The 12th Annual White Privilege Conference

Beware of Nazis in pig-tails allergic to scented products bearing flowers and wheel chair access

by James May • May 7, 2011

On April 13, 2011, the 12th annual White Privilege Conference was held in Minneapolis, Minnesota at the Bloomington Sheraton. When I first heard of this I thought it was a joke from The Onion or something it seemed so ludicrous. It turns out it is a very real thing and supported by the YWCA and many Minnesota colleges as well. At the very top of the WPC web site are quotes by Stephen Biko, Malcolm X and Martin Luther King, as if to suggest America is a version of South African apartheid or we are in the pre-civil rights era. At the top of the national YWCA website it says, "Eliminating racism, empowering women" and the Minneapolis YWCA site has a long blurb on it’s homepage called, "It’s Time to Talk Forums On Race" which is also suggestive of a battle still to be won, but it is the nature of an enemy chosen by skin color which is the concept I find disturbing.


We can all agree such things are noble goals if not a noble enterprise. The problem is that the WPC's rhetoric is hate speech at it’s core and one is reminded of the social justice and noble aims hate groups in the past started out with, thinking they knew what's best for their communities. I believe that in their hearts people who sponsor and organize such affairs think they are doing a good thing and there is little doubt as to their good intentions. Having said that, unless one is dazzled by appearances and apparently we are, taking a close look at the rhetoric on the WPC site reveals language that would seem to operate from the same intellectual space as a hate group, no matter their conspicuous statements about social justice. The way the WPC lays blame on white Americans reminds me of groups in the past who have laid blame on Jews for the troubles of the world.


In a "Community Agreement" PDF available at the WPC site it says:


We will strive for intersectionality, recognizing that systems of white supremacy, inequality and privilege, such as race, gender, sexual, religious, etc. are interacting and interconnected


On the conference's site there is this entry on their What is White Privilege page:


“Whites need to acknowledge and work through the negative historical implications of ‘Whiteness’ and create for ourselves a transformed identity as White people committed to equity and social change...To teach my White students and my own children...that there are different ways of being White, and that they have a choice as White people to become champions of justice and social healing.” ~Gary Howard


The man only referred to race 6 times in that short paragraph and elsewhere on the site there are these talking points about what the WPC is:


2. It is not a conference designed to attack, degrade or beat up on white folks.

4. WPC is a conference built on the premise that the U.S. was started by white people, for white people.

5. WPC is a conference designed to examine issues of privilege beyond skin color.


For a conference that is not "designed to attack, degrade or beat up on white folks" it does exactly that in my opinion, and hate speech is hate speech no matter how many cases of lipstick one puts on it, but apparently if you pepper your hate speech with enough rhetoric about wheel chair access and allergies to scented products, you can get away with anything. We in America are blinded by perception and we do not see or acknowledge the racism of men like Gandhi or Malcolm X because we have been taught that hate and racism has a certain appearance and only comes from certain quarters and we have been taught this by the ideology of political correctness. What would you do if tiny and cute Shirley Temple used hate speech: put on a blindfold and listen to the words. What the rhetoric of the WPC and it's adherents amounts to is a staggeringly complex set of racial arguments amounting to blame and excuses that at once denies and seeks to explain the simplest things about reality, such as the idea that rain will get you wet.


The WPC at once prominently evokes skin color as the centerpiece of their mission statement and then says it will examine issues beyond skin color - how in the world it proposes to do that is simply beyond me given its mission statements; you cannot assign a moral value to skin color. You cannot posit a white culture of racial supremacy based around events from a history long gone nor a distorted view of those events that amounts to a lie. It's like behaving as if Hitler's principles still held sway in Germany and that the Japanese are still intractable war mongers. Since the YWCA and Minnesota colleges are institutions and ones often looked to by young people for clues as to moral guidance, those entities and the WPC are in effect institutionalizing racism while at the same time arguing in favor of and warning of the lingering and lasting effects of institutionalized racism from America's past - that's pure Orwellian doublethink. The WPC is institutionalizing racism because this is a conference teachers attend and so the WPC's agenda is being disseminated to children, and to top it off it is being done at Minnesota taxpayer expense.


It is not science or sociology to pretend there is a legacy of class and color present in America today when in fact there are no longer institutional barriers to people of color or women but in fact institutional advantages to people of color and women with the force of law behind them - there are still inequalities but to chalk them all up to white supremacy with absolutely no regard to cultural values is without merit. The idea that America has gone from institutional and overt racism to psychological racism based on unproven ideas of generational post traumatic stress or white privilege is without merit. To say such things are the secret of continued white success is a child's game and it is harmful because it attacks people racially and teaches people that success is based on removing barriers that may not even exist rather than on a value system based on hard work. The WPC teaches that hard work has a racial tinge to it and that hard work can be defined as being the least, not the most, important element in success.


On the day before the conference was held Sean Hannity's show on Fox News had a short debate about the WPC and one of the men, a black man named Niger Innis, described as a CORE National Spokesman, said this about the WPC:


They can't think of anything better than to mis-educate and create a phenomenon of victimization and what I call a neosegregation of forcing blacks and Latinos to think of themselves as the other. That this country is not theirs. That they don't have the ability and the right to strive to kick, fight and scream and struggle like every other American does. This promotes victimization. It's a mis-education of our children. It's a gross injustice.


I agree but I think the whole aura about the WPC is even worse than Innis' observations because we're talking about the flip side of notions of Aryan superiority, seen from the point of view of the people the Aryans felt superior to. As a young man I was inspired by the story of Jesse Owens at the 1936 Berlin Olympics and how he set Nazism's racial theory on it's ear by his success. The people at the WPC probably like that story too, but the problem is that you cannot attack people by skin color that have not formally organized themselves around the concept of race and then posit that a de facto organization of white people nevertheless exists but with no faces or names - that is pure racism. How in the world it is not against the law for tax dollars to support such racial bigotry is simply beyond me. I can guarantee you that if this conference denigrated people of color the way it denigrates white folks that it would be hounded into non-existence and sued in court if there was any use of tax dollars. Ironically, which is a word that is tiresomely used in a racist context with the WPC, the WPC doesn't understand that it actually does denigrate people of color and presents a program and value system that is a virtual blueprint for failure where success is not built on and it's paradigms followed but failure is built on because of notions of race.


In Germany in the 1930s, the Nazi Party organized themselves around a concept of race, racial superiority, and that is a type of culture, one that has names and faces and stated goals that can be attacked, just as the Nazi bible, Mein Kampf, can be attacked. You can attack the Nazis because they said whiteness was important and identified themselves as white - you cannot attack the Nazis just because they are white because that is a different thing: that is racism - you attack the culture and the ideas, not the skin. Nor can you reward by skin as Latoya Peterson blithely and incredibly states in public in an article at The Root where she describes jazz as "our intellectual property."


Madly, the WPC says whites attack people based on skin and then themselves attack people based on skin. The WPC paradigm believes success in America or lack of it has been based on a racism that exploits other people and that failure exists because of oppression and that failure and success in America continue to be split along racial lines because of the history of white racism.


The madness lies in the WPC's apparent belief that people of color will succeed in America once the legacy of white racism in the way of de facto white privilege is removed. The WPC then proposes that success by women and people of color will be achieved in a moral fashion and will bloom once the perceptions of white people and the legacy of their racism is removed. The idea that you can social engineer success and do it around the concept of blaming others is a childish fantasy and in the case of the WPC, a conspicuously racist one. The WPC is enabling racism, not working to prevent it, because their entire world view is centered around race and not in an interest in the world based on a neutral stance.


