race and gender that range from disdain to acts of violence. "Chickens coming home to roost" is the basis of this hate speech and institutions like the SFWA, WisCon, Diversicon, and various webzines making the argument their hate speech is in fact not hate speech doesn't change the fact that it is. In the SF&F community, hate speech is justice, an appropriately Orwellian term for a group of racial and gender bigots who have turned their art into a crusade of hatred.

I have laid out the facts in this series of essays and those facts cannot be denied or argued. I have used quotes and the SF&F community's own standards of what constitutes hate speech and racial and gender bigotry. The fact is that the SF&F community's hypocritically bigoted and purposeful rhetoric is far worse than its crocodile tears about inadvertent and innocuous cultural appropriation, along with empty theories about "white privilege," "misogyny," "post-colonialism," "rape-culture," "intersectionality," "homophobia" and "Islamophobia."

There is a bizarre, paranoid and idiotic cult institutionalized within the SF&F community that relentlessly attacks people by virtue of their race and gender, hilariously, even themselves at times. This sick community has a pathological obsession with the idea they themselves are under attack because of their race and gender. The mountain of evidence I've assembled shows a clear pattern of institutions with the SF&F community being used as nothing more than platforms to attacks on people based on their race and gender. All things being equal, unless one thinks women and PoC are immune from the very things they accuse their provisional opposites of being, one must accept the fact that at least some of these attacks are driven by the very bigotry and hatred said to exist only on one side. Only a fool would believe one group of humans is morally superior to another simply by virtue of their race and gender.

Mysteriously, the gender and racial enemy operates from no such network of institutions within the SF&F community. There is no opposite number to Diversicon or WisCon within SF. For an enemy set against minorities and women, it is a strange oversight that the proposed opposite number of the SFWA and its adherents has no presence that would justify the sometimes hysterical accusations of Islamophobia, homophobia, racism, misogyny, privilege, colonialism and oppression said to exist in the SF and tech community both today and yesterday.

Political attacks on public figures or organizations are one thing, but there is something sick and troubling about attacking people because they are white or black, Jewish or Arab, man or woman, gay or straight. Ask yourselves the last time in history you heard of politically approved art?

The race-nauts have many times addressed the issue of racism within old school SF and they have made no case for it, though it is not for a lack of trying. They have made no case for it because there is no case to be made for it. While our race-nauts constantly cry "Why aren't there more people who look like me?" anyone who actually indulged in that in the past is branded a racist or misogynists. They are branded racists even though this so-called racial centrality was done in cultures like America and Britain that were 85% to almost 100 percent European. In other words, they could hardly have avoided doing so and were as justified in the act as much as any other ethnically homogenous population in the world.

Read this about a person's favorite short fiction in 2012:

"Of my favorite stories, 60 were written by women and only 19 written by men. Two were written by persons of unknown (to me) gender. There are 18 authors of color on my favorites list. Most of the male authors I like are POC." 

That's K. Tempest Bradford, whose racial and gender attacks are relentless against nameless white people she claims do the very same thing but can't prove. This is the woman who started a site which says "white people fear us," and who brags about her involvement in making a racially segregated "safer-space" to shield colored people from whites at the WisCon feminist SF convention in Madison, Wisconsin, happily assisted by the equally relentless anti-white steampunk girl, Jaymee Goh. Bradford also calls whites "cracka ass cracka" on Twitter and talks about "white nonsense."

Bradford and the justice league of race and gender would go ape-shit if anyone wrote "nigga ass nigga" or spoke about "black nonsense."

The irony is thick in this one.

Within the SF&F community, female SF authors like Francis Stevens, C.L. Moore, Leigh Brackett and Andre Norton are brushed off as anomalies while anomalies like H.P. Lovecraft and his racist poem are smeared onto the entire genre. That is not indulging in a principle but in the rightness of identity. The fact those four authors were successful, emulated and admired within the SF writing and fan community is ignored. It's claimed that they had to write under pseudonyms but their identities were certainly no secret to the community. How the fuck do you think C.L. Moore met her husband Henry Kuttner? Look it up! But then when the race-gender-nauts want to use these women in the exact opposite way, they write."

"women have been in SFF from the very beginning. We might not always have been visible, hidden away behind initials and masculine-sounding pseudonyms.,,"

That's N.K. Jemisin. Bradford and Jemisin, surprise, are ardent supporters of each other, as each tries to outdo the other as portraying whites as nothing more than savages they are morally superior to, and who portray even orderly entities like Australia and WisCon as not "safe" for PoC by virtue of whiteness.

As for pseudonyms, how can people openly admit they'll buy more SF by people who look like them, recommend authors by race and gender, and then deny those market forces to others as sexist and racist? Once again, identity trumps a binding principle that says what's good for you works for me too. In the despicable world of identity politics, one is justice and the other a crime. I say fuck these people. Give SF&F back to SF&F and stop acting like it's the Dept. of Justice.

In 1975, in the introduction to "The Best of C.L. Moore," veteran SF author Lester del Rey wrote:

"I sat in the audience at a World Science Fiction Convention banquet, listening to Forrest J. Ackerman announce a special award that was about to be presented to a writer. As is customary, Ackerman was saving the name of the recipient for the climax. But he mentioned a story called “Shambleau” and never got to finish his speech. As one, the 2,000 people in the audience came instantly to their feet in unanimous tribute—clapping, shouting, and craning to see a gracious and lovely lady blushingly accept the applause. Many in that audience had never read the story. But everyone knew about it. And everyone knew that Catherine Moore was one of the finest writers of all time in the field of science fiction."

Does that sound like a community that disdains women?

In his 1970 book "Under the Moons of Mars," famous SF critic Sam Moskowitz states that "Francis Stevens was the most gifted woman writer of science fantasy between Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley and C. L. Moore. She was greatly admired by A. Merritt."

There is no doubt there are individuals and institutions within the SF&F community that persistently and consistently divide up human beings according to their gender and ethnicity. There is no doubt this is done on the premise that it is a response to systemic attempts to oppress and discriminate against women and minorities.

The problem is that when you yourself take up a position that distributes morality and wisdom according to race and gender, you are indulging in the very act you claim you are against. Worse, when the case for the oppression of women and minorities is based on that very act you claim you are against, you no longer even have to make a case using actual examples; being white or male or straight is in and of itself an accusation of immorality.

That's when it becomes fairly clear that there is something else at work here and it has nothing to do with a restoration of balance and fair play within a society, no matter how much one claims otherwise. Expressions of cultural interest, when broken down by gender and race, are as often as not accidental and anomalous as they are an expression of purposeful barriers due to discrimination. There is as little doubt that society once acted to stack the deck against women and minorities, but this was not accidental and anomalous but the result of laws and institutions. Once those barriers are removed, water will find its own course. More importantly, once those systemic barriers are removed, it is almost impossible to measure discrimination, to separate it out from the once again anomalous and accidental.

You're talking about people so dumb they think Chinese writers in China naturally writing about Chinese is a form of racial advocacy while they themselves - racialists conspicuously shoe-horning their own race into pop art in cultures in which they are distinct minorities - has some bizarre form of legitimacy and even overtones of justice. In fact they are people who are accusing others of what they themselves do. It's simply massive hypocrisy disguised as thinking. And forget their endlessly self-contradicting notions of circular idiocy about how, within diversity, race matters, it doesn't, it does, it doesn't, it does, it doesn't. That's because there is no principle involved here. To have a single binding principle would risk being wrong on occasion and racialists don't like that, because in fact, race is all that matters to them. Within their own stupid logic, they're simply too dumb to once again ferret out the fact they are addicted to the very thing they say they hate, a person being correct by virtue of race. That's how naked racial advocates can cry a river about naked racial advocates. The problem is their foes are phantoms they can't actually produce, but they themselves are very real, as are their own quoted statements and documented activities on such issues.

One simply cannot point fingers at segments of culture and treat them like a racial and gender pie-chart and claim discrimination if they don't measure up. There is no doubt the SF&F community is conflating natural expressions of culture and individual anecdotal expressions of bigotry with systemic oppression. They are seeing racists and misogynists where there are in fact none to be found. The fact that there is now a "New" Jim Crow and that the argument has shifted from outright and systemic expressions of racism a half century gone to bizarre theories such as "white privilege" and "rape culture" shows how thin the game has become for the hunters.

What was once true and real has become a hunting ground for conspiracy theorists and naked racial and gender bigotry hiding behind notions of justice. One has to be a bigot themselves to act as if women can't vote or that minorities are under institutional assault in 2013. Seeing racial and gender phantoms where there are none verges on a sickness and creates a culture that unwittingly makes a comfortable home for racists and bigots. And there is where the crux of the whole issue falls.

It falls on the idea that women and minorities are themselves are somehow inhuman, immune from naked expressions of bigotry and that skin and gender themselves form depositories of morality, competence and wisdom, the very ideas the SF&F pretends to try and discredit. Once that is established, it is plain the dancers have merely exchanged places rather than achieved balance, and conditions for expressions of hate speech become ripe. Why wouldn't they? If one is convinced by one's own identity that you are incapable of discrimination, the tools of self-criticism that might act to check hate speech are of no interest.

Hate speech is not a complex thing to figure out: if thousands of words of rhetoric about a race or gender invariably find that race or gender wanting then that is hate speech. What is being lost in all this is a true awareness of historic systems and institutions of discrimination as opposed to individual acts. Women were once forbidden to vote. That was not an individual or a rude comment on the street. Black folks were once forbidden by law in some parts of America to do certain things. That is not a rude post card or dirty look. If all black folks and women ever had to worry about in America had been anecdotal and individual expressions of disdain, there never would've been a problem in the first place, because human nature would dictate equal expressions of disdain from women and minorities in such situations, and both sides would be bereft of legal and institutional ways to further their disdain.

The SF&F community has to come to terms with the fact that, in 2013, they themselves are the sole source of institutional expressions of disdain against race and gender. As I said, there is no institutional opposite number to WisCon or Diversicon. There is no institutional opposite number to black, Hispanic, female, gay, and Asian-only awards presentations. The doctors have come to the point where they must heal themselves.

The irony is that the very people who ignore the destruction of institutions of discrimination cannot themselves figure out to dismantle their own institutions of discrimination. In fact, every passing year sees more and more institutions dedicated to race, sexual preference and women and the only people not indulging in such acts are the very straight, white, males who are the provisional immoral enemy held up like the vanished piece of the one true cross that powers all these institutions of reverse discrimination. The presence and lack of such institutions is not my opinion but a very real and easily demonstrable fact. One needs only to accommodate oneself to this reality and observe it.

The SF&F community has gone from creating monsters in its literature to literally creating monsters in its politics. Racial and gender politics has come to trump art. Novels are now commonly created based on such things as a racial turnabout on the name "Snow White." Novels are hyped for the simple fact they don't take place in white Europe and with white characters. Novels are criticized because of their racial make up or geographic setting. In all that, where is good writing? That is not art but politics, bigotry and identity-sermonizing disguised and presented as art. Art takes a backseat to the race and gender of who makes that art, who's in that art. Bigots who are amateur writers who claim a superiority to Tolkien and Heinlein based on spirituality and morality rather than talent sound more like the eternally stupid and racist Islamist apologist Sayd Qutb than an artist.

As far as I know, this series of essays is the first attempt to put this racialist movement in perspective and gather all their views in one place. It is not a pretty picture because the commonality of the gripe and hokum combined with the failure of intellect, logic, reason and fair play leap out of the words like a lightning bolt. It reveals the millions of words of rhetoric by our lovely race-nauts to be nothing more than monumental hypocrisy and an empty shell meant to disguise race and gender disdain, resentment and even outright hatred. And the entire edifice of hate is built on a insane view of history so racially distorted and stripped of context one can easily make a claim it simply never happened.