This is not to say bigotry does not exist and should not be discussed, but to end the argument before it is even started, as the WPC does, by putting the blame for bigotry in America at the doorstep of white men while absolving women or people of color of this all too human trait is not only bigotry against whites but bigotry against women and people of color. This is because the WPC posits that they are somehow not quite human in this regard - special groups with innocence and morality dispensed to them by virtue, and I do mean virtue, of their gender, sexual orientation and race. The idea that Einstein or Heisenberg formulated their famous equations from some racial viewpoint or that America succeeded because they exploited slaves is ludicrous because there are entire swaths of America never touched by slavery and without any black populations, even today. It's feel good nonsense made to massage the bruised egos of women and people of color that denies reality wholesale.


Institutional racism used to exist in the United States and now it is gone - you cannot create a fantasy scenario that projects the effects of that racism into the future in ways that amounts to a faith and is nothing more than cheap psychology gerrymandered around some unproven ideas about social engineering; it just doesn't work and it isn't right. To whatever extent our government has gotten involved in making hard decisions by way of hate crimes and affirmative action based on soft science is the extent to which our government has gotten involved in mysticism: what is one man's proof is another man's lack of proof.


Some people see an upside to affirmative action, others a downside; why the government has chosen to see the upside as if it is an obvious mathematical equation is clear, as the WPC demonstrates. It is simply taken as a given in the new American zeitgeist that the reason formerly disenfranchised groups do not succeed is because they were never given the chance. No one has a problem with that idea in place even now, a half century after the fact. That is a problem because it posits consistent present day scenarios that say continued failure of these groups is due to the latent and lingering effects of bigotry and racism.


A simple reading of biographies of successful people suggest that the measure of success in America is seen to be resembling more of a Horatio Alger scenario than a perceptual good old boy network of unconscious privilege that continues to exclude people who are in reality merely people, but hyper-identified by gender and race. Adopting unproven racial theories, and by this I mean a view of the world through gender and race, creates it's own problems in that it takes for granted something that may not be true and so continues rather than impedes a legacy of racialism. But instead of disenfranchising people by race and gender, it seeks to enfranchise people based on race and gender but without regard to individuals in the 21st century who are white, straight men who will then suffer from the exact same perceptions that supposedly are to blame in the first place, in effect adopting racist principles; a racism that is suddenly not such a problem when it can be made to work for you rather than against you - it's still racism by any other name - it's fighting fire with fire rather than water.


The perceptions of race and gender as an "other" are then still in place but merely exchange sides, as does resentment and even hatred. Lost in all this is the notion of value systems and standards as well as what constitutes success and where it can be observably shown to come from. The notion of hard work may also reside in the realm of a soft science but it's effects are observable as are the effects of a lack of a notion of hard work. To thrust such notions aside in favor of a view that success is based on privilege, networking and nepotism does not make a case for individual genius, discipline and hard work but denies it.


The WPC's outlook on the world encourages the very people who most need to challenge their own value systems to look in the wrong place for success. It denies that there are such things as failed nations, cultures or values and that there are only exploited, oppressed and disenfranchised. In the face of this obvious unreality we at the same time accept the simple fact that if we want to be good at a certain thing we practice it and learn about it. To succeed in a skill we don't call our cousin or someone at our club or someone with the same skin color, but this is the very lesson the WPC teaches. It is this Byzantine dismantling of what leads to success, and instead centering it around race that is so disturbing and so similar to the way hate groups think about such issues.


The WPC in reality teaches self-segregation in thought and deed. It also teaches that a white person only has value or a sense of fair play based on however people of color define such notions - there is a lot of deciding who is right and who is moral and that decision making process is based on skin color and gender. In this scenario, white people are never right and people of color never wrong. The WPC teaches that what is right in this world is what they approve of and they are obviously not the same thing; people should not be taught that they are racists by the simple act of disagreement. Any philosophy that organizes itself around an idea of race is degenerate; taking the position that one is acting in defense but then using the same racism to fight it is nonsense - this is not the "anti-racism" the WPC suggests but the true promotion of racism posing as nobility - it is asking a person to stand on a pedestal based on skin color rather than a ditch, but it is the same thing. There are obviously problems with organizing oneself around ideas of race no matter the nobility of ones intentions since nobility is in the eyes of the beholder when it comes to specific mechanisms to achieve noble purpose - the ends justifies the means is a phrase that comes to mind. Another problem is this: when do you declare that the oppression of white privilege is gone? Do you use statistics? How can you declare a war on something with no end game? When do you say "mission accomplished?" If you parse the WPC's comments, white privilege may never be gone. The whole thing reminds me of bringing the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor into public policy forums and talking about it in 21st century as if the Japanese have never changed.


The problem comes when one leaves the arena of principles we all agree on such as punishing murderers, and takes that judgment to a more subtle and complex level but still posits it as something we should all agree on regardless of how many people disagree. To accuse the other side of being opposed to something not at all obvious and saying it is as obvious as punishing murder is unfair and even hateful. Such ideas as the WPC has should not be thrust into the public arena in such a conspicuously moral way because it stifles debate and demonizes other people. The fact of the matter is that public debate in American history has always had this sheen to it but the fatigue of political correctness is a new phenomenon since that debate demonizes and enhances people by ahead of the subject of specific debate. One is asked to inhabit a complex philosophical world not centered on specific issues one at a time but encompassing only race and therefore having ready made answers to all debate centered around a type of fascist, puritanical and smug moralizing that resembles a religion more that it does rational pragmatism based on observable reality.


The politically correct liberal and moralizing Left in America are fond of, in effect, wearing t-shirts that say "I'm In Favor Of Wheel Chair Access" with the implication that someone is not, as if they possess a moral vision others do not have access to and so must be shamed and converted - it is one thing to be in favor of something but to attach a moral judgment to one's particular interests in an implicit accusation that demonizes faceless people somewhere out in the world is farcical and damaging. In fact no one is against wheel chair access. Political correctness in this sense is a type of horrendous politeness centered more around not offending people or making people feel good rather than asking them to raise themselves up to certain standards or disciplines. One should feel entitled to opportunity, not results - results are in your own hands and it is all one can realistically ask for in this world, but demanding success based on racial degeneracy and presenting an enemy that is a vast white phantom lingering from the past is obviously something that is not going to work.


The WPC operates from the same intellectual and philosophical space as the Nazis or KKK because it takes on faith positions that are negative suppositions about people based on skin color or gender while attaching positive attributes in the same manner, a division of the moral spoils as it were, the very thing they laughingly act as if they are against. The racially positive suppositions are less harmful in the short run but still reside in the same intellectual space and so do great harm in the long run. For the WPC to attack people in America that have no faces and names but only white skin is wrong. Such an attack operates out of the same perceptual trap as the Nazis whether the intention is good or no. That is because there is no formalized white racial culture and ideas centered around a vast literature one can point at to attack and it is not fair to assume that white Americans walk about in a sea of privilege of which they are entirely unaware and suggest that you can see it and they cannot - that is cultural and racial superiority. If anything, the vast literature of racial bigotry resides in the incredible suppository of essays, interviews and lectures by the black intelligentsia in America together with their white liberal counterparts; they have a common enemy and the WPC actually says it in print and it's "whiteness". Do we have to put black cloaks, menacing mustaches and demon masks on these people before we can call this out for the racism that it is?