The common thread through this series of essays is a negative resentment and fixation on white, straight, men that amounts to a fixation and even sick phobia. Why this group has been singled out as a group in the first place is plain bizarre, since white, straight, men are no club; they have simply been made into one. In the second place, if one feels compelled to do such a thing, a quick look through any history book will show a record that runs the usual gamut of human emotions, triumphs and failings compared to any one else.

Where even more bizarre creepiness comes in is that, if one is going to insist on racializing the world and then relating on a very personal level to absurd exaggerations of gender and racial failure by all groups one claims are involved specifically by race and gender, and distributing morality to suit, of course one is going to come up with an unhealthy and sick obsession that in some distorted mirror pretends to be a form of justice. In my view, this has nothing to do with justice or racism but with mental health issues and simple hate. The common denominator of an enemy but with a singular lack of people with actual names and my documentation here of people with actual names doing this is too striking to be denied. In virtually every instance the monster to be defeated has no name and is identified only by a police bulletin to be on the lookout for a suspect said to be straight, white and male and presumed extremely dangerous now and for centuries past.

I'd love to know what a psychiatrist would make of this series of essays about paranoid people with insanely different standards for themselves and their enemy with no name, not to mention a complete lack of balance when it comes to all the things the hated group in question has undeniably done to make this world a better place to live in and which those who cry loudest not only partake of but are addicted to and benefit from. That's going to double the resentment of a sick mind right there. What must it be like for people to daily use the social and technological artifacts of a group they've put on top of a history's most wanted list with their rhetoric at the same time they do the exact opposite with their actions and huddle to that hated group as closely as they can while rejecting large concentrations and nations of their own "heroes?"

If one ignores the negative racial rhetoric, one can only color the actions of the justice league of race and gender as being a doting admiration that amounts to an addiction. In short, all immorality and pleasure derive from a single source. If that's not a spot on impersonation of the eternally moronic clever-but-spiritless views of Sayd Qutb or Nazis I don't know what is. Fanatics have very loud voices and their negative impact on society combined with their portrayal of their own lack of a positive impact on history is a telling story of childish blame, feelings of impotence, excuses, and resentment that is pathological. To politically correct racialists, white, straight, men are like post-colonial new and improved heroin they cannot and will not stay away from, because it is how these racialists identify themselves, and in turn see themselves as a literal embodiment of morality; their rhetoric stinks of it.

Doing all this in 2013 on the thin excuse that race and gender are under assault but with no proof of it other than the racial and gender myths and stereotypes they claim to hate is a form of depravity. Again, you cannot claim a failure of a value system for one hand and then stipulate it as an impossibility for another. That is not an argument; that is delusion and wishful thinking. I have painstakingly listed examples of racial and gender double standards by actual individuals and not by race and gender, the complete opposite of what the SF&F community itself does. And in the few cases you do see actual names taken down, as in the case of Resnick and Malzberg over the SFWA Bulletin, their race and gender is mentioned consistently and persistently, as if they have cancer and the cancer made them do it. So, there's no gay, black or female sexists or racists? What an odd idea.

The examples I've given are many and wide and delusional, often based on an ignorant and self-serving version of the history of the world that simply never happened because that history has been purposefully stripped of context and balance. That has been done to better serve a prejudiced world view that pretends to restore perspective while it utterly destroys any chance at such a perspective. History is cherry-picked in the name of racially distributing acts of morality and immorality until it is unrecognizable, the very thing these people claim they are against. Terms such as "colonialism" and "imperialism" are a whites-only water fountain. That tells you all you need to know about the new generation of the politically correct Justice League of Race and Gender.

Make no mistake where these fools are coming from. Responses to this essay have done everything but rebut it. Writers accuse me of writing too much, of bad grammar, of my own racism and paranoia, of having too much free time, of being like a terrorist, of feeling racially oppressed, of just about any deflection they are capable of, including the ironic accusation that I am white, which to them, is its own explanation. Were I this group of shits, I wouldn't be worrying about my own grammar so much as their own, the one's surrounded by quote marks.

The reason for the deflection is simple: I have hung these people up by their own standards and quotes and left them exposed and dangling in the wind and they don't like it. They can't deny their own words or rebut the idea that race and gender defamation is always wrong nor that they indulge in such defamation. Hypocrites never like being called out and they despise context and comparison. In point of fact, people addicted to identity rather than principle are simply unable to understand context or make the simplest of comparisons. The truth is, if the SF&F community provided genuine forums for debate rather than obvious attempts at censorship, this series of essays never would've been necessary. The reason that community stifles disagreement is that their positions are transparently unsupportable and indefensible and cannot stand the light of day, no more so than can neo-Nazis or the KKK and other supremacist groups. I have always maintained that taking down a racist is as easy as eating a nice slice of apple pie and washing it down with a cool glass of milk. That is what I have done - at great length, and with relish.

In covering a period of only the last few years, I've shown you more blatant racism, racial advocacy and racial hate speech than the Justice League of Race and Gender can come up with during their supposedly racial hot-spot of the modern beginnings of old-school SF&F that starts around 1910 and goes to 1960. What do you call it when a reaction to racism produces an outpouring of it that outnumbers the supposed crime by thousands of times? I dunno. You figure it out.

And here is another fact: there is no equivalent within the SF&F community to the racial advocacy or hate speech progressive racialists spout daily; in short, there is no enemy and they can't show one; they are tilting at windmills. Their case pretty much amounts to Tolkien had dark orcs and Lovecraft wrote a racist poem in 1912 and white men in overwhelmingly white countries wrote about white characters. Meanwhile, these same progressive racialists never shut up about race, including non-white characters in countries in which they are minorities and recommending literature according to skin and gender. In other words, progressive racialists do exactly what they claim others have done but never did.

And there is certainly no equivalent of the disgusting racism of WisCon having a safe room for non-whites. Imagine if I had an SF convention with a safe room for whites or so that whites could interact the way whites do and the implications of that.