You cannot throw around words like "oppression" without the slightest bit of proof that such an oppression exists. You cannot define unsuccessful results as oppression rather than inherent failure, especially failure within culture's that do organize and self segregate around the concept of skin, as black Americans and Latinos in America demonstrably and formally do. It is not white people who belong to organizations such as the National Council of La Raza or the Congressional Black Caucus. One must look to the ideas behind such organizations and the organizations themselves for answers and not people you identify as white who do not self-segregate around a formal, written literature and titles reflecting a concept of race: that is madness.


The racial blame game is like looking at a last place baseball team and simply inferring from that last place position that there must be some suspected but unknown informal conspiracy or vast currents of oppression keeping that team in last place instead of the fact that, for whatever reasons, the players on the team do not measure up. You cannot start looking in the wrong places by pointing the fingers at other teams and using the simple fact that they are more successful as some evidence of their own degeneracy, bigotry or oppression - success itself is not immoral or lack of it a sure sign of oppression or morality. Indeed, viewing and acting on such things is it's own form of oppression in that it leads one to look for solutions in all the wrong places, penalizes the wrong people and encourages the last place team to do so as well - it is not a formula for success but a formula for failure and in the case of the WPC, a formula and language that empowers racism as well - it's simply coming from a different direction, a good direction and it is being institutionalized by conferences such as the WPC.


What the WPC does is the reflection of a perception blithely passed off as observable reality, a type of scientific empiricism as real as a mathematical formula and yet it's subject and its villain, WPC's claims to the contrary, are masses of people without faces or names who are white or white men. The WPC takes it for granted that there are lingering effects from Jim Crow and that indeed white people to this very day operate out of a racist imperative in the way of white privilege that they cannot appreciate but which the WPC can because they know better than do those faceless millions of white people they attack as de facto purveyors of racism in the way of being an aristocratic class. This is little different from imagining the "greedy Jew" and it is wrong. To the WPC the fact that people of color consistently lag behind whites is a sure sign that such privilege exists but nowhere are cultural/ethnic value systems remarked on or the success of Asian Americans explained in a bigoted society. Does that mean whites love Asians and have in some unconscious way cleared the way for them? The WPC talks on it's web site about "dismantling privilege," but what if such privilege in fact does not exist? What then is it dismantling other than common sense and principle? What the WPC and it's adherents are actually doing is deconstructing America along racial lines.


Here are what the WPC web site calls "Examples of Privilege:


Being able to…


• assume that most of the people you or your children study in history classes and textbooks will be of the same race, gender, or sexual orientation as you are

• assume that your failures will not be attributed to your race, or your gender

• assume that if you work hard and follow the rules, you will get what you deserve

• success without other people being surprised; and without being held to a higher standard

• go out in public without fear of being harassed or constantly worried about physical safety

• not have to think about your race, or your gender, or your sexual orientation, or disabilities, on a daily basis...


To me that list is a classic example of over thinking; cheap psychology based on moral superiority and looking for answers in all the wrong places; it posits that everyone is a de facto racist who is white who is either unaware of white privilege or opposes the idea. It is a list that lays out actual rules on how to think like a racist but with good intentions that blind the purveyors of such nonsense to the demented madness their mini-culture is. And that is the difference between supposedly unwitting whites the WPC cannot name other than by their faceless but white skin color and the WPC's own unwitting racism which acts as judge, jury and executioner by formalizing the rules of the crime, attributing it to faceless millions and pronouncing guilt.


The WPC's position is unwitting because, like wheel chair access, they are a super hero without a villain, but the WPC itself do have names and faces with overtly racist mission statements. According to the WPC, America is a crime scene and exhibit A lies in the WPC's stereotypical and negative portrayal of what white people think about race, gender and sexual orientation. Exhibit B consists of inner city ghettos, black crime and lack of achievement in education by minorities. This attitude on the part of the WPC is classic political correctness and liberalism gone mad; it is a philosophy centered around race that concludes that the people most responsible for their own lives are in fact the least responsible because they are shackled by social forces beyond their control, enabled and empowered by white ignorance, privilege and racism - and so the people the least responsible are the ones most responsible and they are white and that is all you know because they have no names.


The irony is that the WPC ostensibly operates out of a broad goal of peace and love and justice and those are also my imperatives in writing this essay; which one of us is right is up to you, the reader, to decide. I for my part can state that I have no agenda nor do I think justice needs to be micro-managed down to the last inch until everyone of every stripe experiences the same success; such an idea of equality in fact denies any prospect or idea of success because without light there is no dark. To imagine that cultures and sub-cultures within the United States are not affected by their own value systems or that there is really no such thing as failure or failure based on a value system is ludicrous on the face of it.


One cannot posit a world whose reality revolves around an idea of victim/oppressor; if you believe so not only will you be constantly on the prowl for victims and renouncing the causes of success, you will be doubling down the stupidity of such notions by wrapping them in race - a race for the victim and a race for the oppressor and they never change sides - that is pure racism and it both stigmatizes and gives rewards based on skin color, ironically merely exchanging skin color from the view of the bogey men privileged white supremacists but adopting the exact same philosophy.


If there is no such thing as failure but only victimhood then there can never truly be such a thing as success and one cannot measure one's own success by staking out the parameters of the moral failings of white people. That is not justice or a recipe for success but pure racism. Nazism by any other name is still Nazism and pretending it is a beneficial type of bigotry begs the question: beneficial for who? Certainly the Nazi party was awash in ideas about benefiting people by skin color. Within the WPC there is not only no awareness of the merits of the culture that built the America they are so desperate to have other culture's share in. At the same time the WPC states unequivocally that that founding culture has no merit, it bewilderingly becomes a standard to be aspired to - that doesn't even make any sense. How can there be "negative historical implications of ‘Whiteness’" but at the same time an aspiration to rise to the level of that negative culture? The WPC acts on the assumption, which they state outright, based "on the premise that the U.S. was started by white people, for white people." In fact positing the existence of white supremacy in a Europe that was all white and had always been so is rather ridiculous. It ignores all the wars fought between those very white people and assume that when the foe is of a different color the reasons for war and conquest change. Race may be the excuse for slavery on occasion but it is not the reason.


The people who are the most obvious beneficiaries of the WPC are groups of race and gender, but the WPC says that "whites" will also benefit too but only when they "work through the negative historical implications of ‘Whiteness’" The great irony and "doublethink" implicit in the philosophy of the WPC is that it is they themselves who are giving groups they describe as oppressed the status of an "other" and those groups don't fight the idea. They cannot prove that there is a vast current of white people who look down on people by gender or race; it is simply assumed and they themselves use the word "assume" in their talking points. In effect the WPC is accusing people they cannot name and do not know other than the fact that they exist in their millions and are white, of attributing a quality of "otherness" to minorities but which in fact is being promoted by the WPC and the groups they shepard.


The fact is that accusations of privileged based racism will never go away since it is posited by groups like the WPC that it is endemic to white people. It is no coincidence that one of the people behind the WPC, which itself is a program based out of the University of Colorado at Colorado Spring, is Abby L. Ferber, who is a blogger at the Huffington Post and a teacher at the college. Miss Ferber has a link to her blog on the WPC web site and she herself states plainly that "Race is always a factor in our society." Ms Ferber states this in an Oct. 30, 2008 article at the HuffPo called "I Am Racist!". Her final words in that article are "Yes, I am racist. But I am also anti-racist" and that is exactly my point. It is also my point - that liberals are anti-racist-racists. Ferber believes, as do I, that racism is a language, but Ms. Ferber believes it is one that can be controlled and directed. I on the other hand believe that such racism cannot be controlled and is a double-edged sword and has no moral compass and in fact lacks such niceties by it's very nature, which is an evil of the world and not a mechanism for justice; one simply cannot adopt the language of racism without endangering oneself.


It is no surprise to me that in her article Ms. Ferber uses one anecdotal quote bereft of a larger context in which she sees white racism and privilege as an informal but nevertheless very real and organized phenomenon but otherwise gives no evidence of it. For Ms. Ferber's part, her claims of evidence are simply based on racist remarks and the mere fact that white people exist - to her those whites are a de facto Nazi bund. Ms. Ferber explains her lack of evidence this way: "The task that faces us is not to try and identify who is or is not a racist, but to examine the many invisible ways in which racism and white privilege pervade our lives, our views, our assumptions, and our opportunities." Got that? You don't "identify" a racist because it is "invisible" and "unconscious" - there is nothing either invisible or unconscious about the WPC's racism. The truth is that Ms. Ferber provides no provenance because there is no provenance. Mainstream American is not awash in racism but in Ferber's own race-baiting political correctness, but Ms. Ferber bewilderingly points out that the racism is there anyway. In fact all that is to be seen are countless baseless ideas like Ms. Ferber's.


Ms. Ferber speaks a language that is a double edged sword beyond just the idea of race itself but in the perception of invisible stereotypes and assumptions and the origins of such assumptions. She says "I can't tell a third of the cab drivers to just pass me by, or ask the police to start pulling me over more often." Ms. Ferber assigns a default racism to cab drivers and policemen as if they are idiotic captives to archetypes that are non-existent, made up out of whole cloth. To Ms. Ferber there is no reputation of crime associated with black Americans allowed because there is no such thing as failure - therefore black crime is the fault of someone else, in this case, white people.


I had a friend who was a cab driver for 20 years and he told me straight out that it was common for black folks to arrive at their destination and jump out without paying the fare and this was something the other cab drivers knew, accepted as reality and didn't have a racial dimension to it from their own viewpoint because they had no agenda to advance but were merely asked why cab drivers didn't like to pick up black folks. Ask any cab driver and they will tell you the same thing - it is not racist myth but a reality that exists but which black Americans deny as do monstrously polite white liberals. And by the way, under the rules of political correctness, even if the story I just told you is true, I am not allowed to tell it, and in this fashion reality itself can be racist. That is so because political correctness has an ideology which is dead set against the tenets which hold together reality; Tom Godwin's "Cold Equations" are replaced by wishful thinking which is employed without regard for the concept of even greater damage.


Let's see how adherents of the WPC speak about crime from their own point of view: a man named Paul Kivel delivered the keynote speech at the 2010 White Privilege Conference and on his website he describes himself as a "social justice educator, activist, and writer". This is Mr. Kivel's take on crime statistics and perceptions of crime by race:


WE HAVE A VERY SERIOUS PROBLEM in this country. No, it’s not welfare mothers, it’s not recent immigrants, it’s not African- American or Latino men, it’s not Arab terrorists—it is young white men. Nearly 70% of the devastating violence we experience in our communities is committed by white men and nearly 50% of that is committed by young white men between the ages of fifteen and thirty. What kind of violence am I referring to? Take your pick. Domestic violence, rape, acquaintance rape, incest, male on male fights, serial killings, racist hate crimes, gay-bashing, arson, campus riots such as recently occurred at Michigan State University, and barroom brawls. Estimates are that 95% of all violence in our society is committed by males, and although women, men of color, and white men of all ages certainly can be violent, the overwhelming majority of acts of violence can be traced to young white men.


I mentioned the story about taxi drivers before hand to make a point and that point has to do with who is and who is not allowed to discuss perceptions and statistics of crime by race. It's not a nuanced argument: if the WPC talks about such perceptions, it's okay. If taxi drivers have the same perceptions, it's racism. If Mr. Kivel were a cab driver, one can only wonder who he would and would not pass by according to race and in what manner reality would intrude itself. To say that Ms. Ferber and Mr. Kivel are blithe hypocrites and bigots is an understatement. I also wonder if it is okay for me to list such statistic or just Mr. Pivel and Ms. Ferber because in their mad world it is quite okay to list white crimes but not white achievement - I myself don't think in such terms but I am trying to illustrate a point about people who do when it suits them, do not when it suits them and forbid others to do the same if they disagree with Ms. Ferber or Mr. Kivel. In passing I should add that Kivel purposefully ignores the fact that whites, at 75%, are a much larger percentage of the population than blacks, 13%. One doesn't strip out such context unless one has a lie to tell.


Ms. Ferber believes one should not act on stereotypes because they are not real but then writes articles and empowers an organization like the WPC which is based on those very same stereotypes, but about white people, white people who, by the way, do not commit crimes out of all proportion to their numbers. By Ms. Ferber's double standard, lack of crime among white Americans is only a phenomenon the reflects how protected whites are by privilege and high crime rates among minorities a sign of how they are oppressed and persecuted by, you guessed it, white folks. Read Kivel and Ferber and whites are criminals coming and going.


There is certainly no doubt that racism exists in America, but look at where it formally and institutionally expresses itself, not anecdotally. If you look at racist fringe lunatic web sites you will see no interviews with, or blogs by, high profile writers and celebrities or advertisements for Visa or Coca-Cola like you see at the HuffPo and the black culture and racist web site The Root but only ads for other white supremacist literature. Ms. Ferber and the WPC are wrong and their ideas are not only degenerate but they are unprincipled as are all ideas based in racism. Reading Ms. Ferber is like Adolph Hitler's 9 yr. old great grand-niece handing me a bouquet of flowers and a copy of Mein Kampf: 2.0 at the same time. As Hitler's Germany sang about, tomorrow does indeed belong to Ms. Ferber and The Root and the Huffington Post and it is war. But this is a war I fear America will lose. In fact, I see no way to avoid the coming disasters that will be associated with the liberal Left's desire to have the populations of the Third World imported into the United States and protected with special status and laws based on the idea that white people are racist.


It is really almost beyond belief how these people use semantics and maul thinking in the most convenient and self-serving ways to at once explain "reality" to us while admitting they have no real information on which to base that reality aside from their superior morality, judgment and intellect. However, the WPC does in fact have an organized message and philosophy and formally organizes themselves around conceptions of race, as does the Congressional Black Congress or Association of Black Journalists by way of specific charters made obvious by attaching racial identifications to the very names of their organizations. The WPC has no evidence to support their views, which then in fact become nothing more than a faith which comes first and reasons on which they base that faith coming in a distant second. It is putting the cart before the horse, which is common in all types of racism and which is why racism swims in a sea of unreality detached from any possibility of success or reason.