It is the SFWA itself which originated, popularized, mainstreamed and which uses phrases like Jemisin's "the straight white men at the core of SFF," as does John Scalzi and many others within SF&F. The implication of this separate "other" as they use the term is negative 100% of the time. In other words, the straight, white, male is a drag on proper civilization, as if he is an immoral savage, a Viking barbarian that needs a leavening of diversity to lessen his negative impact. The problem is that once the SFWA goes along that rhetorical path, it is equally valid to suppose or argue that "other" might in fact have a superior value system and act as the opposite of being a drag on proper civilization. That's because "different" is never "equal;" there is always better or worse once one establishes "different." Once one establishes "different," you no longer control how that will be ultimately defined. It is an intellectual Pandora's Box of racial and gender bigotry, and one which the SFWA itself has enthusiastically opened and introduced into the SF&F community through hard persistence. I'd bet I could literally list 500 negative quotes about privileged, white men strewn across Twitter and blogs in the SF&F community. That is simply hate speech.

"This is not a safe country for people of color" 

But when the SFWA's hated philosophical opposite at Vox Populi argues "there is no evidence to be found anywhere on the planet that a society of NK Jemisins is capable of building an advanced civilization, or even successfully maintaining one without significant external support from those white males," suddenly the very same thought processes the SFWA uses to arrive at a conclusion is vicious racism. If Vox Populi is racist, I say, okay, fine, he is, compared to who? The SFWA? Professional whiners Jemisin, Aliette de Bodard and Saladin Ahmed, who never shut up with their anti-white bullshit? What a fucking laugh.

In other words, don't say the privileged straight, white, male the SFWA has made up out of their heads might be a positive thing. That is not possible, it can only be a negative. That is racism. Well, I agree: the standard the SFWA puts forward and supports is vicious racism. The SFWA wants to have their cake and eat it too, and walk away like this racialist thinking and language is one they have nothing to do with and never use.

In fact it is the very bedrock on which the SFWA thrives and which WisCon is built around and which provided the original impetus for this series of essays. What the SFWA and it's supporters refuse to come to terms with is that Vox Populi is a mirror image of themselves and a man who speaks back to them in their exact same racialized language; of course the SFWA sees ugliness - they see themselves. The difference is that it is one man against institutions, both indulging in similar rhetoric. Which is marginalized and of no threat, and which is a threat? Because that is the core issue: institutions versus individuals. One has power to enforce their views, the other none. The question isn't one of whether there are racists, but to what extent they are institutionalized within a society.

Short version: the SFWA has its share of bigoted smug moralists and hypocrites. If I were them, I'd be censoring the crap out of everything on blogs too. 

At Foz (cool-name) dipshit's blog, after Foggy states she'd like to strangle Vox Day, one of her commentators lays out how Jemisin's Aussie speech violated hate-speech laws in Ireland, while trying to defend her. Gomer's post is hilarious for its utter double standards about hate speech and Foggy's use of terms like being a "ciswoman" with a "white family." Fogshit talks as if she's hiding Jews under her floorboards during WW II and a reluctant but privileged member of the Nazi Party but also an underground freedom fighter in dangerous England. If all Aussies were as stupid as FozGas, Jemisin might actually have had a point when she pointed out Australia was a dangerous place. Certainly Foz Meadows is an intellectual and evolutionary cul de sac.

SFWA fun-fun race-dink and rape-obsessed Jim Hines goes at Vox Popoli's attack on N.K. Jemisin by writing "this sort of ignorance, bigotry, and hate still exists," like he's a baby that just woke up in its crib and never heard of himself saying white guys are basically fucking ignorant, savage, rape-culture, bigoted and hateful, privileged, racist, morons 18 fucking thousand times a week, while drooling over PoC and women like they're the source of all wisdom on Earth, even when they take out entire continents they don't know jack shit about as endemic white supremacist racists. Then it's all "awesome kittens" and "other fun stuff."

Vox Popoli's views on race are impenetrably scientifically pedantic and often genetically bizarre and certainly not friendly to non-whites. The difference is that Vox's comments are not fundamentally worse or different than Jemisin's on such matters and far less frequent; Jemisin's anti-white tirades are daily, and she never takes a day off. I'd be hard pressed to find a day when Jemisin hasn't made some smugly supremacist remark about white folks. It's a subject she never shuts up about and in which whites come out low man 100% of the time. The fact so many in the SFF community light up Vox and praise Jemisin for essentially the same views is a testimony to pure stupidity and denial.

What the justice league of race and gender in the SFF community will not and cannot wrap their brains around is the fact that Vox Day went after an individual, Jemisin went after a skin color. Jemisin's statements about Australia are no different from saying Jews are greedy and Mexicans lazy. Jemisin profiled the fuck out of Australia, a country that, in real terms, she knows nothing about. But she does know there's a lot of whites, and that in itself is an indictment in the mad world of N.K. Jemisin and the justice league of race and gender, where it's open season on profiling whites in the same philosophical space the KKK used after the Civil War and Nazis used in Germany in the '30s.

That is a pretty simple comparison to make: ethnicity does not amount to a set of facts, a bill of particulars. Ethnicity is not guilt, nor reward. Throw in men, and heterosexual men at that, and the hate speech and group defamation in the dirty alley of the SFF community is incessant and daily. Characteristics such as nobility, reward, guilt, racism, and general stupidity and wisdom are apportioned strictly according to identity, and the guilt and reward inherent in the rhetoric is 100% each way. Certain identities never have anything positive said about them, others never anything negative. That is not my opinion, but an easily proven fact I've used actual quotes to show. I defy any one to show otherwise. Quotes to the contrary of what I assert simply do not exist. They are as non-existent as positive portrayals of Jews by Nazis and black folks by the KKK.