In her article Ms. Ferber makes this rather incredible statement:


We see racists as nasty people who march around with white hoods burning crosses. But this actually reinforces racism. We need to shift from using "racist" as a noun, to an adjective. The reality is that white folks are racist;


Ms. Ferber doesn't take her own advice, which looking in a mirror would provide, and doesn't understand that her concern about only viewing racism as having a hood is exactly the danger of the WPC's views; she acknowledges it as a general perceptual weakness but one that for some reason obeys her will as if it can see her like a Passover angel of death. Her blithe statement that "white folks are racist" is just the most amazing statement and goes to the heart of what is behind the reason for this entire essay. It's the same thing stated over and over again: Rainbow Coalition good, white people bad, with an emphasis on white men. How does one fight such crazy people? Ms. Ferber is not simply some nut but one that reflects an enormous undercurrent of political correctness enshrined in law in many instances within American institutions. How can a country survive with such double standards as hate crimes and affirmative action built into the American legal fabric that posits that "white folks are racist?" And this undercurrent goes far beyond just law but is the basis of much of our mass media and educational system. On a perceptual level, political correctness and it's degenerate notions are the single greatest evil and threat to America today. Should anyone be surprised that Ms. Ferber has authored a book titled White Man Falling: Race, Gender and White Supremacy or that she teaches women's and ethnic studies? I am surprised that these people don't call each other comrade in the Orwellian sense because they are the embodiment of the kind of thinking that says WAR IS PEACE FREEDOM IS SLAVERY IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH.



In Ms. Ferber's view and that of the WPC, it is stipulated that white people express some kind of formal, organized and racial solidarity with each other though she can show no evidence of it in mainstream society and so says white racism is reflected in social infrastructure. In this sense, Ms. Ferber is suggesting we must look at the shadow of a thing in order to see the thing itself, but what she is really seeing is the Wayang Kulit of Plato's shadow play. At the same time, women and minorities who support other each right out in the open and not in any shadows do so only out of supposedly noble reasons - this is Orwell's Newspeak and "doublethink" all rolled into one unholy package of hypocrisy and resentments and hatred but doused in perfume. Groups like the WPC have no trouble endorsing programs that seek to increase the Latino or black vote but any attempt by white folks to think along such lines, which they conspicuously do not and do not want to do, is dismissed as racism out of hand. If there is any better example of the delusional madness which surrounds such truly awful people as are represented by the WPC I do not know what it is.


These racists like Abby Ferber and organizations like the WPC, when you add them up, act as if the good guys lost the Civil War, like slavery never ended, as if Jackie Robinson failed to break into major league baseball and the result is a black culture in America that is being encouraged from within and without to behave as if chattel slavery has never truly ended and act on that assumption. It is no surprise among people who support the WPC that you see so many examples of stories of black oppression from 100 years ago and more told as if they have some actual relevance today; they are treated as anything but ancient history. These stories are used as evidence to accuse whites today since that evidence is not to be had today and can only be seen by racists who act like archaeologists sifting through artifacts to prove white racism still exists as if slave ships are docking in New York harbor as we speak. Using examples from 70 years or 170 years ago to make a case for today is done because it is the intellectual space these experts in nothing but bigotry occupy; they must occupy that space and talk about new versions of racism 2.0 because they have no case. I am no psychologist but one doesn't have to really be anything but a normal balanced human being to see that the WPC operates from a very unhealthy mental state and view of the world.


The penchant of the WPC to talk about and intentionally focus and exaggerate the worst aspects of America's racial past is highlighted by another link to a blogger on the WPC's homepage, Thomas DeWolf. Stories by DeWolf and others concentrate on the idea that there is some connection white people have to a no longer extant culture of slavery from before the Civil War but which apparently black Americans do not have to a very much alive culture in which crime is endemic.


DeWolf blithely connect whites to a guilt and responsibility he feels they must carry, perhaps throughout eternity. DeWolf's blog keeps alive deeds by people long dead and pulls them into the present as if they happened yesterday and contains terms one can find like "healing from the legacy of slavery" and "historic traumas, harms experienced by people many generations in the past, continue to impact us today" and actually makes reference to "post traumatic slave syndrome" which has " resulted in multigenerational adaptive behaviors." To say that DeWolf is an idiot is an understatement. If some white guy born in Poland 20 years ago bears such guilt then how much more guilt would a black or a Jew bear for the acts of other blacks and Jews in the here and now? It is madness.


How in the world opening wounds from the past and using them to pillory white people and make excuses for black culture is anything but pure idiocy is simply beyond my comprehension to understand. Some of the articles associated with DeWolf's blog have ended up on CNN which to me is to the shame of CNN. These people take it on faith that white folks just don't like black folks: how do they know that? Well, it's because black folks aren't doing as well as white folks and that's the entire argument in a nutshell. Personal responsibility and value systems based on shared cultural traits are simply ignored though the failure of those value systems are impossible to not see. Oh, but cultural traits are not ignored when it comes to whites, who are assumed to indulge in a racial culture they in fact do not. Isn't DeWolf white? How did he escape the insidious black hole of racism? Why can't anyone else who's white? What gives DeWolf some special immunity? DeWolf's willful blindness is based on an insistence on a certain world view that simply has no regard for reality, facts or observation. For people like DeWolf, what one sees out of the corner of one's eye in the dark is more important than what stands plain in bright sunshine, because what we are talking about is a faith that almost rises to the status of a religion. To me that faith of political correctness smacks of genuine madness and a type of dissolute fanaticism.


A woman named Carol Swain, who unsurprisingly wrote a book called The New White Nationalism in America: Its Challenge to Integration and a woman who conspicuously favors the idea of the U.S. Government apologizing for slavery said this about the idea:


It is the Republican Party that has alienated minorities in recent decades by a series of high profile racist incidents. By not taking the leadership role in crafting a national apology when it was in power, the Republican Party missed an important opportunity to help heal America. It also missed an opportunity to reclaim its faded legacy as the party of civil rights and the party of Lincoln.


Evidently "high profile racist incidents" only matter when they're done by the Republican Party, not to mention the endemic language of racism which underlies the "scholarship" of people like Ms. Swain and the WPC, and it is noteworthy that neither Ms. Swain nor her brother-in-arms Mr. DeWolf use their own theories on legacy racism when it comes to applying them to the Republican Party and it's "faded legacy". This is not a consistent philosophy as it being passed off as but merely name calling that works only in one direction as this completely odious statement from Ms. Swain suggests:



I have had numerous Southern white women approach me with tears in their eyes to offer personal apologies for what their people did to my people.


I'm trying to imagine Ms. Swain coming up to me with tears in her eyes and asking forgiveness for black crime in America today in the 21st century and not something from 150 years ago and I'm having trouble picturing it. What makes this obvious hypocrisy and racism even worse is her reference to "my people" while criticizing anyone of the wrong color who would say "those people" or "my people." Ms. Swain's obvious belief in connections to crime by skin color again works only in one direction and she cannot see it. We're talking about a culture that wraps itself in black poetry workshops, black college groups and black symposiums on black politics but which demonizes a proposed white culture that does no such thing, but guess who the racists, supremacists and segregationists are? Wading through the endless semantics and logic that comprises millions and millions of words and lays out in exact detail and cunning logic why whites are so racist is something that is agonizing to behold if you ever once believed in Martin Luther King words.