This is Stormfront with lattés, and the impression is pitch perfect, substituting only black for white, Jew for male, and gay for straight. The justice league of race and gender will defend that by saying white, straight, males have no history being sexually and racially oppressed. Well, the SFF community's shitty, dark alley is working on that, isn't it? In any event, that is no excuse for carrying on such a tradition, as two wrongs don't make a right. It's the 21st century, and a genre that purports to have an interest in the future cannot get its mind out of the worst gutters of the past.

When Jamie Rubin writes "Racism, sexism and bullying still exists within the SF/F community," it is with clueless irony and unintentional satire so thick it makes molasses look like blood thinner. Devoid of principles and addicted purely to identity, what other things can such people see? Such views are the essence of simple stupidity, and simple comparisons are unavailable.

At the end of the day, Vox and Jemisin may simply be two sides of the same coin, a half dozen of one and six of the other. One's views on either Jemisin or Vox may reveal more about the observer than either Jemisin or Vox. Probably touching tributes to the humanity of Nazis like Panzer division Col. Hans von Luck in German-occupied Smolensk in 1941 even while it was being purged of Jews doesn't help Vox's image much. The problem with Jemisin's moronic speech in Australia is that she is acting like she is a Jew in 1941 Smolensk even while she gets nominated 3 years running for the SFWA's Nebula award in sadly white supremacist America and from within an SFF fandom she characterizes as "racist as fuck." Just a tiny bit of a disconnect there I'd say. Let's face it: in Jemisin's world, everything's racist as fuck, probably even flowers who stare at her, and cats.

To show you how weak the justice league of race and gender's claims about racism in the SFF community are, let's look at a blog post by SF writer Tobias Bucknell titled "A glimpse at the racism lurking around science fiction." "Glimpse is the right word. Blink and you'll miss the documentation; because the totality of Bucknell's documentation are emails he says he receives, Theodore Beale and... that's it. First of all, I don't know how many emails he receives. Second of all, unless they're from Nebula and Hugo Award winners and the presidents of the SFWA, I don't see why they would matter. They have no clout. Third: Beale, as I've pointed out, is a marginalized anomaly and outlier with no mainstream presence or influence within SF's institutions, and that's the point of these essays.

Predictably, Bucknell ends his post about nothing with a moronic assertion that flies in the face of what he asserted, he had a chance to back up, and couldn't. Despite the emptiness of his claims, Bucknell writes "This is a ‘A loud, aggressive percentage of fandom, including people who make it into SFWA, are straight up loudly racist, and this is the sort of thing they direct my way. Go look’ sort of post."

Really? I am looking. I'm looking at your stupid fucking post. If these people are so "loud" and "aggressive," where are they? Why not write them into the post? That's what the fucking post is about. Who are they? Pffft! Bucknell has squat. As I've mentioned before, simple comparisons and words like "proportion" are a Rubik's Cube to idiots addicted to identity and racializing the world about them. They have their minds set whites are racist, that no one else is, and that's that. No amount of proof will ever change their world view because this part of the SFF community either simply hates whites, men and straight people or has adopted the paranoid rhetoric and bought into the explanations of those bigots because of ignorance, naiveté, political correctness and sheer stupidity. If Bucknell was a lawyer and this was his idea of presenting a case, he'd get his ass kicked in court daily.

But why would I be surprised? There is no case to be made. If they're were racial bigots on the other side of the equation buried like wood ticks into the very fabric of SFF's institutions like the justice league of race and gender, then I'd be writing about them. There is simply no opposite number to the mountain of racism, sexism and naked hatred that emanates from the PC race-nauts in SFF. In fact there is no white identity politics institutionalized within America. No. Leave PoC, feminist and gay anthologies, advocacy and awards to the morons who say they are against such things but do it because they are under assault. The problem is, other than isolated anecdotes like Bucknell's, these shits can't make a case to justify their hatred and paranoia. Lord knows, its not for lack of trying. It's simply not there to be made. For every Beale on the sidelines in Italy, I can name you ten racist and sexist idiots squatting like toads right in the midst of SFF's most prominent institutions.

Oh! But wait. Tobias Bucknell did find more racism, and yes it was buried, but not like a wood tick. And Bucknell's revelation only has 5 years between it and the one I mention above, indicating a clear trend. Although, to be honest, I haven't research more of Bucknell's amazing revelations. Mostly because his blog is as boring as shit, whiny, PC and racialist and also because it should be called "My Molehill - Your Mountain."

Anyway, Bucknell's Racegate Number Two was buried because it came in the form of a private letter of rejection from Helix webzine for an SFF story. In that letter, the editor of the now defunct Helix, William Sanders, used the idiotic term "sheet heads" to refer to Arabs. The author who received the letter decided to out the editor who wrote it by publishing it. However, I would suggest Detective Bucknell's trend is probably outnumbered by a factor of about a zillion to one when one considers these racial terms of endearment from his pals.

That's almost 150 racist quotes where white folks are taken to the fucking cleaners Mr. Bucknell. Not only are they from inside SFF's most visible institutions and writers, they're mostly from the last year or so. And Bucknell actually used the word "disproportionate" in that "sheet heads" post just like he understood what it means.

My favorite part is when Bucknell writes this:

"It’s really not that hard to just come out and say using a racial epithet is uncool. Remaining silent and acceding to the hate filled bullies who want otherwise, well, what will that cost?"

Is that true Tobias? If so, get to work. Because why haven't you and your comrades taken out Jaymee Goh for referring to whites as "sour dough-faced" and K. Tempest Bradford (whom you defend in that post) for using "cracka ass cracka" in response to a white woman she'd had a disagreement with on Twitter? And that's aside from Goh inviting people to WisCon's racially segregated "POC Dinner" for "non-white company" and Angry Black Woman, the site Bradford originated, saying "white people fear us" in its "About" section.  Predictably, Detective Tobias Bucknell's "anti-racism" radar and response time runs at half-mast when it's his non-"PC Nazi" pals, though he makes noises that's not the case.