What gives the lie to DeWolf and his phony rabble rousers suffering from stress 180 years after the fact is what happened to the Jews who came out of Europe to the British Mandate of Palestine and founded the state of Israel. Those Jews did so with no one's help and against great odds and in only 3 years after the death camps of WWII established a home for themselves. Many of those Jews came straight from concentration camps against a back drop of a thousand years of on again off again pogroms and bigotry finally culminating in Hitler's' final solution. Death, slavery and the loss of entire families were fresh in the minds of these people but where was the paralyzing stress black Americans still suffer from generations later; where was this generational hangover black Americans cling to like a security blanket to deny their own culture's shortcomings. In the insane views of the WPC, endemic crime is not a sign of the criminals bad values but of someone else's, in a philosophy that can only be considered insane - the people most guilty are the most innocent and vice versa. DeWolf and his odious ilk deny the human spirit and stifle it by coddling the worst predilections of human beings to lie and exaggerate suffering, to use the word "survivor" where there was never any question of survival involved and to invoke blame and excuses based on the supposed racism of people they never met but who have the wrong skin color. DeWolf, Ferber and the WPC are the worst kind of con men - literary and cultured fanatics who have never encountered true oppression or stress in their boring and stupid lives and nor have the ability to take a critical look at themselves and the racist snake oil they sell like a grifter in the old West who guaranteed a cure for your ills, which in the case of these people is scapegoating white people.


The theme one hears over and over again from African-American writers on race are poorly thought out and self-serving arguments that involve why black Americans continue to use racist ideas they say were invented by white people and so which they use as an excuse to continue using them in some fashion only clear to themselves. President Obama isn't mixed race, he's black because of the "one-drop" rule, black folks segregate because they were segregated, black folks are race obsessed because they were specifically viewed from that perspective and so, rather than moving to a better place, black Americans stubbornly cling to these ideas which deepen and widen racism rather than move away from it. When the light bulb was invented we didn't continue to use it because someone made us do so, we have used it because we want to. No one is forcing black folks to continue racist legacies with distorted views of history like the 3/5 Compromise urban myth or distorted views of today that act as if Jim Crow is still in effect. It is willful, and the path to a better future is not being blocked by mythical white supremacists but by perspectives on race by the African American community that are trite and outdated and which keep alive a philosophy of institutional racism that everyone else has moved away from. In America in the 21st century, there is not one mainstream accepted white writer who makes a living chastising black folks, although there are at least hundreds of them who make a living trotting out for display the WPC's views on white supremacy and privilege. The adults have moved on and those who feel the least bit disenfranchised accuse others of the very thing they themselves indulge in wholesale in a brilliant exposition of Orwell's "doublethink".


What CNN or any of these race-baiters think they are actually accomplishing I don't really understand, but it smacks of sheer stupidity and ignorance not to mention casual and one-way racism. What I don't understand is the eternal drum beat by people who cannot shut up about race accusing people they don't even know of sharing the same penchant and of being racist based on stories from 100 or 200 years ago. Unbelievable is all I can say in lieu of out right cursing because what is left in the face of such ignorance and hatefulness? For the WPC to absolve black Americans and themselves of racism when race is what they center their careers and cultures around and then project that obsession onto modern day white Americans who show clear evidence of having little interest in race is just a disgusting and unmerited attack by skin color. DeWolf names his blog "Inheriting the Trade" and his dedication to racist principles is not accompanied by the slightest awareness or hint of irony. Spending time on the WPC site and other sites associated with it leaves a bitter and dirty taste in my mouth because these people come from a dark place that I admit I have little understanding of. If they kept it private that would be one thing, but sadly they are tirelessly promoting their racist slanders into our middle schools, colleges and mainstream media such as the Huffington Post and CNN. The information these people believe in is so crazy I don't know whether to laugh at it's ridiculousness or cry.


The third associate blogger on the WPC web site is another person known for their continual and career based race baiting sensibilities and that is Joe Feagin, who is a regular contributor to the WPC featured blog which is called "Racism Review." Joe Feagin and Racism Review are nearly perfect examples of the WPC's penchant for talking about past racism as if it is happening today and ignoring present deficiencies by any group that is not white.


Mr. Feagin has an article at Racism Review called "The Rape of Black Women by White Men: Systemic Racism Again". The very title suggests where the problem with the WPC lies since the title implies something happening now, but the article is about the "rape and sexual coercion of black women by white men–likely hundreds of thousands of times, over 350 or so years of our 400+ year history." There are of course no statistics to back up this absurd claim. Why isn't the entirety of America's black population half white? Black Americans have never seemed more noticeable mixed-race than Africans. The entire mind set and reality of the WPC and it's adherents is summed up succinctly since they do not live in the real world but see racism in their soup, and the space they inhabit intellectually is one long gone but very much alive to them.


The article by Feagin is about the rape of female slaves by their white masters and the latest date in the article is 1859 although the article suggests that white men could force black women "into coerced sexual relationships at any age. This was true during slavery, and often true under the near-slavery of Jim Crow segregation that lasted nearly to 1970."


Disgusting as I find the language of Joe Feagin, I will talk to him here in his own language and talk about today, using his own philosophy of guilt by skin color and crime by race. If one goes to the U.S. Dept. of Justice web site, one will find that black men rape over 30,000 white women in the United States each year. According to the DOJ the number of black women raped by white men is so low that by their standards it is considered statistically insignificant. This makes Mr. Feagin and his racial propaganda a straight out lie and distortion, and all done at the expense of white men. Significantly, Feagin has little to say about this. It doesn't fit his agenda and so is invisible. The argument is often made, and is hard to argue with, that if white Americans are such massive racists that things would be reversed from the nonsensical views surrounding the Duke Lacrosse Scandal or the Tawana Brawley case.


The title of Mr. Feagin's article is a lie that betrays the man's mind set, the entire mind set of the WPC and all associated with it, because the only "again" is in the delusional and racist fantasies of this entire group of gentle liars and Nazis. These people clearly have no interest in justice since their views of justice are one directionally aimed at white people. The WPC and it's associates by their own definition take past racism, bring it into today by way of broken and cheap psychology and pander it as some kind of noble truth when in fact what the WPC stands for is hate. Men like Joe Feagin couldn't see that DOJ statistic if you gave them a million dollars. They would no doubt have some elaborate theory of white racism to explain the almost incredible number of white women raped by blacks while also ignoring the obvious statistical evidence of no reciprocity by whites who, according to the WPC, are the real bogeymen in all this and with a permanent guilt attached. How else can one portray anecdotes from the ante-bellum South and compare them to the statistics of today and come to the complete opposite conclusion? It is as if the WPC's adherents slice off pieces of today's reality they don't like and consign them to oblivion and slice off select pieces of the past they do like and place them into the present day.


It is willful blindness and it is hateful bigotry and it is a lie and it is entirely inappropriate. Ostensibly, organizations like the WPC and people like DeWolf, Abby Ferber and Joe Feagin operate out of a sense of justice but that sense of justice is so distorted that I cannot recognize it. Their sense of justice is full of willful blindness and disingenuousness that rises to the level of an outright lie and also consists of half-truths, lack of context or proportion, faith in the what they cannot show and an unwillingness to address with the same philosophical consistency what can be easily shown. In their world, statistics have no merit unless they work in their favor, and when those fail, anecdotal nonsense and explanations trump statistics.


In the world of the WPC the racial past is alive and more important than a racial present that not only debunks their propaganda but turns it as surely on it's head as the WPC turns the notion of justice itself on its head. The WPC resorts to the past and talks about "hidden" racism on the part of whites because it cannot make a cogent argument by way of proofs that such a thing exists today by way of a purposeful white supremacy with a shared ideology or even their imagined "white privilege."