To pile poop on top of crap, Bucknell quotes the editor of Clarkesworld webzine, Neil Clarke, reacting to the rude comments over SheetHeadsGate at Asimov's forum by writing "Seeing this gives me a much better appreciation of what women and minority authors have to put up with."

A strange thing to say since Clarkesworld published an article titled "Super Duper Sexual Spiritual Black Woman: The New and Improved Magical Negro." That was written by Chesya Burke, who proclaims on her web site that she is "unapologetically black" and where, in the process of promoting her Clarkesworld article complaining about white people, she surprisingly complains about white people. Who saw that coming?

Please someone show me what it is the PC crowd in SFF is struggling against since they seem to be short of comments considered orthodoxy by SFF's institutions about "young black women" used as a self-explanatory insult, white and males-only awards, car-fare to conventions for whites, Hispanic Privilege in Latin America, Black Privilege in Africa, Arab Privilege in the Middle East, Asian Privilege in Asia, recommending fiction by white males, reviewing only male fiction, calls to diversify rap, boxing and the NBA, creating segregated whites-only dinners and rooms at SFF conventions, wanting to read more fiction by white men, a call for white straight anthologies, alleging female editors are racist sexists, web sites called "The Angry White Man" that say "blacks fears us" and "unapologetically white," though they act as if they are surrounded by such things. In fact such racist artifacts only seem to exist on the "good" side. Bit of a sticky wicket, that, as they say in Merry Ol' Colonial Raceland.

On the other hand read this racial puddle of shit at the Science Fiction Writer's of America's own website by Nisi Shawl titled "Transracial Writing for the Sincere." It is a remarkably racist essay and the nasal tone of racial superiority mingled with disdain is unmistakable. Apparently it is assumed most whites are insincere when it comes to such matters. Were I to reverse the races it would be considered Stormfront Deluxe. Why not just have a fucking post about Jews writing about gentiles? What a fucking disgrace, and I mean with a capital "D."

Instead of worrying about what "women and minority authors have to put up with," Mr. Clarke might read the blogs and Twitter feeds of K. Tempest Bradford, N.K. Jemisin, Jaymee Goh, and Aliette de Bodard and see the racialist garbage they churn out day after day like clockwork and stop seeing them as incapable of exactly what it is they do simply because they are "women and minority authors." Defense is no excuse to give them a free-fire zone and hold them to a completely different standard than the justice league of race and gender's "straight white male."

Go somewhere and find a principle. Any prinicple, I don't care what, just one I can hold you people to you can't squirm out of and go back to a moronic double standard of deciding right and wrong, guilt and innocence, and nobility or lack of it, by using gender and race. Bucknell is clueless.


For those who called for Theodore (Vox Day) Beale's expulsion from the SFWA because of his remarks about Jemisin, the simple truth is this: if Beale should be expelled then so too should Jemisin herself, as well as Saladin Ahmed and Aliette de Bodard, and for the exact same reasons, and that's just for starters. When the brigade of political correctness finds a fucking principle and comes to understand this, they won't be cluelessly mainstreaming hate speech by way of racial and gender bigotry and will instead apply one equal standard to all, regardless of their race, gender or gender preference. That divide is the very bedrock of this series of essays about the SFF community. Clueless SFWA member Carrie Cuinn sums up that intellectual chasm, as well as listing Beale's quotes about Jemisin, in a post on her blog called "Wishing Never Changed A Damn Thing." The truth is, that when it comes to lighting up entire races as assholes, Beale is a rank amateur compared to Jemisin, who goes after whites 24/7. Cuinn reminds me of a monkey who can see the banana but can't quite figure out what the pane of glass is her hand keeps banging into. Racial defamation is always wrong Cuinn. Stop making excuses.

As for Jim Hines, he is the idiot who links to and supports a site that says "whites fear us." Hines is the idiot who openly supports K. Tempest Bradford, originator of that racist site, and the promoter of WisCon's anti-white, segregated "safer-space" that implies danger from whites and who boasts how she's helped by the "fabulousness" of Jaymee Goh, who Tweets that white people are "sour dough-faced." Hines stands tall for Jemisin, who claims whites in Australia are such dangerous racists, that it is not even safe for Jemisin to be in the country. Hines stands up for the idea that whites are privileged racists. In other words, Hines and his whole supporting cast believe whites are such barbarians, that they are endemically unhousebroken racists. It is Hines and people like him that originated a racial language and view of a race and skin equaling "savage." In the world of these hopeless morons, whites are as dangerous as the hoary hosts of Hoggoth.

After all of 3 days, Jemisin claims Australia "is not a safe country for people of color" cuz she once hear a truck with loudspeakers in Japan blaring "Yankee Go Home" and because she never heard of a truly dangerous place for "people of color," Africa, where 5.4 million people recently perished cuz someone said a Hutu truck had loudspeakers blaring "people must bring a machete, a spear, an arrow, a hoe, spades, rakes, nails, truncheons, electric irons, barbed wire, stones, and the like, in order, dear listeners, to kill the Rwandan Tutsis." In Jemisin's addled brain, she calls this Newspeak about "beardy old middle-class middle-American guys" "reconciliation." I think they called Fort Sumter reconciliation too.

"I’ve been in this country three days, and I love it. This is not a safe country for people of color." Hahahaah. I don't know what I'm saying. 

When it comes to Jemisin vs. continent, I think the word "smug" just reached an all-time record. That is revealed here in Jemisin's idea of "reconciliation," which means an apology from an entire race and that "authors and fans speak out about their misconceptions and mistakes, and make a commitment to doing better." OH, NO, I HAVE TO CONFESS!!! BLESS ME FATHER FOR I HAVE SINNED... BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. SAY 10 HAIL MARY'S AND 10 OUR FATHERS AND DO SOME KIND OF FUCKING ACT OF CONTRITION AND PROMISE NOT TO COLONIZE PEOPLE ANY MORE AND STOP INVENTING SO MUCH SHIT. AND ONLY I GET TO WRITE STORIES WITH PEOPLE WHO LOOK LIKE ME, NOT YOU, SO WATCH OUT!