The WPC in fact is a mirror that holds up it's own racism. It is a mirror with which one can easily make a cogent argument for the racism existing in the African American community by way of web sites like The Root, groups like the NAACP, the Congressional Black Caucus, and people like Cornell West, Tavis Smiley, Jesse Jackson, Roland Martin, Angela Davis, Harry Belafonte, Nikki Giovanni, Jeremiah Wright, Jim Cone, Louis Farrakhan, Michael Eric Dyson and Al Sharpton - all purveyors and panderers of a consistent, constant and shared language of race that is conspicuous, formal and organized, and shares the same ideals and philosophies as the WPC not to mention to a lesser extent the Huffington Post, CNN and MSNBC.


The reason racialism is so pervasive among such entities is because it is the hallmark and centerpiece of the politically correct liberal Left in the United States as well as the Democratic Party and it's Rainbow Coalition. Generally speaking, we are simply talking about a group of people who do not like the story of America and seek to dismantle the results of that story however they can. Such groups seem to think, literally in the case of Mr. Feagin's assertions, that white people had some unholy obsession with about 10% of the population of America, 90% of who lived in the South until 1910, and punched black folks in the stomach, raped and lynched them on a regular basis just because white people are full of hate. This is not only considered par for the course but fully alive in 2011.


What is alive is not white supremacy but the racial lens through which these supposedly anti-racist individuals and organizations view the world and assume people they don't know, white people, do the same. Though one would think the documentation of white supremacy would be easy to provide considering the amount of journalists and essayists among them, in fact they can provide no cogent argument but resort to anecdotal stories, innuendos and faith. On the other side of that equation, one can easily document a cogent and consistent view of racialism in the politically correct main stream media and African-American intelligentsia today. In short, racism is a language and it is the least used by those the most accused of it.


Among white Americans today, there is no evidence of the near addiction that black Americans have only to those parts of American history, literature and the arts that pertain to black Americans - that is racialism, and it is not the white American experience. Nevertheless, such an anti-white accusation is widely dispersed in America today and in many respects taken for granted; it has no merit. The accusation usually runs along the lines that white Americans don't pay attention to black history and my response is: how important is the history of 10% of the population that was marginalized into a non-event and didn't even move out of the South until a hundred years ago and why should it be then accorded any more than 10% of our attention?


There are no white associations of mayors, police officers or journalists. There are no white conferences of the State of the White Union carried on C-Span, there are no racially organized white churches that preach a white version of Christianity, there are no conferences for white photographers, poets, sculptors and everything else under the sun. The amount of hypocrisy in these groups is so monumental I question whether the word hypocrisy can hold up to the task. Black Americans accuse faceless white Americans of something those so-called white supremacists don't even do but which black Americans indulge in wholesale.


Were I to task myself to do it, I could easily come up with 1,000 quotes by black Americans on mainstream news and arts sites that, if I turned them around and changed the quotes to be about black folks, would undoubtedly be considered racist and there is simply no white equivalent of that. That is hypocrisy, that is a double-standard, that is Orwellian "doublethink" and that is racism. It is doublethink because you have a black culture among the black intelligentsia in America that can literally look at black and see white - they have taught themselves to do this in an insulated culture that preaches to each other incessantly, and when it emerges into the light of day you have black Americans instigating dialogues dripping with racial references accusing white Americans of racism but whose American zeitgeist is conspicuously not obsessed or even interested in looking at the world through a racial lens. But then even that is turned against white folks as being proof of their shame and cowardice, white privilege, and lack of perception of a very real problem - in short, whites cannot win.


If black Americans were correct in this regard then every show white folks control and produce from the Discovery Channel to CNN would reflect it and it does not - on the other hand, productions on TV, film and literature by black Americans are invariably centered around their 2 favorite subjects: black folks and race. It's astonishing to behold such a level of willful denial and unjust accusation. On top of all that, it's okay for Marcus Garvey to say “The greatest stumbling block in the way of progress in the race has invariably come from within the race itself,” but if I say it I'm a racist. This comes from the idea that, ironically, an idea is not an idea but must originate from some politically correct and approved place - ridiculous.


Political correctness in this regard amounts to a class system where ideas only exist if they are put forward in certain language and by certain groups - it is it's own aristocracy and has it's own privileged system that is the guilty party rather than any ideas about white privilege. The great strength of American society in history compared to old Europe was that a good idea was where you found it and it was this way of thinking, not our intelligence, that stunned the world with it's brilliance - because of political correctness that America is gone.


White Americans are not stunned, impressed and self-absorbed by their own skin color; I have never known anyone like that and there is no evidence of it in American society. But how many black stand up comics make a living without references to race and how many white stand up comics have careers that little reference it. If black Americans want to see people absorbed by race they needn't look at white America but themselves. What there is evidence of are stereotypes promulgated by organizations like the WPC who are easily impressed by appearances and project that onto others. If the WPC wants to make up fantasy stories that think seeing 5 white Americans in a dark alley at midnight is different from seeing 5 black Americans in a dark alley at midnight and see that as a centerpiece around which to organize a new society then fine, but they are nothing more than blithe racists smelling their own bile.


If you want to really understand who the WPC is, don't be impressed by the surface they are so easily infected by - look at what they say and write and teach - it is odious. If you have some idea that hate speech and racism is only going to emerge from men in brown shirts with swastikas or cannot emerge from people of color then you are mistaken. No one in this world can operate from a default position that absolves them of the full range of human emotions and foibles - to suggest otherwise is a children's story. Also, you cannot absolve people from racism and hate speech just because they say they are acting in a defensive capacity - the Nazis also said they were under siege and only acting in defense but it was a lie. Hate is where you find it and it is crazy to assume it cannot come from people who are concerned with wheel chair access and allergies to scented products, especially when considerations like that have evolved into nothing more than a to be expected mantra devoid of any real empathy - it is an Orwellian one way empathy and those who disagree with the program need not apply or expect any empathy in return.


You don't think the Nazis spoke about justice? With the WPC the question is: who is their justice for - not for white folks according to their mission statement - to the WPC, the only justice white folks will receive is a trickle down effect they'll enjoy when they stop being racists. We have some stupid stereotype that the Nazi Party was composed entirely of sociopaths and insane criminals who hated everything and nothing can be farther from the truth; the Nazi Party was started by a disenchanted locksmith, not a professional murderer or escapee from a madhouse. With Nazism, we are talking about nothing less than the mainstreaming of hatred into a cultural norm. What the Nazi Party consisted of was a people and culture who felt put upon by the disastrous ending to World War I and so developed a culture of blame and payback. The Nazi Party reflected a nation and a culture that drove itself insane and performed acts that only insane people would countenance and they did, and in their millions, and in other parts of Europe too. And like the WPC and it's odious adherents, the Nazi Party also wanted to give considerations of social welfare to the right race.


This single act of insanity was not simply man's inhumanity to man but a carefully constructed philosophy built around rubbish that applied value to human beings, not for what they thought, but for their skin color and ethnicity. As far as I am concerned, the only good thing about the WPC and their culture of racists is that they don't have an army. People better start asking themselves what would happen if men like Louis Farrakhan had an army or if the Palestinian Arabs had an army that could enable their political will. Astoundingly, the WPC has Islamic support and sister organizations which have absolutely no interest in human rights, women's rights or gay rights but only their own rights.


Their common enemy is white supremacy and so it's an enemy-of-my-enemy scenario, but the resemblance in the specifically directed hate speech between the groups involved in marked. People who don't think that political correctness is a form of insanity or that it is blind side racism and hate speech or that it is not dangerous should think twice. Groups in America who talk about racism the loudest are it's greatest promoter. The Nazis wanted to protect Germany from what they saw as Jewish influence and corruption and the racists of the WPC want to protect America from white people and their influence and they come right out and say so in no uncertain terms.