Here's what this crazy fucking woman loudly whined on her Facebook page about being stopped by the police while bicycling in N.Y. City:

"The police are a deadly threat to people like me; I reacted to them the same way I react to a mugging." 

Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!! One can easily get the impression that nowhere is truly safe for N.K. Jemisin if you know what I mean.

This incident happened at the end of June, 2013. For context, here is this June 19, 2013 article from just days before Jemisin's haunting near-death experience titled "Cop 'Hunting' Cyclists: 'You Shouldn't Even Be Riding A Bike In New York'" Here is the first paragraph:

"Hours after a driver plowed into a group of pedestrians and a cyclist in the East Village, (June 19) critically injuring one and inflicting non-life threatening injuries on three others, the NYPD's Ninth Precinct is cracking down…on cyclists. Photographer Dmitry Gudkov says he was cycling up First Avenue when he noticed a police officer standing near his squad car at the intersection of 6th Street. 'I kind of asked him jokingly, "Are you hunting cyclists?" ' Gudkov says. 'And without even blinking he says, "Absolutely." "

So much for N.K. Jemisin: Ace Racist Detective.

The comments section beneath Jemisin's Facebook whining contain the by now familiar paranoid hyperreaction to exactly nothing I've come to expect from the easily bruised racial and gender bigots of this shitty neighborhood of SFF fandom. The cops and all of Australia are a fucking menace to non-whites. Wheeeeeeeeee-ohhhhhhhhhhhh-wooooooooooooooo!!!!!! I think the racist mother ship has just landed. I mean, what isn't a menace to non-whites and women? Hahahahah. America is a killing field. By the moronic thought processes of these people and their stupid fucking all non-white SF anthologies, Jemisin's problems would be solved by simply moving to an all-black neighborhood, aside from dangerous cops that is. Well, I think we all know how that would work out. Unlike non-whites flocking to America illegally just to have a better life, I see no similar trend of white SFF fandom flocking to non-white neighborhoods for better treatment and overall lives. The reason for that is simple: they are bald-faced liars and hypocrites.

Here's what dumbfucks these people are: if I asked John Scalzi and Steven Gould, the outgoing and incoming presidents in Summer 2013 of the SFWA what a non-gay person is who obsessively writes about gays and portrays them negatively 100% of the time, we know what they'd say. Put in Jew, woman, or black - same answer. And one I'd agree with.

If I asked them what a black person who writes obsessively about whites and portrays them negatively 100% of the time is, suddenly it's "Wait... what? No, no, no. We gave Jemisin 8 1/2 bravos out of a possible 10 for her speech about white Australian racist savages."

Jemisin gives you jack shit for stars cuz you're all a bunch of running dog racists according to her incessant chatter. You'd think Jemisin's Twitter feed is the diary of a person trapped all alone on an island of man-eating plants, found off the goddam New Hebrides in 1907. "I bring you a terrible warning. Don't go there. Not Australia. No. Noooooooooooooo! Listen to me! Please listen! If you don't, if you won't, if you fail to understand, then the same incredible terror that's menacing me WILL STRIKE AT YOU! They're like huge seed pods! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! Whitey!!!!!"

"N. K. Jemisin ‏@nkjemisin 15h Why Being a PoC Author Sucks Sometimes | http://www.racialicious.com/2013/06/26/why-being-a-poc-author-sucks-sometimes/ … Just saw this. With shiny, depressing charts!"

"Sometimes?" According to you entire fucking continents are no-go zones for PoC. 

By a mad PC coincidence, when ass-dink Jim Hines was asked to comment for an article running at the same time at SF Signal about tropes in SF&F, his response was "strong woman characters... strong woman... sexual violence... rape... raped." Yup, that's fun science fiction all right. What a fucking asshole. In my neighborhood when I was a kid, Hines would've been kicked in the nuts so many times he'd have looked like he was walking on stilts. Even if our toes got tired, he sure as fuck wouldn't have been allowed at any parties, as we tended to not want them treated like a fucking funeral parlor, the friendly face of the KKK, or a whine brigade. ROTYH and Hines are rape bookends. They claim to have a strong aversion to it while actually having sections of their blogs devoted to the act, but they are not law enforcement and SFF is hardly a dark alley in need of rape counselors. What SFF actually needs is a little more SFF and a lot less United Nations Diversity Pie-Chart Division of Gender and Race. Just because crazy obsessed idiots see a natural intersection between Harry Potter, Ringworlds and rape racist gender-flipping doesn't make SFF an appropriate venue for such things. I guess the reason SFF's PC morons don't write more dystopian fiction is that they see Orwell's 1984 as a happy nostalgia and the present day as one constant battle against racist gender tyranny and colonialist oppression. In that case, dystopian fiction would be superfluous short of the sun fragmenting into shards.

At the end of the day, think of the Earth as a small village, and then ask yourself if you want to pal around with morons in that village who'll stink up the place by lighting up tens of millions of people simply by the way they look and who they are. I say fuck that. Shut the fuck up about all this race and gender bullshit and write some good SF&F. If you want to attack Jews, whites, blacks, gays, men, women, or walls, go start a fucking flash mob and fuck off and leave SF&F out of it. If you want to institutionalize self-pity and make believe it's a positive human trait, then you're your own explanation for failure.

The KKK has very cleverly made a comeback in the SFF community by the simple expedient of changing targets, and it's all working out quite well. Never in the history of SFF has there been so many daffy useful chumps to throw aside principle and a moral ethos and instead decide that man, white and heterosexual equals wrong and woman, non-white and gay equals right. It is at least easy to remember for a pack of morons who demonstrably have no brains, ability to reason or self-awareness.

The SF&F community is relatively small; of course it is going to have its racial and gender demographic quirks, the same as any other sub-genre or hobby in American culture or anywhere. Are you going to go after dirt-track motorcycle racing and movie poster collecting too? That is not a sign of a conspiracy against women and PoC. And what's the cure? To have SF&F somehow reflect some exact percentage of the America population by race and gender? That's insane to even think about. Are we going to create a gay, racial and gender pie-chart and put it up on a central web site and micro manage it, tweaking it here and there?


How do we know when there is there and how do we know there are simply bigots on the other side of this who themselves are guilty of the very race and gender hatreds they accuse others of? Are PoC and women not human too, or are we to truly believe gays, PoC, and women are innately more moral. Fuck that. And fuck funds to have PoC visit dirt bike racing or purchase vintage movie posters for PoC. I'm sure they can earn money just like anyone else. You're the ones who think they're fucking cripples.

The people I've written about in these essays are an embarrassment to themselves, the SFF community and genre, their country, and most importantly, to the human spirit, of which they are contemptuous, despite all their posturings about justice.

What some will consider the unimaginable length of these essays is purposeful. The easiest way to present a case is to present so much of it, the trends will pop out at you of their own accord. The whole point is repetition; lot's of it; inescapable mountains of it. You don't have to do a thing but read. Although I refer to them myself as essays, they are in fact an archive. They are an archive of an interconnected community of almost unbelievable rancor and hatred for their fellow man, sweeping vast swaths of humanity into the gutter by the use of circular arguments and rhetoric in which the so-called victims are simply never wrong. As I said at the beginning of this archive, right and wrong to the justice league of race and gender is a simply matter of white vs. non-white, male vs. female, and gay vs. straight. All the rhetoric is fluff and hate speech that is the opposite of a distilling process. In truth, all the rhetoric merely serves as a smokescreen to mask nearly pathological hatred and the delusion that goes along with such pathologies. This process is made all the worse when it is mainstreamed into the heart of the SFF community which is itself only a microcosm of the same process being carried out in institutions across America.

The truth of the matter is this: when the quotes of the people who inhabit this sad culture are laid next to one another end to end, it reveals an intersupporting group that resembles an embarrassing insane asylum more than healthy happy people dedicated to their art and the art of their genre and more importantly, with faith in the spirit of their fellow humans. A virtual enemies list has been constructed based on nothing more than one's race, gender and gender preference. This is accompanied by absurd, cartoonish and childish stereotypes that are invariably negative portrayals of what amounts to millions upon millions of human beings. The fact that this group of do-gooders claim to be against those exact type of portrayals is where insanity creeps in.

I will quote an anonymous commentator:

"This insulated community somehow thought they could solicit art by race, package SF&F anthologies only open to non-whites, openly single out and daily deride men as an entire group as innately immoral, engage in openly hostile and daily gender and racial harassment, engage in racial and gender discrimination on Twitter, talk nonsense about a 'male gaze,' throw down entire races as endemically racist by logic of skin alone, turn an anecdotal 'get me a coffee' by one anonymous man into confirmation that men are sexist and a 550 comment mass celebratory attack on men on a blog, support their own members being insulted because of their age, gender and race, turn anecdotal and anomalous stories about harassment or rape into a male-approved 'rape culture,' violate hate-speech laws in a wide variety of international jurisdictions, promote negative racial and gender stereotypes, engage in institutionally approved racially segregated dinners and physical spaces within an SF convention, give and support literary awards limited by race, gender and gender preference while insisting on diversity elsewhere, arguably nominate writers for Nebula and Hugo Awards by race and gender who inarguably have openly hostile anti-white web sites and Twitter feeds, have SFWA members publicly admit on their blogs they're racist, offer to transport people to SF cons according to a 'one-drop' rule, have SFWA members link to web sites that say 'whites fear us,' and basically say we're all a bunch of privileged colonialist and genocidal racists who daily benefit from the 'privilege' of our own sexism and racism.

"N.K. Jemisin's insanely paranoid and racist Australia speech is being universally hailed as brilliant within this community. SFWA member Jim Hines wrote 'applause' in response to it. Incoming SFWA president Steven Gould wrote 'fabulous.' Almost 80 comments on Jemisin's site ALONE endorsed her racist speech.

"That sounds more like a supremacist racial and gender bund than a community of artists interested in literary expressions of art and egalitarianism. Nowhere in sight do I detect an interest in science fiction and fantasy; that and art is far down their list of priorities.

"These people violate their own 0ft-stated 'principles' and modes of logic every single day. A majority of Muslims are NOT terrorists or a majority of black folks NOT on welfare turns into a majority of all white men are racist and sexist in a heartbeat, and led by the outgoing and incoming presidents of the SFWA.

"These people are ignorant, vengeful, stupid and even borderline sociopaths or insane. I'm not surprised how many openly admit to mental problems and medication for depression on their blogs. They have run wild and forgotten they live in a community of laws, not a world that baby-sits bizarre and paranoid fantasies of white supremacists and sexists laying in wait for them. At some point it was inevitable they'd go too far and smash into reality like a bug on a windshield.

"That day has come." 

And let me add one final quote:

"Throughout history, it has been the inaction of those who could have acted, the indifference of those who should have known better, the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most, that has made it possible for evil to triumph." - Haile Selassie 

[Addendum] This five-part work was meant in part to be a "performance rage" parody of the unbelievable web site of Requires Only That You hate, minus the racial and sexual defamation. I did it to expose the massive hypocrisies of SFFs Social Justice Warriors who gave a pass to RH's group defamations using the thinly veiled excuse she was "raising important issues." I knew my own piece, though lacking RH's racism or sexism would be portrayed in a way RH's site should have been and was not. In light of the recent furor about RH, this piece, written long before the SJWs abandoned RH's racist rants and decided to finally disown her, stands as testimony to the endemic bigotry, hate speech and double standards of the core SFF community.

"Cyberhate Response BEST PRACTICES FOR RESPONDING TO CYBERHATE - THE INTERNET COMMUNITY: The Internet Community should identify, implement and/or encourage effective strategies of counter-speech — including direct response; comedy and satire when appropriate; or simply setting the record straight." - Anti-Defamation League