Political correctness has evolved from the '60s with it's specific concerns about causes like the environment and civil rights to morph into a monster over the years. Over the decades political correctness has swept up mantras and causes both specific and casual and somewhere along the way developed into a fully fledged ideology, although as I write this few see it as such. The WPC is an example of how that ideology has attained flesh and substance and can now be incorporated into mission statements with specific goals. It is racist and it is dangerous.


In America today there are an unprecedented number of organizations like the WPC who fight for women's rights and gay rights and minority rights. The problem is that they are not like the old organizations which fought poverty on the ground by way of charity. These new organizations are ideological in nature and they support careers, careers which pay bills, which is dangerous because such organizations must have, not an enemy like an actual lack of food or money, but an ideological foe, and that foe is the white man and white supremacy and the entire zeitgeist of the Democratic Party is built around this notion.


The new organizations which group themselves around ideas rather than hands on aid don't give you food and shelter, they give you counseling and lectures and indoctrination on how nothing you do is your fault but the fault of an enemy. These groups resemble super heroes with their incessant chatter about social justice more so than the old notion of a charity - you'd think America was one great Soviet gulag considering the strident tone.


The problem for these organizations and careers which are based on books and teaching and the lecture circuit is that in order for them to survive that enemy must always be present and that enemy is not portrayed as a type of racism and bigotry that is the lot of all men, no, it is portrayed as emanating from white people and so it is they who are demonized by the WPC, many of whom are, oddly enough, themselves white. But they are the right kind of white with the right kind of ideas who do not reside in the racist land of the Tea Party or conservatives or the Republican Party or common sense for that matter or anything else which disagrees with them.


Making a case of racism against the Tea Party is largely a fantasy in that there is no supporting documentation that the overall philosophy of the Tea Party is race based and says that white people are good and black people are not. The great irony there is that if the Tea Party had a web site like the black culture site The Root, one could easily make a case that the Tea Party are racists since most of the articles at The Root have as their bottom line that white people are bad and black people good and innocent and all their stories revolve around an interest in skin color. And in case you have some absurd idea that skin color constitutes a culture in the view of the writers at The Root, you should understand that The Root and all of the black intelligentsia in America express solidarity with black folks all over the world they have no connection to other than skin - that's not a culture, that's racism and racial superiority passing itself off as some ethnographic interest. In a case where there is no typically racist group but an idea or law to fight the people like the WPC need only cry out "racism" or "profiling" and debate is history - the laws of political correctness say so. I myself have no use for either the Tea Party or the Republican Party but to paint them all as white supremacists is absurd on the face of it.


The despicable Mary Frances Berry, who was amazingly a former chairwomen on the U.S. Commission for Civil Rights once said: "Civil rights laws were not passed to protect the rights of white men and do not apply to them", is as brazen as her apparent belief in having that special shield which means no matter what she says, it's not racist, even when it is. Ms. Berry also wrote in July of 2010: “Tainting the tea party movement with the charge of racism is proving to be an effective strategy for Democrats. There is no evidence that tea party adherents are any more racist than other Republicans, and indeed many other Americans." Publicly admitting that one is a liar and a race pimp in only 2 sentences is rare and why I used the word despicable.


One of the centerpieces of political correctness, which I alluded to earlier, is the notion that good ideas, and bad, exist only where you expect them to be and can be revealed only by approved groups. They must also sometimes be expressed in a way that denies reality in many cases because reality itself isn't good enough anymore and can be even offensive. Things that are obviously true cannot even be brought up in public discourse, as if America was one giant cocktail party, and one must be respectful of mixed company. The problem there is that cocktail parties don't revolve around notions of free speech and public debate and nor do they decide policy.


Political correctness is an ideology in which lines in the sand have been drawn and its opponents identified and those opponents seem to revolve around the simple concept of common sense more than anything else. Of common sense and rational, pragmatic thinking there is little to be found on the WPC web site. Orwell's dictum from 1984 that "ignorance is strength" seems to be one of the guiding principles of the WPC since they are nothing more than silly fakirs who seem to take to heart every politically correct stereotype they have been able to wrap their arms around, and those buzz words more or less are the WPC's manifesto, which is an appropriate term since they turn Marx on his head by seemingly believing in the alienation produced by capitalism but in reality creating and promoting that alienation themselves in their notions of powerlessness amidst their own socialist mantras - without powerless people the WPC carefully maintains they would have no existence - in this sense, the WPC are doctors who make their own patients.


The funny thing on the WPC web site is a statement that says: "It is not a conference designed to rally white supremacist groups." That disclaimer is there because the White Privilege Conference fears being mistaken for a neo-Nazi group which it actually is a mirror cousin to since what it does is rally groups that believe in the endemic immorality of people based on nothing but their skin color, as if that skin constitutes a culture and philosophy and the WPC says so in plain language. It is truly amazing to me that not only does the WPC operate right out in the open but attracts the groups one would think would be most appalled by the KKK and Nazism rather than blithely following a sanitized version of their precepts with principle stripped out and race put in its place. Certainly anti-racism is the WPC's message but their actual imperatives are steeped in the general principles of race politics and sociopathy.


America has warred against racism and it's institutions from it's very inception and it was a battle which lasted until the mid-1960s, some 185 years. That battle raged in courts and on the battlefield, sometimes with one side winning or the other and with black Americans caught in the middle. Now, when opportunity stares minorities in the face there is a further call to arms because racism 2.0 is on the march as is white privilege and it has already been declared by the new abolitionists in statements both implicit and bold that white racism will never end; it is endemic to whites and must be leavened with color from the Third World - a Third World that is conspicuously non-racist in the WPC's eyes because the WPC patronizingly posits that Third World as an other, but a good other.


In the last 70 years America has faced this type of racist ideology twice: one of those times has been in the last 15 years or so, against Islam in the middle east. In my mind, when it comes to issues of bigotry, the words Islam and Nazism are completely interchangeable. The other time was in World War II, against the Nazis and the Japanese who bruited about their own notions of racial superiority and inferiority. Ms. Ferber should take note that the Nazis did not look at themselves as racists. Unless Ms. Ferber and the WPC think they are immune from playing with the deadly language of race which can turn on them in a heartbeat, they had better stop and think about what it is they are promoting. Like Nazism, Ms. Ferber and the WPC are attempting to benefit the race and we all know how the Nazis fared, because nothing good can come of assigning blame by skin color - nothing. I looked at noted racist dirt bag David Duke's crazy web site for this essay in order to see how it compared to the WPC site and I would say that the WPC site has that same stilted dissonance of Orwell's clocks that strike thirteen.


Unless we start to call out the Huffington Post, CNN and MSNBC and the the racists they hire like Roland Martin, Michael Eric Dyson, Melissa Harris-Perry and Al Sharpton, this reverse “good” racism that operates from the same intellectual space as do all hate groups will destroy America. I have never once in my life put on my shoes in the morning and thought of myself as a white man and nor to I expect to be or will I tolerate being spoken of and even accused with such degenerate and hateful language as emanates from the ideology of political correctness and those who so willingly embrace it in the name of "justice." Nor will I stand for being accused of white privilege precisely because I don't think of my race. I stand in amazement at how many words I feel constrained to write just to undo this nonsense and bring back common sense to the level it once stood in this country, as we are talking about people who would caution others about perceptual traps while residing deep within one themselves, and a rather unlovely, hateful and disdainful one it is.